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Joan Rivers -- Sarah Palin Is 'Stupid and a Threat'

1/17/2011 2:43 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Sarah Palin deserves criticism -- and BLAME -- for the horrifying shooting in Tucson, AZ ... this according to Joan Rivers.

Joan Rivers
Joan was at the Critic's Choice Awards party in Hollywood this weekend when things turned political -- and Joan exclaimed ... "This woman is just stupid and a threat."

So we gotta ask...



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And maybe we should blame Obama for the state our country is in. Too many people who have NO CLUE pointing fingers at everyone/everything except the source. Just Saying....

P.S. And who is this Joan person? why is she still relevant on anything???

1374 days ago


"Yes, we need more civility in American politics. So let's accomplish this by screaming blame at our political opponents whenever somebody gets shot by a lunatic."

1374 days ago


i was under the impression suggesting violence was illegal. never-the-less in a political arena, in which peoples lives are on the line, why would it be right or allowed for one side to imply that threat to another. the punishment and implication of death should be respected and no more concerned than held at executive decision. it's not a joke.

1374 days ago


Joan you are the idiot. I never liked Joan and this makes me HATE her. I am not even a Sara fan but this is just a stupid ass thing to say and Joan needs to shut her botox mouth! Joan has no right to call someone else stupid. And to blame anyone besides the maniac shooter is outrageous!

1374 days ago


Fox "News" has their followers brainwashed well. I find it funny that republicans think every news network in the world besides fox is left wing. Brainwashed at it's finest.

I can't blame fox though, their viewers aren't exactly educated folk. More like Sheeple.

Here's an example.

"Hey fox news watcher, do you watch ANY other news channel?" Answer....No.

"Hey MSNBC news watcher, do you watch ANY other news channel?"
Answer....Yes. (Most watch all channels to form an educated opinion)

FearNews has their base brainwashed and they are too ignorant to even see it.

1374 days ago


This old bag has the nerve to call anyone, let alone a state governor, stupid? Stick to your day job you old douche bottle, keep making fun of other people's clothes and go away.

1374 days ago


To #39: Who could possibly care what this ancient, deranged, failed medical experiment has to say.

Answer: Old age is not sinonimous of ignorance or stupidity. And considering that our country is ruled by people well into their 70s and 80s!

1374 days ago


My God... is this pig still breathing? I remember when she was, at one time, funny.

1374 days ago


I agree with her 100%......**** sarah pain azz

1374 days ago


Joan is getting as gross and as stupid as Kathy Griffin. Cant stand either one of them!!!

1374 days ago


her plastic surgeon must be the same one that michael jackson used.

1374 days ago


Anything Joan Rivers has to say should never be recorded, filmed, it doesn't need to have a forum period!

1374 days ago

Bubba Ganoosh    

I dont like Sarah Palin at all and I do believe that her retoric has contributed to the violent undertones of some of today's political speech coming from the right but I dont think that anything she said directly influenced the shooter. Its not been established if he even saw her website with the crosshairs. This guy was simply crazy.

1374 days ago

go home!    

The constant blame and obsession on Sarah Palin by Democrats is an embarrassment. It is this obsession that has given her power and attention by the media. She would never still have the same power and coverage if idiots like Obermann & Maddow wouldn't have covered her like they do, negative press or not. The idea that she had any contribution to the Arizona shootings because of that little map she did is the stupidest thing put out there yet. What Democrats do not see is that most Americans realize these idiotic tactics by the Democrats, which in turn, turns off undecided or Independent voters, not to mention, moderate people in your own party. If you don't support Palin, simply do not vote for her if she runs, your tactics to try and bring her down are only making her stronger. Dumb Asses!

1374 days ago

And thats the truth    

Sarah Palin is dumber than a box of rocks, and that goes for her entire political charade. If anybody thinks Sarah Palin is even remotely capable of making decisions that affect other peoples lives then you my friend are the delusional one. Joan Rivers while probably not the smartest person in the world is smart enough to know a dumb **** when she sees ones. Give me her power and ill make my voice a tool instead of voicing my opinions and looking like a tool like Sarah. P.S. All you Palinites, That map she had promoted hate, no matter what way you look at it.

Posted at 10:17 AM on Jan 17, 2011 by John


Here are 2 links with Democratic maps below that have targets on them. There was also a Democrat that was campaigning in 2010 and in his commercial, he had a rifle complete with a sight shooting the cap and trade bill.

Sheople really need to question stories that they read online or see on tv before they make an assumption. Verify what you read because the media can skew stories for their own benefit. It happens all of the time. Honesty and self pride has been replaced with hate and self absorbtion.

I have heard her speak a few times and from what I can see, she is no more intelligent then Joe Biden. People have ran her children through the mud like a child in grade school would do, but, I dont hear them saying anything about Joe's Bidens daughter that was caught on a video taking drugs or that she wore a black see through dress to a movie festival without wearing a bra and thong underwear.

1374 days ago
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