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Regis Philbin: I Made My Decision 'A Long Time Ago'

1/24/2011 6:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Regis Philbin claims he was ready to bail on "Live" way before contract negotiations went sour -- insisting 28 years in the same place is long enough ... period.

The Reegemeister quit L.A. earlier today -- hopping a flight to Miami -- and he ain't lookin' back ... at least when it comes to his famous TV show ... claiming, "I left. I'm done."

Reeg also explained, "We never reached an agreement on the contract ... but I made up my mind a long time ago."


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Jacko Whackedit    

So leave right away, you lying old Grandma. They cut your salary, you threw a hissy-fit and quit right before being fired. There's a jug of embalming fluid with your name on it.

1369 days ago

Jacko Whackedit    

So leave right away, you lying old Grandma. They cut your salary, you threw a hissy-fit and quit right before being fired. There's a jug of embalming fluid with your name on it.

1369 days ago

Phillip Wilburn    

How will you get your daily dose of Regis after he's gone?
Regis has the answer in this video!

1369 days ago

Too bad.. this guy is a legend!

1369 days ago


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1369 days ago


Please! Now that people found out how much you make and heard that you were "upset" that your salary was going to be cut, you would look like MORE of a jerk if you DIDN'T say that you planned to leave a long time ago! Take your money and run. You really do think that YOU are ALL THAT!

PS Don't you also have a son that you NEVER talk about or am I incorrect? All you ever mention is your daughter.

1369 days ago


Maybe Regis should leave now, because from now until the OLD MAN leaves all the viewers are going to see & hear a look back from when he started in the business until now. It's already started and it's quite boring.
I also think he was wrong to inform Kelly 15 minutes before the show started, she deserves a little bt more respect then what he gave her that morning.
He old and should have left along time ago and Kelly can most defintely handle the show without him, she's doing it already with all the time off he takes.

1369 days ago


mack - you are EXACTLY RIGHT!!!!!

mack posted "Then why did you try to renogiate your contract if you already decided to leave "a long time ago"

1369 days ago

bring back recent posts    

LMFAO..thanks for the info dirk!

1369 days ago


He's making at least $80,000 per day. A salary cut, what an injustice. You never hear about anything he does for charity. Maybe he does it privately but everything seems to be about Regis. This is just another example.

1369 days ago


lies, all lies!

1369 days ago


He doesn't know what they were willing to pay him? Huh? Yeah, right, Reeg!

1369 days ago


REGIS, You are 2 decades too late to make a SMART decision.

Kelly's eyes glaze over

Gelman is in the bunker,

Regis sulks away

As his show is now a clunker.

Copyright 2011 soulofanangel will sell to the NEW CO-HOST?

1369 days ago


I don't think anyone is going to buy this version of events. Too bad such a long, successful career ended this way---and if he were being truthful, at least he could have left with some dignity.

1369 days ago


So when he said "He's done, he loves all of them" Does this mean he is leaving now and not coming back? It seems strange that he is flying off right in the middle of the hoopla without some sort of explanation, taking more days off right now?? And no it doesn't seem like Kelly can handle it on her own. It all is seeming very wierd now. I think he might have gotten tired of all her condecending remarks.That husband makes a very boring co-host as well. Seems like hubby and Kelly in competition as to whoes the best athelete gym freak or something. Regis was just in another league and did the best thing to get away from all that carry on.

1369 days ago
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