Amy Robach Connecting with Feminine Side ... Mr. Right's The Difference!!!

In My Feminine Era
Amy & T.J. Podcast

Amy Robach's tapping into the feminine side of herself ... saying she's always had "boss-lady" energy -- but now, she's finally with the right person to explore womanhood in full.

The fired 'GMA3' anchor opened up about this on the "Amy & T.J." podcast she hosts with T.J. Holmes ... telling him and matchmaker Thalia Ouimet she's used to projecting an intensity -- before asking Holmes how she came off to him when they worked at ABC together.

After cracking some jokes about how he always feels the need to save Amy, T.J. admits he wishes people knew just how sweet AR was ... 'cause he says it's a side of herself she doesn't let other people see.

Travis Kelce I'm Just A Genuine Dude ... But My Life Rocks!!!


Travis Kelce wants everyone to know he's still just a regular guy at heart ... despite being a three-time Super Bowl champ, podcasting juggernaut, up-and-coming actor, and boyfriend to the biggest musician on the planet.

The Kansas City Chiefs superstar opened up on just how awesome his life is during a sit-down with "Good Morning America" on Thursday ... and while he's becoming one of the most famous athletes around, he said he's not taking any of it for granted.

"I’m so fortunate, so grateful of everything that's come my way in life," the 34-year-old said.



Looks like Gayle King's got a crush, 'cause she was blushing and giggling like a schoolgirl while making it clear to Lenny Kravitz ... she's interested, if he's available!

Check out the clip ... Gayle was interviewing the rocker for "CBS Mornings" when she asked if he was dating someone ... and cheekily joked, "Can I beat her ass if she is?" She even coyly played it off by covering her mouth and adding, "Oops, did I say that out loud?"

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It’s all super cute and flirty ... and Lenny seemed to take the playful remark in stride, responding with a laugh and a "wow" -- though he definitely seemed caught off guard!

Michael Strahan DAUGHTER'S CHEMO DELAYED ... After 3rd Unexpected Brain Surgery

Michael Strahan's daughter Isabella shared a disappointing setback amid her brain tumor battle ... revealing her next round of chemotherapy has been delayed.

The teen opened up in a YouTube video about her ongoing treatment ... explaining to her followers why she had to recently return to the hospital.

As Isabella put it ... a fever was to blame -- which is why she had to get an IV and have scans taken.

Regina King Se abre sobre la muerte de su hijo Ian... y se emociona

El duelo es un viaje

Regina King finalmente se está abriendo sobre el suicidio de su hijo Ian, diciendo entre lágrimas que respeta su decisión y también compartiendo su propia experiencia con el dolor.

La actriz y directora se sentó a conversar con "Good Morning America", donde profundizó sobre la trágica muerte de Ian en 2022, y tocó el difícil viaje que ha vivido desde entonces.

Regina King piensa que el dolor es como el amor que no encuentra un lugar hacia donde ir, y que está tratando de celebrar a su hijo por todo lo que es. Ella incluso utiliza el tiempo presente para referirse a él, pues dice que Ian está siempre con ella. King añade que realmente no ha tenido tiempo de meditar sobre la decisión de Ian, la que dice que entiende, porque es claro para ella que él ya no quería estar aquí.

Regina dice que lo que más le gustaba de sí misma era ser la mamá de Ian, y que al final, simplemente tiene que respetar el proceso a pesar de que también se pregunta sobre lo que posiblemente podría haber hecho mejor como madre.

Como informamos, Ian Alexander Jr., el único hijo de King y su ex marido Ian Alexander Sr., se quitó la vida en enero de 2022 en su cumpleaños número 26.

En ese momento, Regina dijo: "Nuestra familia está devastada en lo más profundo por la pérdida de Ian. Él es una luz tan brillante que se preocupaba profundamente por la felicidad de los demás. Nuestra familia pide consideración y respeto durante este momento privado. Gracias".

