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Whoopi Goldberg -- Sorry, New York Times

2/16/2011 3:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Whoopi Goldberg made an odd apology -- on The View -- for putting the New York Times on blast for omitting her from an story about African-American Oscar winners ... but she also took time to throw one last jab.

Whoopi Goldberg Apology Video
Whoopi said she was sorry she called the NYT article "shoddy reporting" ... but reiterated she "personally" felt it was wrong that several actors -- including herself -- were not mentioned.


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Kathy Anne    

Whoopi has more sense than most people. Keep it up, Whoopi!

1314 days ago


This is a woman who has nothing to complain about. She has achieved something that very few entertainers have ever achieved...she has won an Oscar, an Emmy, a Tony, and a Grammy. How could anyone included on that list think that they have been slighted? Even if they had been, in one instance, can they not look beyond the insult and go on....PROUDLY? I don't think I've ever seen her being interviewed where she didn't go on and on about the discrimination she fought to overcome. This woman is 55 years old and has been a star for over 30 much discrimination did she face? How many more accolades will she need before she recognizes the people who helped put her where she is today? How about a little graditude and not so much bitching?

1314 days ago


I don't recall that she said "several actors - including herself" were excluded.....did she? Or is it all about her?

1314 days ago


I'm a conservative, very conervative, but Whoopie had every right to be mad! She attained an award that was special and she was just ignored by the NY Times. And yes, because the NY Times is liberal she was made to "make nice". She shouldn't have backed down but hey, it's her life and not our call.

1314 days ago


I seriously have no idea who this guy is but I cannot believe he is worrying about a mention of an Oscar nomination when their are kids starving, what a piece of sh!!t, retard

1314 days ago

crazy christmas pie    

very funny--BW must have insisted--but it was a wrong move in the first place when she clearly hadn't even read the damn article in the first place--if she had she wouldn't have made a pure FOOL for herself--carting her Oscar out. . . .imagine her thought process when she decided to bring the trophy from home. . . ."I'll show them. . . ."

And for you white people talking about blacks like Obama, Oprah and Whoopi are racist because they speak about black issues, or are pro-black--what is this country then that has espoused white supremacy from its founding? And what are you if you only date white or support the likes of Sara Palin and George W and Regan and the "Founding Fathers?" Your claim is stupid, illogical and invalid. There is nothing racist about a person loving and supporting their own race or ethnic group--dumb asses--I guess Jews are the biggest racist on the planet using your logic!! Racists hate another race simply by virtue of a person being of different race--Whoopi and Oprah are not racists--and go out of their way to prove it. If they were they would not co-mingle with other races on a social level--and would certainly not give other racial groups business opportunities, to the exclusion of their own race. . . .you people making such a claim are the real racists. . . .and delusional to boot.

1314 days ago


Whoopi is a sorry ass piece of work. She's a lound mouth "BIOTCH!

1314 days ago


Whoopi is not a person who should be on a talk show of any kind.
I never ever watch The View because of her on there. Not just her, but those women never shut the hell up. Argue, argue, argue and flapping their gums about everything just is NOT entertainment to me. They don't even get along with each other, never mind interviewing and talking with guests.
Not only that, if you want to be a good Talk Show Host or interviewer, you CAN NOT walk out on live friggin' TV when someone says something you don't agree with. Extremely unprofessional. Barbara Walters must HATE working with these women. She is a true professional.

1314 days ago


Whoopi had every right to express her opinion, but she should have read the article more clearly. Her rant was way too long and should have included the other omitted recipients.

However, I am much more disturbed and concerned that racist comments always seem to appear on blogs when blacks are mentioned in any context.

1314 days ago


I used to like Whoopi, but anymore she just seems like a bitchy old thing that likes to moan and groan. So nice they make a show for her to use as a platform for **** like this. Shut up bitch. Be useful and go volunteer at the soup kitchen.

1314 days ago


Whoopi deserved to be recognized for her Oscar win in the New York Times article. She was right to speak her mind. Whoopi has always stood her ground. The producers of The View probably told her to apologize because her words were against the New York Times. I can't see Whoopi apologizing on her own for something she felt so strongly about.

And people, it's fine to express your views, but please leave racism out.

Posted at 11:20 AM on Feb 16, 2011 by Connie
DUH! In case YOU missed it (much like the way Whoopie totally did not read the POINT of the article she was griping about), the ENTIRE situation is race-based!

1314 days ago


another episode of The View, another apology by one of them for flying off the handle wrongly. when will it end?

whoopi should have just apologized and left it at that instead of, again trying to make the NYTimes look negative

leave your ego at home. geesh

1314 days ago


Whoopi, you aren't even woman enough to admit that you misread the article and that was the basis of your remarks about "shoddy reporting."

It really was SHODDY COMPREHENSION. You were wronger than you want to admit (it's conveniently obfuscating to drag Gooding and Gossett in there NOW, after the fact, as your companions in being overlooked), and it all boils down to YOUR EGO!

1314 days ago


Is Whoopie a man or a woman? What a disgrace to all humans. Get rid of the Ego. You are nobody, you nappy headed loudmouth. No one care what you think!

1314 days ago


Hey bloopy.. who gives a crap...hang it up & go home

1314 days ago
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