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Jean-Claude Van Damme -- 4% Tipper

2/2/2011 8:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jean-Claude Van Damme dealt a low blow to his waiter at an L.A. nightclub -- tipping only $40 on a $940 bill ... and TMZ has obtained a copy of the receipt.

It all went down at Drai's in Hollywood this past Sunday night. No word on exactly what the former action star ordered ... but upon racking up the hefty tab ... our source says JCVD dropped a tip that amounts to just over 4%.

We're told the wait staff was not pleased. No duh.

In fairness to Van Damme -- he's from abroad. Folks in Brussels don't live by the 15-20 percent rule. Calls to Van Damme and his people weren't returned.

UPDATE: A rep for Drai's says a 15% gratuity was included on Jean-Claude's tab ... and that his $40 was on top of that amount.


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Unlike here where waitstaff gets $2.03 per hour, in Europe and even Canada waitpersons MUST get minimum wage ($7+ in most places) and do not rely on tips for the bulk of their pay. In those places a 4% tip is fine. The law in this country that allows waitstaff to be paid only $2.03 needs to be changed!

1356 days ago


I totally disagree with a 18% tip added. Don't tell me what a server deserves..p.s the ones that don't have to work for the tip..cuz they know it is coming SUCK. That is better money that some people who have educations...servers have become far to greedy

1356 days ago


Ummm...So tell me where the written rule is if you are rich you have to tip your server huge $ ?? FYI.... looser your are a waiter if you want the big bucks...GET A BETTER PAYING JOB!!! Which I hope you will be looking for, after your Boss fires you for selling out a client!!!!!!!!

1356 days ago


I agree with previous posters that tipping is annoying and maybe
it's an American thing. However, it can't be any more ridiculous than going to a foreign produce market and bartering over the price of a product.

The sign in the market says the price of a produce is $.75 but that really isn't the price. You have to barter with the vendor to come up with a mutually agreeable price. I would find this much, much more annoying than tipping.

As far as Jean-Claude goes; perhaps he had all his money invested in Blockbuster Video Store stocks, eight track
stereo installation companies and typewriter repair businesses and lost all his money. I guess we will never really know.

1356 days ago


Maybe the waiter stunk. After all you still have to earn a tip, it's not just free money.

1356 days ago


A. The service could have been horrible.

B. Notice they don't show you exactly what was ordered which could have been two bottles of something. How much should one pay for somebody to open two bottles.

C. If I was a patron I would never go back to that bar again for releasing a copy of my receipt.

D. If I were the owner of that club I would fire whomever was involved in allowing this to get out.

1356 days ago


Stop complaining, it is more than NOTHING. Where does it say you deserve anything. A tip is not mandatory.

1356 days ago


how was the service?

1356 days ago


I own a small restaurant and never make ANYTHING. This is in the midwest, and the economy is killing me. However, it annoys me that waitresses want minimum wage to begin with, and then they want 15 to 20% of the total bill just for taking an order and delivering a plate of food, and filling a water glass? The reason people come here is for my skill as a chef. Not for their skills in water glass filling. The only person making money are the ones who refuse to help clean up. I pay the rent, the utilities, pay for the food, do all the hard work, and I get nothing, and they get minimum wage PLUS 15% of what I make? Something is wrong with our system.

1356 days ago


I'm a teacher, and wish someone would leave me a $40.00 tip at the end of the day!

1356 days ago


Stop complaining, it is more than NOTHING. Where does it say you deserve anything. A tip is not mandatory.

Posted at 5:49 AM on Feb 2, 2011 by Chris


1356 days ago


I agree, it isn't known how good the service was or how much of the tab was per an expensive bottle. However, if he was just being a cheap ass, it wouldn't surprise me.

I've never worked as a waitress, but everyone else in my family has and I've heard horror stories about what goes on. If you decide to leave a ****ty tip, don't go back to that place...They WILL recognize you and you will pay the consequences. My husband and I rarely go out, but when we do, we always leave a 25-35% tip. If the service isn't great, we at least leave 15% at the minimum. We don't go out alot, so we make it count. We've often gone back to our favorite spots to eat and received excellent service because we were recognized.

To those of you saying tipping is a stupid tradition and higher wages should be paid to the wait staff instead, maybe you're right. BUT, should a waiter or waitress be penalized because of an implemeted policy they have NOTHING to do with??? NO. If you dislike tipping, write letters or hold a ****ing protest. There's no reason to deny someone who isn't responsible for a system you don't agree with, especially when they wait on your ungrateful ass. That's the way thing ARE and until they change, be polite, considerate, and KIND-Just adhere to decent tipping standards. You're entitled perception is exactly what's WRONG with America.

A lot of people bartend, waitress, and bus their way through college. This is the only type of job that will work around their school schedule with the potential to support them adequately. If they provide good service, they deserve GOOD compensation as a result. If you work hard, you deserve to be paid for it. Quit acting like an inconsiderate, self-centered, entitled douchebag. It ain't cute.

1356 days ago


I don't care how much you spend, expecting a tip over $50 is just greedy. The new formula is supposed to be to double the tax, anyway, NOT 15-20% of the total bill!

1356 days ago


If you knew anything about Drais, it's a nightclub.

1MAG = 1 magnum bottle (big size) of alcohol
20% gratuity is included for bottle service.

He tipped an extra $40 on top of that which makes almost a 25% tip (24.7%)

1356 days ago


The whole tipping process is getting way out of control, why should you tip 20%, when you order a pricey wine that half the time they plunk down on the table and you serve yourself.

Restaurants need to step back and staff accordingly, let the servers attend the tables and give good service, that is one side,

The other side is, servers, don't prejudge your customer for the anticipated tip and provide service on your pre.judgement

1356 days ago
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