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Lindsay -- Blindsided by Mom's 'GMA' Interview

2/18/2011 7:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan had no idea her mother had lined up an interview with "Good Morning America" this morning ... and the actress told friends she was "upset" with Dina when she found out ... TMZ has learned.

Lindsay Lohan Good Morning America

We're told the two spoke after Dina wrapped up the shoot -- and Lindsay wasted no time forgiving her mom for not looping her in sooner.

Lindsay explained ... she loves her mother -- she just wishes she would have received a head's up about interviews regarding her life.


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She forgives this loser but not her father? What a double standard. And Dina, what a piss poor excuse of a "mother", its actually insulting to great mother's everywhere to have this bitch called that.

1341 days ago


Lindsay should at least be used to it---both her parents are always doing interviews at their child's expense. Dina outdid herself this time--saying she knew there was a problem but just felt it was private. Then why was she always giving interviews adamantly denying there was a problem?---she could have just kept quiet. But mom and dad love the camera. So much so, they ruined their child's life.

1341 days ago


TMZ wrote: "Lindsay explained ... she loves her mother -- she just wishes she would have received a head's up about interview's regarding her life."

The word "interview's" should not have a apostrophe. Isn't there an editor? I know that Harvey doesn't check these before publication, and he would have caught that error, so...editor...this comment is directed at you. If you think I'm incorrect, perhaps another should take your position.

1341 days ago

Lindsay Lohan    

@89 sweet, she won't put up a fight! Necrophilism rocks! where do we need to dig?

1341 days ago


Lindsay - blindsided by life.

1341 days ago


Well LoHo's new forehead tattoo is gonna impress the Judge

In the style of Bimbo McGee

"Long Island Biatch"

1341 days ago


Funny, how Dina and Michael has not jumped to Lindsays defence.

Dina Lohan get a better wig (pay for it yourself) you're not 25. Michael Lohan do better on the fake(chest pains)hospital look. Didn't work.

1341 days ago


Dina is a leach just sucking her kid dry every way possible. Eres una cucaracha!

1341 days ago


Lindsay's going to be really pissed when she sees 20/20 tonight, Dina's on with even more whining about Lindsay lol. Wonder how much Dino got paid for the two lindsay shows on ABC in one day..

1341 days ago


Dina just can't stay out of the spotlight.
She really thinks she is a celebrity in her own right.
She's clearly Jealous Michael has been getting face time with TMZ, crazy family.

1341 days ago

Lindsay Lohan    

D'wina Lohan needed to be asked straight forward about the timeline of all of Lindsays troubles posted on the other thread. would love to see how she would spun that one.. the 20/20 peice is all fluff.. no real digging for answers I bet. D'wina would of walked out.

1341 days ago


Interesting. So what you're saying, is that Betty Ford is like the jail cells that the hobos on the Andy Griffith show used to spend the night in. Didn't know that.

Posted at 2:57 PM on Feb 18, 2011 by Davey Boy

its like a sober facility.a real rehab would not let you leave all night and day with your own car because that can detract from your recovery.real rehabs wont let you have visitors for a certain amount of weeks after admission with no phone calls as well.i know many who have been to rehabs including myself and they were NOTHING like this star studded sleep away camp.

1341 days ago


Woe these two idoit of parents cannot leave their dumb kid alone, No wonder she is screwed up in the head.

1341 days ago


did anyone see the Lindsay Lohan painting/mural in Venice Beach that someone destroyed? it's on youtube

Posted at 4:26 PM on Feb 18, 2011 by lulu


that was funny..the swastika was the best! anyone wants to check it out.

1341 days ago


Good Morning America!

LoHo woke up in the arms of SamRoHo, rolled over, saw her mom giving excuses for her on national TV, she rolled over and went back to work.

1341 days ago
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