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Mark Zuckerberg -- I Fear My Facebook Stalker

2/8/2011 9:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Mark Zuckerberg claims he's being stalked by a man who's been sending him creepy messages through Facebook and threatening his safety ... TMZ has learned.

Mark Zuckerberg Stalker

Zuckerberg has obtained a restraining order against 31-year-old Pradeep Manukonda -- after Mark filed legal papers claiming the guy has tried to "follow, surveil and contact Mr. Zuckerberg using language threatening his personal safety" ... and the safety of his girlfriend and his sister.

Law enforcement sources tell us Pradeep had gone to several Facebook offices in Palo Alto attempting to contact Mark to ask for money for his financially-strapped family.

According to the legal docs, Facebook security also intercepted Pradeep at Mark's home on January 24 just as he was about to walk up the front steps.

Cops gave Pradeep a verbal warning -- but Mark claims the guy has continued to try to contact him through the mail ... even sending flowers to his home with a hand-written letter on January 28. 

In one of his Facebook messages to Mark, Pradeep writes, "please help me, then I am ready to die for you." He continues, "Please understand my pain."

The judge has ordered Pradeep to stay at least 300 yards away from Mark, his sister Randi and his girlfriend Priscilla Chan pending a hearing later this month.


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God I hope he doesn't let this change him.

1316 days ago

Drunken Economist    

Awwwwww. That's so cute. Mark & Pradeep go to White Castle. Hyderabad. Whatever.

1316 days ago


I had a stalker on FB recently. I sent an open letter to Zucks official FB page and posted it in the discussion page of his site. This was followed by replies to the letter from friends of mine who had been harassed by my stalker. I now cannot even get onto FB as of today. My stalker created a fake profile of me, which is when I took action. Many people reported his fake profile to FB, yet my account which is the real one, and the fake one are both disabled. Hoping mine will be back up, exactly as I left it, by tomorrow :(

1316 days ago


What comes around goes around Hoss!!!!

1316 days ago

chris halpin    

Just another indian trying to get something for nothing they truly are the s*** of the earth they believe everyone owes them something.

1316 days ago


"how did this nerd get a girlfriend"

he probably met her on myspace.

1316 days ago


this mark nerd stole this idea from his early partners, now he is worried for his safty? ROFLMAO, what do you think when you do this to other people, that some one will do it to you but worse. How can you live with yourself mark. My son had a friend like you,a real insecure boy , like you no looks to speak of, and someone like you who would deceive your partners. You can't ever be trusted by anyone,and your poor girlfriend , I pitty her, but then again your money looks way better then you do, there is not enough money in the world to change what you are and what you look like lmao

1316 days ago

Keith Maurice    

Zuckerberg is a rich, greedy and whiny little jerk that probably doesn't even tip his waiters. The stalker is wrong, but I'm kind of glad that this is happening. Now the entire world gets to see the selfish side of Zuckerberg and what happens when other people get wealthy off of sweat of the ants.

1316 days ago


He looks like Pedro. Don't think Mark will be voting for him anytime soon.

1316 days ago


Send him to gitmo. They love Koran thumpers there.

1316 days ago


Thats a very disturbed mentally incapable indian...

1315 days ago


Welcome to the world of being a celebrity, Mark! The problem is that the guy wants to keep near full hold of a $$$ MEGABILLION $$$ company while buying the cheapest home in the neighborhood accessible from the street, and walking into dive bars to order $2 drinks like he's a nobody. One of your venture capitalists needs to put him a few million to properly protect someone of your stature. He's carrying the fantasy that he can still be an anonymous college kid and resisting the reality that the days of his personal privacy are gone forever. But don't pity this billionaire-several-times-over. Just about every celebrity faces these kind of beggars / losers day in and day out. Hell, my corner homeless guy "harasses" me for money every single night. The order of protection was a foolish move because he need to invest in proper protection form a body guard and security guards, and now everyone in the world will be laughing at how easy it is to annoy and bother Mark Zuckerburg!!

1315 days ago


Another complete "class-less" beggar - I think I know where this character manukonda originally comes from. Disgusting!!

This s*** bag needs attention. He can get plenty of it if INS really steps in and evaluates the "authenticity" of his immigration status. I am positive there must be something illegal about his immigration status. Just kick him out!

Characters like him bring bad reputation to all Indians - just kick him out.

1315 days ago


He should have changed his privacy settings LOL... Here's an idea: everybody message Mark with odd requests and maybe then he will remember people's privacy is very sensitive lol... screw facebook by the way... Twitter rawks!

1314 days ago


I want to know how tmz got this screen cap picture of the email and also why they think this is real since it is email to randi zuckerberg and not mark zuckerberg

1313 days ago
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