Ian era un invitado habitual de Regina en la alfombra roja e incluso la llamó "Super mamá" en la alfombra roja de los Globos de Oro en 2019 y publicó un sentido homenaje para ella cuando cumplió 50 años en 2021.

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Parece que Regina está dando el siguiente gran paso en su viaje, aunque claramente Ian nunca está lejos de su mente.

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Regina King Opens Up About Son Ian's Death ... Gets Emotional in Interview


Regina King is finally opening up about her son Ian's suicide ... saying through tears she respects his choice to take his own life and touching on her own experience with grief.

The actress/director sat down for an interview on "Good Morning America" where she delved into Ian's tragic 2022 death ... and touched on her difficult journey in the aftermath.

RK says she thinks of grief as love without anywhere to go, and she's trying to celebrate her son for everything he is -- she even uses the present tense because she says Ian is always with her. King adds she hasn't really had time to simply sit with Ian's decision ... which she says she understands -- because it's clear to her he didn't want to be here anymore.

Regina says her favorite part of herself was being Ian's mom, and ultimately she simply has to respect the journey despite also asking herself questions about what she possibly could've done better as a parent.

As we reported ... Ian Alexander Jr. -- the only son of King and her ex-husband Ian Alexander Sr. -- took his life back in January 2022 on his 26th birthday.

At the time, Regina said, "Our family is devastated at the deepest level by the loss of Ian. He is such a bright light who cared so deeply about the happiness of others. Our family asks for respectful consideration during this private time. Thank you."

Ian was a regular guest of Regina on the red carpet, even calling King a "Super Mom" on the 2019 Golden Globes red carpet and posting a heartfelt tribute to her on her 50th birthday in 2021.

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It seems Regina is taking the next big step in her journey ... although Ian is clearly never far from her mind.

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Jenifer Lewis Real Story of My Near Fatal Fall ... Fortitude to Get Back Up!!!


Jenifer Lewis is using her nearly deadly fall in Africa to teach life lessons ... emphasizing the importance of getting up after suffering such a catastrophic crash.

The beloved actress joined us Wednesday on "TMZ Live" and recounted her frightening tumble in Africa, but told us she prefers to focus on the incredible steps she took to get back up on her feet again.

Lewis said she walked out onto a deck at her luxurious accommodation on the Serengeti of Tanzania -- she says it was pitch black outside, so she never saw a huge gap in the deck between her and the infinity pool. Suddenly, she plummeted down 10 feet and slammed to the ground.

Jenifer was unable to move and had to scream for her travel companion to come to her aid, and call for medical assistance ... which took a long time. She told us, while she was down there she had some scary encounters with wild animals, before a Doctors Without Borders team airlifted her to Nairobi, Kenya.

JL says she suffered through a 9-hour surgery before spending the next 6 days in the ICU ... and then she had to start a long stretch in a hospital bed.

She's got a ton of kind words for the people who took care of her when she couldn't walk or go to the bathroom by herself.

As for why she's sharing her story now ... Jenifer wanted to tell people she'd fallen once she could also tell the world how she'd gotten back up -- an inspiring message no doubt.

Jeni was on the verge of tears as she recalled her ordeal, but soldiered through the convo, displaying the kind of strength that got her back to her feet.

Lewis is moving on from this incident ... and giving fans new inspiration for their next difficult day.

'Black-ish' Star Jenifer Lewis Suffered Massive Fall in Africa ... Thought She Would Die

Jenifer Lewis fell from a balcony while vacationing in Africa a couple years back -- and she says the horrific experience nearly took her life ... part of which was caught on video.

The "Black-ish" star recounted this awful story to Robin Roberts on 'GMA' Tuesday ... and yes, it's terrible as it sounds -- as JL says she practically died from this accident -- which happened while she was in Serengeti ... this after traveling to Cape Town and Rwanda.

This all happened in late 2022, after Jen had wrapped production on Season 8 of her hit show ... and she was doing a little traveling with friends. She says things were looking up.

