PAT SAJAK Not Unretiring ... Hosting 'Celeb Wheel' Always the Plan

Pat Sajak is NOT coming out of a short-lived retirement to host the upcoming "Celebrity Wheel of Fortune" season -- instead, this was always in the cards ... TMZ has learned.

Here's the deal ... when ABC announced Wednesday Pat would be hosting the fifth season of 'Celeb Wheel' this fall, there was speculation he was pulling a Tom Brady by quickly backing out of retirement.

That's not exactly the case, because sources with direct knowledge tell us it was always part of Pat's succession plan to do one last season of 'Celebrity Wheel' ... before riding off into the sunset and completely handing over the reigns to Ryan Seacrest.

Ryan Seacrest Here's My Spin on Pat Sajak!!!

Ryan Seacrest is now the host of "Wheel of Fortune," and he paid homage to his predecessor with a classy tribute.

Ryan posted a tribute to Pat Sajak, saying, "Pat, congratulations on an incredible run with Wheel of Fortune! Your dedication, charm, and wit have made the show a beloved part of American television for decades."

Ryan posted the pic of him and Pat with Vanna in the middle.

Pat Sajak I'm Officially Done as Spin Doctor!!!

It's official ... Pat Sajak has retired from "Wheel of Fortune" after more than four decades, because his last show aired Friday night.

Wow! What a run for the now-former host of the popular TV game show, which also featured his beautiful sidekick, Vanna White, who will stay on as chief letter turner. Going forward, Vanna will be joined by Pat's replacement Ryan Seacrest.

Friday night's show was indeed the last for Pat after 8,000 episodes over 41 seasons.

Pat Sajak Thanks 'Wheel' Fans in Pre-Taped Goodbye ... Ahead of Final Episode


Pat Sajak's run on "Wheel of Fortune" ends tonight -- and before his last episode even airs, he's already bidding the audience farewell, getting ahead of the looming moment.

A pre-taped goodbye from Pat was released Friday -- well ahead of 'Wheel' airing later this evening -- and it looks like we already got a sense of what he's going to say on TV ... his remarks are incredibly heartfelt as he reflects on his time on the game show.

Watch ... PS says he feels privileged to have been invited into people's homes for more than 40 years -- something he says he feels came with a particular responsibility.

Vanna White Chokes Up During Pat Sajak Tribute ... You're Like A 'Brother'


Vanna White is saying farewell to her "Wheel of Fortune" cohost Pat Sajak after more than 4 decades ... with an emotional tribute celebrating their strong friendship.

In a video posted Thursday to Instagram, Vanna got choked up talking about their long journey working together at the popular syndicated TV game show.

Vanna opened by saying she could not believe Friday would be their last telecast after 41 years and 8,000 episodes, which she says went like that as she snapped her fingers.

Pat Sajak 1st Post-'Wheel of Fortune' Gig ... A Lil' Community Theater!!!

Pat Sajak's last episode of "Wheel of Fortune" may air Friday, but he isn't slowing down in terms of entertaining ... 'cause the dude's already landed his next gig, and it's in the spotlight.

Pat is set to show off his acting chops in a crime play, titled "Prescription: Murder," which is being put on by a community theater in Hawaii. He's got a lead role in the production -- which is set to kick off next summer.

While you'd think someone of Pat's fame would be performing on Broadway, the game show legend actually has a long history with Hawaii Theatre. The show reunites Pat with his longtime friend Joe Moore, who you may know as a newscaster for KHON-TV.

Pat Sajak Tells Daughter He Wants Grandkids ... After 'Wheel of Fortune' Exit


Pat Sajak is already eyeing his next role ahead of his "Wheel of Fortune" exit ... telling his daughter, Maggie, he's ready to be a grandpa.

The longtime game show host sat down with his daughter days before his exit from the game show, explaining why he's ready to say goodbye to 'WoF.' As Pat put it ... he wanted to leave on the earlier side, instead of overstaying his welcome.

After more than 40 years and over 8,000 episodes, Pat says he's at peace with his decision ... and like we said, he gave a wink and a nod to his daughter about kids.

Pat Sajak Let's Go on a Secret Spin ... 'Wheel' Secrets Revealed!

Pat Sajak is about to hang it up after what may be the longest tenure on any show in TV history -- 43 years as host of "Wheel of Fortune," and he did something special for his fans.


The one-time local weatherman is showing folks what it looks like behind the scenes at "Wheel," and it's pretty awesome.

Pat revealed what's behind the puzzle board, where Vanna White has performed her duties for decades.

'Wheel of Fortune' 'Butt' Puzzle Dude Down to be Face of Hemorrhoid Cream

Tavaris Williams knows he is the butt of a lot of jokes after his recent gaffe on "Wheel of Fortune".... but he's ready to turn lemons into lemonade... or should we say, ass stuff.

As you'll recall ... Tarvaris was a contestant on 'Wheel' featuring a phrase puzzle with letters popping up one after the other. After a few appeared, Tavaris buzzed in with the now TV-iconic "Right in the butt!" guess. He was wrong, of course ... yet the moment was so right.


Anyway, now ... Tavaris tells TMZ that he's ready to cash in on the moment and be a spokesperson for any and all butt services and/or products that might wanna hire him.

