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Kobe Bryant -- 'Emperor' of Los Angeles?

2/19/2011 7:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kobe Bryant is getting a unique honor at Grauman's Chinese Theater -- $50k dragon INCLUDED. And to put things over the top he also has a fancy new title! Guess the 5 championship rings weren't enough.

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Concrete shoes? And a possible chastity belt made of kryptonite.

1345 days ago


I bet Charles Manson is next on their list.

1345 days ago


What a douche...

1345 days ago


Nice that Hollywood honors a rapist.

1345 days ago


Kobe plays here often http://hawaiiangardensbingoclub.com

1345 days ago

John 8:32    


Race as we know it is a myth, a social construct. A social
construction or social construct is any phenomenon "invented" or
"constructed" by participants in a culture or society, existing
because people agree to behave as if it exists or follow certain
conventional rules. "The Social Construction of Reality" (1966).

"One example of a social construct is social status!"

-John 8:32

1345 days ago

John 8:32    

Kobe... Deserves way more respect than what you idiots are given him right now... this is shameful the amount of haters... and losers out there nowadays. As long as some of you people have been in this world... you think they would have learned better by now...

For every single person on this planet is the same... no one is any better than the next person... no matter what kind of car you drive... no matter where you live... no matter what the color of your skin is. "WE ARE ALL CHILDREN OF GOD!" We are all the same and that's how it will always be...


As for looking like someone... he looks more like Jesus than Charles Manson. This is for you clowns that sit out there with your silly belief system and think that you know something when Actually you don't know a DAMM thing... turn the TV off and read some books...

But remember... you cannot fight facts with beliefs...

"What Does DNA Say?", race is defined primarily by skin color. Since that's a genetic trait, the logic goes, race itself must be genetic, and there must be differences that are more than skin deep.

But that's not what modern genetics reveals. Quite the contrary, it shows that race is truly skin deep. Indeed, genetics undermines the whole concept that humanity is composed of ''races''—pure and static groups that are significantly different from one another. Genetics has proven otherwise by tracing human ancestry, as it is inscribed on DNA.

After, analyzing something called mitochondrial DNA. Almost all human cells contain tiny bacteria-like entities called mitochondria. They provide energy to cells, and they have their own DNA, separate from the DNA that actually makes a person. Mitochondria are not in sperm cells; therefore, they are inherited only from the mother. They record a person's matrilineal heritage.

The paternal counterpart is the Y chromosome. Women, of course, lack the Y chromosome, so it is inherited strictly from father to son. It can be quite revealing to trace how the Y chromosome and mitochondrial DNA mix in a single population. Under the old South African apartheid categories, ''colored'' people were those who descended from black and white parents—but their Y chromosome almost always shows a European ancestry, whereas their mitochondrial DNA usually shows an African heritage. To put it plainly, white men were sleeping with black women, but black men were not sleeping with white women.

But sometimes only DNA can settle questions of human history.

Two million years ago, various hominid ancestors of modern humans migrated out of Africa. Neanderthals settled in Europe--and some scientists argued that Europeans descend from Neanderthals, Asians from other hominids such as Peking Man or Java Man, and Africans from still other sources. Genetics has helped demolish this ''multiregional'' theory.

Mitochondrial DNA indicates that all living humans descend from one maternal source—christened Mitochondrial Eve—who lived in Africa between 100,000 and 200,000 years ago. Similarly, the Y chromosome shows that all men have a common ancestor, Y-chromosome Adam, who lived at the same time. (Actually, both analysis indicate that modern humans descend from a small founding population of about 5000 men and an equal number of women.)

Did modern humans coming out of Africa completely replace Neanderthals and the other earlier hominids—or did they interbreed with them? This year, Stoneking and researchers in Germany compared the mitochondrial DNA of modern humans to that of a Neanderthal skeleton between 30,000 and 100,000 years old. The conclusion: Neanderthals contributed nothing to human maternal ancestry.''

For example, light skin color is needed in northern climates for the sun's ultra- violet light to penetrate into the body and transform vitamin D into a usable form. This mutation may well have arisen at different times, in different ancestral groups, on different points along the DNA. That's true for cystic fibrosis, which occurs almost exclusively in people of European descent but is caused by several different mutations.

In other words, ''white people'' do not share a common genetic heritage; instead, they come from different lineages that migrated from Africa and Asia. Such mixing is true for every race. ''All living humans go back to one common ancestor in Africa,''

Over time, ''genetics will help beat down racist arguments!'' says Eric Lander, a world-renowned geneticist at M.I.T.

Go to YouTube => "Journey of Man!"

When you finish that...

Go to => "Bradshaw foundation" watch the "Journey of Mankind!"

1345 days ago

keeping it real    

MMM he probably has a concrete hard ****.

1345 days ago


Dear John 8:32 :

Re: Your statement of " no one is any better than the next person".

All non-rapists are better than rapists.

1345 days ago

John 8:32    

"Let he who is without sin, cast the first stone"

The incident is one of the most well-known lessons of the Bible. A woman, who had been caught in the act of adultery was brought to Jesus Christ by the scribes (see Lawyers) and Pharisees (see Who Were The Pharisees?) as a test to see if the Messiah was a liberal in matters of the Law of God. In response to their deceitful query, He didn't condemn the woman, not because He was a liberal, not because He condoned her sin, but because the men who brought the woman to Him were Hypocrites. He was the only person there that day who was free of sin, the only one who had the right to "cast the first stone." He didn't stone her (or her accusers), but instead forgave her and told her to "sin no more." Otherwise, the day is coming when she, if she didn't thereafter repent, won't be stoned, but will be burned - along with the hypocrites who brought her to Him that day, if they didn't thereafter repent of their sin...

1344 days ago


Fun night of fingerprinting.

Don't be hatin!

1344 days ago


TMZ Shut the f up Kobe does his job and he does it well who is jealous of him are u HARV? Rapist I think not teach ur cheap WHORES to stop setting up men with cash. Also the ho could have douched all the other fluids out of her before the rape test..TRASH TRASH and MORE TRASH...

1344 days ago


How about a concrete condom?

Keep his pecker pinned to the ground!

1344 days ago


They just flip out Walk of Fame stars to anybody now, don't they? Why don't they be a bit pickier? You will run out of sidewalk eventually.

1344 days ago


Hey, John 8:32! Everybody must get stoned. ;)

1344 days ago
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