Anyway, when she got to Serengeti ... Jenifer says she checked into a hotel -- one she didn't get a tour for, she notes -- and that's when this nightmare unfolded. As she was in her room at night, Jen says she saw an infinity pool right outside on her own deck.

She thought she could just access it directly from the balcony -- but because it was so dark ... she didn't see that there was a massive gap, through which she fell a whopping 10 feet.

Jenifer says there was no warning sign that someone could fall there -- and goes on to describe the excruciating pain she felt ... once the initial shock wore off, of course.

She says ... "My right hip took the impact. My shoulder went up against the stone. A lightning bolt went through my mind's eye. In pitch black, I didn't know I was falling. nothing would move."

Jenifer continues ... "So I laid there and said, 'Move your body, baby. Come on Jenny, move your body.'" Eventually, people came to her aid -- but she was still in danger ... because there were wild animals roaming about, including a Cape buffalo that got very close.

Jenifer says she's spent the better part of the past year recovering from her injury -- and now, she's ready to talk about it. The full 'GMA' interview is now streaming on Hulu.

Príncipe Harry Da cautelosas respuestas sobre el diagnóstico del rey Carlos

LA familia es primero

El Príncipe Harry fue consultado por su padre el Rey Carlos y su reciente diagnóstico de cáncer, y aunque dejó claro que ama a su familia, se puede decir que estaba en guardia.

El duque de Sussex habló con "GMA" para una entrevista que se emitió el jueves. La conversación fue filmada en Whistler, Canadá, donde se realizarán los próximos Invictus, Games, no mucho después de que volara de Londres para visitar a su padre, y Harry dio una idea de la relación que tiene con su padre.

Dijo que estaba contento de haber podido visitar al Rey, que era importante hacerlo para él después de enterarse de su cáncer, algo que el Príncipe Harry escuchó de primera mano.

También dijo explícitamente que ama a su familia, pero cuando lo presionaron un poco más sobre las perspectivas de salud de su padre se quedó callado y le dijo al periodista que no era asunto suyo.

Sobre la posibilidad de arreglar las cosas con el rey Carlos ahora que sabe que tiene cáncer, Harry dice que está absolutamente en las estrellas. Pero por la forma en que responde, se puede decir que estaba un poco ofendido por la pregunta. En su mente, es casi como si estuviera pensando, por supuesto que estamos bien.

No hace falta decirlo, la relación de Harry con la realeza se ha visto fracturada, por no decir completamente desgarrada en los últimos años, pero aquí está sugiriendo que la familia es primero y no importa lo que haya pasado entre ellos. Él los amará pase lo que pase.

También habla de cómo está procesando que estén pasando tantas cosas al otro lado del charco y aquí en California, a lo que Harry respondió que tiene su propia familia ahora.

Esencialmente, su punto es que ama a su familia en Reino Unido, va a verlos cuando puede, pero no va a dejar a su familia por los problemas que estén ocurriendo allá.

Dándole una oportunidad

Ahora, aunque esta charla sobre el rey Carlos sin duda era seria, y Harry tuvo una actitud algo fría, su tiempo en Canadá no fue del todo pesimista. De hecho, lo pasó súper bien en la nieve con nada menos que Meghan Markle.

Por ejemplo, montó un trineo por una pista de hielo como un profesional, demostrando que dominaba el trineo y todo. Honestamente es bastante surrealista.

Incluso viendo esto, se entiende lo que Harry quiere decir cuando dice que va a vivir su vida y que no se va a paralizar por una noticia tan pesada de la familia real.

En conclusión, es capaz de separar las cosas y hasta ahora lo está haciendo bastante bien.

TMZ investiga
TMZ Studios

Carlos, por su parte, parece estar tomando su diagnóstico de cáncer con calma. Ha sido fotografiado en público desde que lanzó la bomba. De quien no hay rastro es de Kate Middleton, quien sigue recuperándose de sus propios problemas de salud.

Prince Harry Cagey Answers on Charles' Diagnosis 'Stays Between Me & Him'


Prince Harry was asked about his father, King Charles, and his recent cancer diagnosis -- and while he made clear he loves his family ... you can tell his guard is still up.

