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Joan Rivers -- Sarah Palin Is 'Stupid and a Threat'

1/17/2011 2:43 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Sarah Palin deserves criticism -- and BLAME -- for the horrifying shooting in Tucson, AZ ... this according to Joan Rivers.

Joan Rivers
Joan was at the Critic's Choice Awards party in Hollywood this weekend when things turned political -- and Joan exclaimed ... "This woman is just stupid and a threat."

So we gotta ask...



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Liberals hate anyone who calls them out for what they are; LOSERS who use the government to take hard-earned money from others to hand over to them. Get off your rear ends and earn you own livings, lowlife parasites.

1371 days ago


I always loved Joan but she has sunk as low as many on this forum in their baseless hate of a common sense freedon fighter! Go Sarah GO Run for President and take back this sick country before we go too far into communism!

1371 days ago


Rivers is a moron. I guess Jodi Foster is to blame for the Reagan assassination attempt. She and anyone who believes it is Palin's fault does not have the mental capacity to form an intelligent thought nor the ability to think for his or herself.

1371 days ago

james Boyd    

Has Joan Rivers ever presented any evidence of being anything but a degenerate moron? Has she ever had a decent thought in her life? Would she even be able to recognize one if it happened upon her? She must have been created from the sludge of the bottom of a sewer.

1371 days ago


Joan Rivers - consistently disgusting for the past 8, 9 decades, and more disgusting every day she appears in public. Not funny, never was!@

1371 days ago


I think Joan was talking about herself on this one.

1371 days ago


And Joan is qualified to make this statement, why?
Oh, she's a liberal, ok. And Joan has done what? Other than provide a lifetime income, I assume. for plastic surgeons.

1371 days ago

Get a Nose Job, please!!!    

Joan Rivers is an Idiot. She has insulted people all her life. No wonder she has never had her own TV show. Does she actually think she's attractive with that false face? She is seriously demented and ugly as H...! No wonder her husband killed himself. Imagine living with that Shrew!

1371 days ago

palin loser ugh vomit    

palin is little more that a gross dishrag

1371 days ago

Bob Runk    

Wow, i am amazed 40% of you that voted think Sarah Palin caused this maniac to shoot all those innoncent people. How in the world can anyone believe this. Is there really that many stupid people ? Now we know why there is so much finger pointing and the real source.Look in the mirror and ask yourself, am i that stupid.

1371 days ago

N. Glenn    

Joan Rivers is a braying jackass (should that be a 'jenny'ass?)! Her botox isn't working, nor is her brain. Unlike most people, she DOESN'T get funnier as she ages! Pity!

1370 days ago


It really is ironic that so many Palinistas take umbrage with Joan and Hollywood while they spend time reading a Hollywood gossip site! If you despise celebrities and Hollywood so much, why are you here?And why should Palin be protected from Joan Rivers when no one else is? Seriously, while I agree with Joan 100%, she makes her living insulting people and anyone taking "offense" looks as stupid as P.alin

1370 days ago

sky can't be stupid and a threat it might be mathematically impossibel.

1370 days ago


Who does this PIG think she is?? It is obvious that the plastic surgery has finally pulled her butt hole to her face because she is CLEARLY talking out of her a@@. Go away old bag and take that horse faced whiney daughter of yours with you.

1370 days ago


Good-Bye Joan Rivers.....Please go and retire wherever it is that meanies go when they finally leave and give the public a break.

1370 days ago
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