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Mike Vick -- SWAT Members to Work Super Bowl Party

2/3/2011 11:17 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick is hosting a Super Bowl party in Texas this week -- and just to make sure nothing goes wrong, the club is calling in the SWAT TEAM!!!!!


As you may have heard, the last time Vick hosted a party -- way back in 2010 -- somebody got SHOT ... though Vick claims he had nothing to do with the shooting and was never charged with a crime.

But this party is gonna be WAY different -- because the guy running Deux Lounge in Dallas tells TMZ the place will be crawling with top notch security when the party pops off Friday night at 9 PM. 

In fact, Jeff Skaggs --  operating owner and GM -- tells us there will be multiple security measures in place Friday night, including:

-- Mike Vick will bring his own private security team
-- The NFL is providing a security detail
-- The club is bringing in extra members of their own security staff
-- Guests will be searched and wanded on the way in

And the best part -- Skaggs says he's hired THREE off-duty SWAT Team members to patrol the vicinity during the party.

With all that protection, Skaggs tells us he's "not worried one bit" about any trouble.

After all, Vick is in the midst of a SERIOUS image makeover, right?

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bobby smith    

MIKE VICK..... You disgust me! You have a sick brain if you get pleasure from forcing animals to fight.

I hope GOD will deal with you in a "special" way in the afterlife.. because dealing with you in this life would be illegal.

1327 days ago


Vick is disgusting. His followers are equally disgusting. May he rot in hell.

1327 days ago


Even in australia we've heard of this cruel, awful sadist. Why are you reporting on him ... like Chris Brown he should just fade away like a fart on the breeze.

And for all those SOULLESS freaks who think dogs are just another animal, no they are not, they have developed with human for thousands of years and are very special to people with a heart!

1327 days ago


Whats so special about SWAT. Anyone can club them over the head and hide them in the bushes just as anyone else.

1327 days ago

jhon doe    

cant believe these morons on this site!

1327 days ago


I just hope they won't have any K-9 units there.

1327 days ago


he makes me sick and Obama's acceptance and PETA's acceptance of his makeover are disgusting. Don't give PETA a PENNY while they play ball with this torturing murdering thug.

1327 days ago


Man...if you have to have that much security my red-flag-radar tells me I am hanging with the wrong crowd.

1327 days ago


Michael Vick is a pathetic loser! He is no role model - I can't believe he still has a career or fans for that matter. Anyone who looks up to him or supports him in anyway (that goes for his sad act football team)should think long and hard about who they are taking an interest in. S*** like that doesn't change !

1327 days ago


Eveyone should get off Ben's back. He just wants a few drinks and women cry rape hoping for a reward. Mr.Vick is a dog murderer abusing, torturing and murdering for fun. Complete s*** bag no matter how great he is on the field still trash. A turd in the toilet if you ask me.

1327 days ago


He's served time for his mistake and is doing well now, stop the hate racist losers.

1327 days ago

Steelers suck    

I thought this ****bag didn't have all that much money? Thought he gave most of his pay in paying his fines and stuff? Seems he's making out just fine for being a cold-hearted killer of defenseless animals. I live in Pennsylvania and I'm totally ashamed of this state. Just because the ******* can throw a football all is forgiven. Just remember how he treated the Atlanta fans once he got all full of himself. He'll do the same to Philly. Between Rapistberger and this douche, no wonder I'm a fan of a team from a whole other state.

1327 days ago


a mistake........he knew what he was doing........how in the world can someone pick the word racist on this and call people against animal cruelty losers?...sounds like someone else needs an investigation.

1327 days ago


Noname, He's Still a loser it's a fact. Calling everyone a racist isn't very nice.

1327 days ago


Michael Vick is a bottom dweller ............ and nothing short of human waste. I only wish his career to falter so he can live a life as he put those dogs through. Not much else would be better for him than being in a cage for the rest of his life and to be tortured like he did to the canines. Rot in hell Michael because you will NEVER live down your disgusting deeds no matter what team picks you up. Michale LOSER Vick you shall always be from now on.

1327 days ago
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