The Duke of Sussex spoke with 'GMA' in an interview that aired Thursday -- a convo that was filmed in Whistler, BC at the site of his upcoming Invictus Games, not long after he flew back from London upon visiting his dad -- and Harry gave some insight into the relationship.

He says he was happy he was able to go see the King, and also noted it was important for him to do so after learning about his cancer ... something PH says he heard first-hand.

Harry also says explicitly here that he loves his family -- but when he's pressed further on how the outlook of his father's health ... he clams up, telling the journo it's none of his business.

On the prospect of mending fences with Charles now that he knows he has cancer -- Harry says that's absolutely in the stars ... but from the way he responds, you can tell he's a little offended by the question. In his mind, it's almost as if he's thinking ... of course we're good.

It goes without saying ... Harry's relationship with the Royals has appeared fractured -- if not completely torn apart in recent years -- but here ... he's suggesting family comes first, no matter what's gone on between them, and that he'll have love for them no matter what.

He also talks about how he's processing the fact there's so much going on across the pond as he's here in California ... and Harry has a bristly reaction, saying he has his own family now.

Essentially, his point is ... I love my UK family, I'll see them when I can, but I'm not gonna shut down my life over problems they're going through -- that's sorta the takeaway.


Now, while this chat about Charles was most certainly serious -- and, admittedly, a little icy on Harry's part -- his time in Canada wasn't all doom and gloom ... in fact, there was a lot of fun he was having out there in the snow, alongside none other than Meghan Markle.

Take this bobsled run he went on, for example, where PH shot down an icy runway ... and he looked a bit like a pro, good form on the sled and all. Honestly, it's pretty surreal.

Even from this alone, you can see what Harry means when he says he's going to live his life -- and not necessarily be paralyzed by such heavy news coming from the Royal family.


Long story short ... he's able to compartmentalize, and so far -- he's doing it quite well.

TMZ Studios

Charles, meanwhile, seems to be taking his cancer diagnosis in stride -- he's been pictured out in public since the bombshell dropped. Still no sign of Kate Middleton, though, as she continues to recover from her own health issues.

'Wheel of Fortune' Contestant I Didn't Say 'Pink,' Just 'Something' ... I Deserved to Lose!!!


The woman who many people think got screwed out of prize money on "Wheel of Fortune" is clearing the air on what she really said ... and it turns out, she didn't deserve that dough.

Megan Carvale appeared on 'GMA' Thursday to clarify what she uttered on Tuesday night's episode -- where, during the bonus round, many felt she had said the right answer to the puzzle on the board ... which ended being "Pink Orchid."


As Meg was muttering her way through an attempt to figure out ... a lot of folks thought they heard her actually say the correct phrase -- but now, she's debunking that completely.

Like she explains here to Michael Strahan and co. ... she didn't actually say "pink" like many people assumed or thought they heard. On the contrary, Megan here confesses to having actually said "something." In the moment, folks weren't quite sure which it was.

The anchors applaud her for her honesty, especially in the aftermath ... during which she presumably could've made a fuss considering how misconstrued and misinterpreted it was.

She admits that her family certainly would've liked it if she finagled her way into snagging the $40,000 ... but she's a truth-teller, and happy to take the L since she didn't deserve to win.

TMZ Studios

Mystery solved!

La concursante de "La Rueda de la Fortuna" rompe el silencio


La mujer que mucha gente cree que se quedó sin el dinero del premio en "La Rueda de la Fortuna" está aclarando lo que realmente dijo... y resulta que no se merecía el dinero.

Megan Carvale apareció en "GMA" el jueves para aclarar lo que dijo en el episodio del martes por la noche. Durante la ronda de bonificación, muchos sintieron que ella había dicho la respuesta correcta del rompecabezas en el tablero, que terminó siendo "Orquídea Rosa".


Cuando respondió a la pregunta muy insegura, un montón de gente pensó que la oyó decir realmente la frase correcta, pero ahora, ella está diciendo lo que realmente pasó.