'Wheel of Fortune' Wildly Wrong Guess ... 'Butt' of the Joke!!!


This "Wheel of Fortune" contestant's getting major props for NOT winning big -- butt he lost in spectacular fashion ... with a guess that you just gotta see to believe.

The episode of 'WoF' aired Thursday night, featuring a phrase puzzle to start off the game with letters popping up one after the other. After a few letters appeared, a contestant named Tavaris throws out his best guess. Well, a guess.

Take a glance at the board, as Tavaris did, and maybe you also came up with, "Right In The Butt!" 🤣

Wheel of Fortune Actress Krysten Ritter Struggles W/ Kelce Bros Puzzle ... Who Are They?!?


Turns out not everyone knows Travis and Jason Kelce ... and actress Krysten Ritter is one of those people, 'cause the "Celebrity Wheel Of Fortune" contestant had NO IDEA who the famous bros were during a recent episode!

The "Jessica Jones" actress appeared on the long-running game show on Monday, alongside Sarah Levy from "Schitt's Creek" and designer Christian Siriano ... when they were confronted with the seemingly simple puzzle.

The category was "Family" ... and as the letters nearly filled the entire puzzle, it was clear Ritter wasn't hip to the NFL's most famous siblings.

Ryan Seacrest y Aubrey Paige Rompen luego de tres años juntos

Ryan Seacrest y Aubrey Paige han terminado su relación luego de tres años juntos, esto de acuerdo a un nuevo informe.

People informa que Ryan y Aubrey han decidido separarse, aunque no se citó ninguna razón específica. Una fuente dice que planean permanecer en la vida del otro como buenos amigos.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Los fans comenzaron a especular que la relación de Ryan y Aubrey había terminado después de que ella publicara un críptico post en Instagram. El martes subió un video que la mostraba bailando en un apartamento... sin Ryan a la vista.

Ryan Seacrest & Aubrey Paige Break Up After 3 Years Together

Ryan Seacrest and Aubrey Paige have called it quits after 3 years together ... this according to a new report.

People reports that Ryan and Aubrey have mutually decided to part ways -- although no specific reason was cited. A source tells them RS and AP plan on staying in each other's lives as good friends ... and will continue to support one another's endeavors.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Fans first began speculating that Ryan and Aubrey's relationship was over after she dropped a cryptic post on Instagram. She uploaded a video of herself on Tuesday, which showed her dancing around an apartment ... with no Ryan in sight.


Love is in the air for Scottish actor Ross McCall, who appears to now be dating Pat Sajak's daughter, Maggie.

The new couple was spotted in L.A. last week sharing a smooch on a hand-in-hand stroll with his dog ... but at the time, the identity of Ross' new flame remained a mystery.

Lo and behold, the woman is 29-year-old Maggie -- 19 years younger than her new 48-year-old boo.

'Wheel of Fortune' Ryan, Vanna Filming Promos In Hawaii ... Chemistry Looks Good!!!


Ryan Seacrest is literally diving right into his new gig as the "Wheel of Fortune" host ... filming promos in Hawaii for the upcoming season, and going underwater.

Ryan and Vanna White are on Waikiki Beach right now on Oahu, where they are filming the Hawaii episodes for the upcoming Season 42.

In one take, Vanna and Ryan are talking to the camera as they stand in ankle-deep water ... and then Ryan, in full snorkel gear, dives under.

Imagine Pat Sajak doing this!!!

Of course, Pat's now retired and Ryan's taking the reigns ... and ya gotta imagine he's enjoying his new gig. Hard to beat on-location filming in Hawaii.

Ryan and Vanna also filmed a couple promos on land -- he's wearing flip-flops and a Hawaiian shirt as they shoot at the Hilton Hawaiian Village Waikiki Beach Resort.

Folks who were there say RS and VW seemed to have great chemistry together and were getting along between takes.

They must have been in a good mood, because they were also happily taking selfies with fans ... in that aloha spirit.

TMZ Studios

It's the first time we've seen Ryan and Vanna working together on the new-look 'Wheel' ... and it appears good fortunes are ahead.

'Wheel of Fortune' Contestant I Didn't Say 'Pink,' Just 'Something' ... I Deserved to Lose!!!


The woman who many people think got screwed out of prize money on "Wheel of Fortune" is clearing the air on what she really said ... and it turns out, she didn't deserve that dough.

Megan Carvale appeared on 'GMA' Thursday to clarify what she uttered on Tuesday night's episode -- where, during the bonus round, many felt she had said the right answer to the puzzle on the board ... which ended being "Pink Orchid."


As Meg was muttering her way through an attempt to figure out ... a lot of folks thought they heard her actually say the correct phrase -- but now, she's debunking that completely.

Like she explains here to Michael Strahan and co. ... she didn't actually say "pink" like many people assumed or thought they heard. On the contrary, Megan here confesses to having actually said "something." In the moment, folks weren't quite sure which it was.

The anchors applaud her for her honesty, especially in the aftermath ... during which she presumably could've made a fuss considering how misconstrued and misinterpreted it was.

She admits that her family certainly would've liked it if she finagled her way into snagging the $40,000 ... but she's a truth-teller, and happy to take the L since she didn't deserve to win.

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Mystery solved!

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