Christina Aguilera Screws Up National Anthem

It was only the Super Bowl, no one probably saw it.

UPDATE: Xtina told the AP, "I can only hope that everyone could feel my love for this country and that the true spirit of its anthem still came through."

Charlie Sheen -- Super Bowl Party, Minus the Party

In the pantheon of great parties, a Super Bowl shindig at Charlie Sheen's house would be the most legendary bash imaginable -- but not this year ... TMZ has learned Charlie is playing it low key.

Sources close to the actor tell us there will be no girls, no gambling ... and no booze at the Sheen house this year. We're told Charlie will just hanging with "his team" and watching the game without all the hubbub that usually comes with a Super Bowl party.

And as for rumors there was a party at Sheen's house last night -- we're told it was just the neighbor having a party for his daughter ... and Charlie was actually in bed by 11:00 PM.

Who are you and what have you done with Charlie Sheen?

Warren Sapp to TMZ Hold On, Playa!

During hour 17 of the NFL Network's Super Bowl pregame show, Warren Sapp took exception to the video TMZ posted of Ben Roethlisberger out with his O-line earlier this week.

And what do we have to do to get an invite from Warren to the "other establishment?"

Fun fact: The phrase "Hold on, playa" (aka "H.O.P.") has been popularized on Twitter by Deion "Primetime" Sanders.

Food Network Chef: Super Bowl Recipe in 60 Seconds

We gave Food Network host Michael Symon one minute to give us a kick ass Super Bowl recipe -- and he nailed it with time to spare.

NFL Porta-Potties -- Over $155,000 for Super Bowls

The NFL is dropping over hundred grand on fancy porta-potties for the Super Bowl this weekend -- and TMZ has obtained photos of the ridiculously pee-rific outhouses.

A rep for the potty people -- United Site Services -- tells TMZ, they're supplying 25 large restroom trailers and 300 traditional toilets to cater to the thousands of beer-guzzling, nacho-chomping fans at Cowboys Stadium on Sunday.

According to a rep for the NFL, the large trailers -- which contain up to 5 stalls -- cost $5,000 a pop ... and the individual porta-potties cost $100 each ... which means the whole operation will run the NFL AT LEAST $155,000.

Additional costs include cleaning services -- which means the final tally could be gastronomical.

TMZ's Steelers vs Packers Contest -- TOUCHDOWN!

The line has been drawn in the sand and the pigskin pictures poured into the TMZ newsroom for our Steelers vs. Packers Picture Contest -- and now it's time to decide ... whose side are you on?

Be sure to check back on Monday to vote for which fan photo should score the $250 prize and some super secret mystery gifts from TMZ!

**CLICK HERE for contest rules and regulations!**

Trump's High-Rollers -- Tripping Out Over Super Bowl

Donald Trump is sending 25 of the biggest high-rollers at his Atlantic City casinos to the Super Bowl on Sunday ... all expenses paid -- a trip that involves champagne, caviar ... and a private jet.

Sources close to the Donald tell TMZ, everything will be "tops in class" -- the elite gambling team will dine on "the best champagne and caviar" on Trump's private jet ... all before taking their free seats at the biggest sporting event on the planet.

After the game, we're told Trump -- who won't be joining in the festivities -- is flying the high-rollers right back to Atlantic City so they can gamble away the rest of the night.

Of course, Trump ain't inviting just anyone on this voyage -- we're told you got to be a big time player for perks like this ... with a bankroll in the 7-figure range.

Falling Ice at Super Bowl Stadium Injures Six

Six people were injured, one critically, by ice falling off the roof of Cowboys Stadium in Dallas earlier today.

Five of the injured were transported to local hospitals, one of them being critical. We're told the other injured person was transported by private vehicle.

A rep for the NFL tells TMZ: "The ice and snow melting off of the Cowboys Stadium roof has caused several sliding snow falls onto the plazas. There have been several injuries. All stadium entrances have been closed except for the truck tunnel, which is away from the building by a very safe distance. All workers and visitors will now enter and exit through the tunnel until further notice."

Thanks to for the video.

GIANT Super Bowl Champ Crams into TINY Car

Retired Baltimore Ravens lineman Jonathan Ogden is 6'9" and 345 pounds -- so why the hell would anyone try to pick this guy up from the airport in anything smaller than a semi-truck????

Ogden is in Dallas ... and we're guessing he plans on attending the Super Bowl -- if he ever gets out of the car.

Mike Vick -- SWAT Members to Work Super Bowl Party

Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick is hosting a Super Bowl party in Texas this week -- and just to make sure nothing goes wrong, the club is calling in the SWAT TEAM!!!!!

As you may have heard, the last time Vick hosted a party -- way back in 2010 -- somebody got SHOT ... though Vick claims he had nothing to do with the shooting and was never charged with a crime.

But this party is gonna be WAY different -- because the guy running Deux Lounge in Dallas tells TMZ the place will be crawling with top notch security when the party pops off Friday night at 9 PM.

In fact, Jeff Skaggs -- operating owner and GM -- tells us there will be multiple security measures in place Friday night, including:

-- Mike Vick will bring his own private security team
-- The NFL is providing a security detail
-- The club is bringing in extra members of their own security staff
-- Guests will be searched and wanded on the way in

And the best part -- Skaggs says he's hired THREE off-duty SWAT Team members to patrol the vicinity during the party.

With all that protection, Skaggs tells us he's "not worried one bit" about any trouble.

After all, Vick is in the midst of a SERIOUS image makeover, right?

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