Como ella le explica aquí a Michael Strahan, ella en realidad no dijo "rosa" como mucha gente creyó escuchar. Al contrario, Megan confiesa que en realidad dijo "algo" que no se pudo entender muy bien.

Los presentadores la aplauden por su honestidad, especialmente en el período posterior, durante el cual es de suponer que podría haber hecho un escándalo teniendo en cuenta lo malinterpretado que fue.

Ella admite que a su familia sin duda le hubiera gustado que ganara los $40.000, pero ella es honesta y está feliz de tomar la decisión de decir la verdad.

tmz investiga
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¡Misterio resuelto!

T.J. Holmes y Amy Robach Ambos tenemos miedo de quedarnos "encerrados" ¿Nos están diciendo algo?

Compartiendo sus miedos
Amy & T.J. Podcast

T.J. Holmes y Amy Robach han estado compartiendo muchos detalles de su relación, y la última bomba es un tanto extraña, pues ambos admitieron que no pueden soportar estar atrapados en algún lugar.

Los ex presentadores de "GMA3", que ahora son amantes, abordaron un nuevo tema en el último episodio de "Amy & T.J.", donde cada uno profundizó en un particular miedo que comparten, que se llama cleitrofobia y básicamente es el miedo a estar atrapado.

T.J. tomó la iniciativa en explicar la diferencia entre esta fobia y la claustrofobia, diciendo que este último miedo se relaciona con quedarse atrapado en un espacio pequeño, pero el primero solo es temor de no poder salir de un determinado lugar o ambiente.

Dice: "Si eres claustrofóbico, ves un espacio pequeño, ves ese ascensor y dices: 'Oh, Dios'. Y te entra ansiedad, eso es claustrofobia. La otra es, cuando veo el espacio pequeño, no tengo ningún problema en entrar allí. Pero si ese timbre suena y estoy atrapado ahí, es una situación totalmente diferente".

Algo estaba pasando
Amy & T.J. Podcast

Amy se hizo eco de eso, añadiendo que lo que acababa de explicar describía su propio miedo. En otras palabras, los dos están en la misma página acerca de estar aterrorizados por no poder escapar de algún sitio, y aunque probablemente ellos piensen que están conectados, otros lo están viendo de manera diferente.

Seguimos juntos

La verdad es que ambos han sido increíblemente honestos sobre su vida amorosa, a veces para bien o para mal. Los oímos discutir la semana pasada y ahora, tal vez inconscientemente, parecen estar abordando su propia situación en la vida real.

Quién sabe, tal vez estamos leyendo demasiado entre líneas, pero ciertamente puede haber algo aquí y podría estar insinuando problemas en el paraíso, a pesar de lo que proyectan.

TMZ investiga
TMZ Studios

Esperemos que todo esté yendo bien.

T.J. Holmes & Amy Robach We Both Have Fear of Being 'Trapped' Y'all Telling Us Something?

Amy & T.J. Podcast

T.J. Holmes and Amy Robach have been spilling their guts about their relationship -- and the latest truth bomb is strange ... 'cause they both admit they can't stand being confined.

The former 'GMA3' anchors-turned-lovers got into a new topic on the latest episode of their 'Amy & T.J.' podcast -- where they each delved into a specific type of fear they share, which is called cleithrophobia ... basically, the fear of being trapped.

T.J. took the lead in explaining the difference between this and claustrophobia -- noting the latter is a fear of being stuck in a small space, but the former is just being afraid of not being able to get out of a certain place or environment.

He says, "So if you're claustrophobic, you see a small space, you see that elevator and you go, 'Oh God.' And you get anxiety, that's claustrophobia. The other is, when I see the small space, I got no problem getting in that space. But if that buzzer goes off and I'm trapped in here now, it's a totally different situation."

Amy & T.J. Podcast

Amy echoed that, adding what he'd just explained described her own fear to a T. In other words, they're both on the same page about being terrified over not being able to escape something ... and while they probably think they're bonding, others view this differently.

