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Lindsay Had Enough Cash For Jewelry Purchase

2/8/2011 2:55 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan had more than enough cash on hand when she took the $2,500 necklace out of an L.A. jewelry store ... sources tell TMZ.

TMZ broke the story ... the L.A. County District Attorney's Office will file felony grand theft charges against Lohan any day ... though we're told it won't be today.

Sources connected to the case tell us ... Lindsay had around $6,000 in cash with her because she had been eyeing a ring in the store, which was going for $3,400.  Lindsay had gone to the store several times previously, debating whether to buy it.

Short story ... Lindsay had enough money to buy both the ring and the necklace on the day in question.

We've learned the surveillance video shows Lindsay walking out of the store wearing the necklace, without paying.  In the video, the necklace is partially hidden by other jewelry Lindsay is wearing around her neck.



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I doubt some chain in BH carries cheap ass gold...but nice try Dina! :D

We're not talking some store in LA.. it's in Beverly Hills. They are not going to carry cheap products...there IS more then meets the eye (or tiny TMZ picture here)

1362 days ago


she was in the store several times in the past debating weather or not to buy the ring or contemplating each time how to find an opportunity to shop lift

1362 days ago


“Her assistant Eleanor and her friend Patrick were with her and they saw everything and they both know that Lindsay didn’t steal the necklace.” According to the first source, the store let the 24-year-old actress take the necklace hoping she would get them publicity. The source says Lindsay’s witnesses will back this up. The store got angry because Lindsay did not get them any publicity, the source claims.
I wonder if all 3 would agree to a lie detector test? Or if they would be ordered to take one... because the same assistant who said she was shocked that Lindsay lied about the necklace and even being at the store that day is now a witness to back up her story? Fishy to me.

Posted at 10:56 AM on Feb 8, 2011 by becky

Complete lie. Only one of those people was with her, and it wasn't her assistant. And you are right? How long will he continue to lie for her? he does no perjury comes with a jail sentence, how bad is he sweating right now?

1362 days ago


She can afford a limo but chose to drive drunk, twice.

1362 days ago


why does she think she just gets to borrow stuff? she stole a coat from some girl a while back, she stole jewelry from a photo shoot, she stole a fracking CAR to chase after her girlfriend... this chick doesn't have any boundaries.

1362 days ago


Contrary to popular belief (or want to believe), most shoplifters are not black youth, but white-middle class women, who have the money to pay for the item, but feel that the item is to trivial for them to pay for it. I guess a $2,500 necklace would qualify, if you really didn't need it.

1362 days ago


TO: No. 89. [Mikey] who wrote:
“Two weeks after being caught stealing the necklace Lindsay says she found two witness that say she didn't steal it. "Her assistant Eleanor and her friend Patrick were with her and they saw everything and they both know that Lindsay didn’t steal the necklace.”


Are her friends in the video too, or are they Lindsay’s “invisible friends”?

So Lindsay is trying to find someone she can pay to lie for her?

Why doesn’t that surprise me.

1362 days ago


What a load of crap! Lock her up and throw away the key, PLEASE!! Funny how she didn't buy anything with all that cash in her pocket. I mean. Joe the drug dealer probably made out like a bandit!

1362 days ago


Ooohh its getting intriguing, So, she was casing the joint for weeks, checking out a ring??? or the NECKLACE! She made sure she had enough $$ on her just in case she got caught with the ring on her finger, but she couldn't get at the ring, so she took the necklace instead and that's how it works for entitled people!!! Take then deny!!!
Here's a question, who carries that much cash when a debit card work just as well?? So, can she prove she had the cash????
See the whole thing is getting intriguing!!!

1362 days ago

Jeff Becker    


1362 days ago


She went back to the store several times trying to steal the ring but couldn't pull it off so she settled on stealing the
necklace is more like it.

1362 days ago


she was in the store several times in the past debating weather or not to buy the ring or contemplating each time how to find an opportunity to shop lift

Posted at 11:00 AM on Feb 8, 2011 by robin

BTW its known that many ship lifters visit a store the intend to steal from in order to get the feel of the store and how the best way to commit the act without getting caught

1362 days ago


She's a pig....period.

1362 days ago


Ya so what if she had the money to cover it, just because she had that kind of money which I don't even understand how this girl gets any income, but thats another comment, even if she did that doesn't stop her from her entitlement addiction, or her constant crave for attention, yep the whole world is out to get Lindsay, get over yourself. God I wish she would go away.

1362 days ago


TO: No. 91. [Delmar] who wrote:
“…Charlie Sheen is violent, he is the one that is in danger of an OD more than Lindsay in that he's been carted off to the hospital how many times after a bender? Has Lindsay seen the hospital in the last 18 months for an OD? …”


Probably because Charlie Sheen is a likeable guy and he’s not trying to blame anybody else for his drunken benders.

But people see Lindsay as a brazen liar who can’t seem to take personal responsibility for her own actions.

Lindsay is violent too. Charges are still pending for that fracas Lindsay caused when she went back to the Betty Ford Clinic past curfew, drunk, and then attacked one of the workers there.

1362 days ago
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