Keep Coming Back

Fact is, they've been incredibly honest about their shared love life ... sometimes for better or worse. We heard them argue just last week, and now -- they're addressing a new element that, perhaps subconsciously, seems to be addressing their own real-life situation.

Who knows, maybe we're reading too into this ... but we certainly think we're picking up on something here -- and it might be hinting at trouble in paradise, despite what they project.

TMZ Studios

Here's hoping everything's alright with them!

T.J. HOLMES & AMY ROBACH Worried Our Spat Seen As Black Man Attacking White Woman

My Immediate Concern
Amy & T.J. Podcast

It isn't just listeners worried about T.J. Holmes and Amy Robach's awkward podcast feud -- T.J. himself is concerned about a racial backlash over their bickering, and hesitated to post the episode because of it.

T.J. says he feared the argument would be viewed as a "Black man beating up on a white woman" ... though Amy was shocked, saying on Thursday's episode, she'd never considered race an issue in their relationship.

Amy & T.J. Podcast

She said the fact he's Black and she's white had never crossed her mind ... though she quickly acknowledged that's exactly the point T.J.'s trying to make.

Amy admits she didn't realize something seemingly as minimal as sharing a recording of their argument would come with a racial element -- though now, the lightbulb's gone off for her.

Basically, the new episode is the couple explaining why they're second-guessing the decision to record, and then post the heated discussion about the future of their relationship -- and, for T.J., race is a major factor.

TMZ Studios

He says he's learned over the years to keep his composure during confrontations with white women -- avoiding yelling or screaming so he doesn't come across as that old trope of the "angry Black man."

Amy & T.J. Podcast

Amy says she noticed T.J. has a very real point when she saw the comments on their argument episode and the media coverage of it.

As we reported Monday, the duo fueled split rumors following the very public tension in their relationship.


They laid all their cards on the table ... noting they hadn't slept in the same bed for several days, Amy mentioning career pressure, and T.J. questioning her communication skills.

Keep Coming Back

A day later, they dismissed breakup speculation, walking arm in arm in NYC in an IG clip -- adding they dropped the episode cause they wanted to give fans a no-holds-barred look at their relationship.

Amy Robach y T.J. Holmes dicen que siguen juntos tras un incómodo podcast

volviendo otra vez

Amy Robach y T.J. Holmes no están dando por terminada su relación. Se les vio caminando del brazo en Nueva York a pesar de la tensión pública.

Estuvieron en Instagram el martes por la tarde para calmar los ánimos de los fans después de su drama detrás de escenas durante el episodio del lunes de su pódcast —"Amy & T.J."— donde los vimos discutiendo en sus micrófonos.

Amy & T.J. Podcast

A través de grandes sonrisas y gafas de sol aún más grandes, la feliz pareja comenzó por asegurarle a sus seguidores que todavía siguen juntos, diciendo que discutieron sobre si se debería liberar el episodio, pero finalmente decidieron dejarlo, porque querían tener una visión global de su relación... lo bueno, lo malo y lo incómodo.

¡Amy fue un paso más allá en el pie de foto una vez más, diciéndole a los fans que no se habían separado, al menos no todavía...  ¡No hay tal cosa como la mala publicidad!

Amy & T.J. Podcast

Robach y Holmes pusieron todas sus cartas sobre la mesa, señalando que no habían dormido en la misma cama durante varios días. La conversación derivó en Amy mencionando la presión de su carrera y Holmes cuestionando abiertamente las habilidades de comunicación de su media naranja, claramente nada de esto es fácil de escuchar para los fans.

tmz investigates
TMZ Studios

La pareja parecía feliz en el video que publicaron, pero se puede sentir que hay algo de tensión, ¿verdad? Su relación creó controversia y esta es una nueva oportunidad para ellos.

De todos modos, suponemos que vamos a confiar en que están bien ahora. Basándonos en esto, parece que T.J. y Amy no se dirigen a Splitsville... al menos no por el momento.

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