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Gabriel Aubry: The Only Lady in My Life Is My Daughter

2/21/2011 10:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Gabriel Aubry is completely single -- despite reports, we're told the man currently entrenched in a bitter custody war with Halle Berry has no special woman in his life ... with one exception ... his daughter.

Gabriel Aubry Daughter
Sources close to Halle's baby daddy tell TMZ, "Gabriel is currently single and wants to focus on his relationship with his daughter [Nahla]."

According to reports, Gabriel has been linked with a model named Sashalee Pallagi -- but we're told the two "don't even know each other."

So there you have it.

Halle Berry


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and this is news why??

1308 days ago


I don't think acting or modeling is a 40 hr a week job. Halle wasn't working either until she started this picture. And when it's over, she will be out of work again. So far, this man comes across as a class act. Halle, not so much.

1308 days ago



gabriel is not only the better parent for his daughter, he is for sure taking the high road. what he has, and is doing is putting his daughter first. halle is doing the opposite. i certainly hope the judge gives him joint legal custody and joint visitation. it is very clear, and obvious that nahla is a daddy's girl, and i am sick of halle's lies and horrible claims about the father of her child. her child will end of hating her later. she needs major psychological help, and always has.

Posted at 1:00 AM on Feb 21, 2011 by anonymous

Now how is he the better parent. He does not even work. Look it up. He is NOT modeling now. He's to busy following Halle around on her business endeavors claiming to want to be with his daughter and is not working to support her unlike Halle. Halle also funded his bull_**** restaurant that failed.

Posted at 2:02 AM on Feb 21, 2011 by mel
So you claim calling the other parent names
starting accusations without proof and basicly lying her ass
off makes halle the better parent? what is wrong with you?

1308 days ago


This guy is the male version of Ox. Without Berry it would be Aubry who? Berry has the fame he's out of work. People bring their kids to the set all the time, so what's the problem.

1308 days ago


Look at his photos..He never smiles or shows any emotions, not evan a slight smile..Hes a puke and a Broke puke.He cant financially support his daughter SO, now what Halle haters..She is the MOM he is a sperm sample..He has NO money..he is not drop dead gorgeous..He does not care about his kid..He pretends

1308 days ago


One minute he's gay, the next minute he's Don Juan. One minute he's a saint, the next he's a borderline criminal. At least according to the gossip columns. More likely he's a normal single parent who happens to be famous. Both he and Halle should stop acting pissy and think of their child's future, because it's going to involve both of them no matter how they feel about each other.

1308 days ago


He dare not date if he does jealous, controlling manipulative Poison Berry will have another hissy fit and start planting
those lies about him again.

1308 days ago


Ok, he's not working,so where is the money coming from? I doubt old Halle's paying his lawyer, or providing his living expenses. She funded his restaurant? You sure about that? Ha, something tells me the guy has no need to work right now, and while some say his only interest is money, others have said he's a very good father, and loves his daughter very much. Halle would have him payed off, and long gone, if money were his only interest.

1308 days ago


Guys congratulations to all black, white, brown, yellow and everybody who shut Halle down from destroying another human being. Halle has no class, her mother and grandmother. They use to cry racism at the drop of a hat. By the way, Halle's mother is not 100% white that's another liar. Halle knows it. Another thing, Halle does not socialize with other black in Hollywood. Ms. Entitled is a phony and a liar.

Gab best of luck from black sister....

1308 days ago


Halle is still laughing at you fools. she had the baby and she walked away with the baby. leave it alone. you people are calling her all kinds of names b/c she a beautiful BLACK woman..regardless of you u people might think of her she is still the most beautiful woman in the world and has custody of her child. heck no i wouldn't wan my child around Kim Kardashian..i here you people talking trash about the Kardashian but when Gabriel starts dating one of them its all good. what a bunch of hypocrites. Team Halle all day and everyday!!

1308 days ago


He is too working. I just saw him in an new ad in a magazine.

1308 days ago


Halle is ugly on the inside. Anyone who leaves the scene of TWO hit and run accidents is not a pretty person in my book. Something is mentally wrong with her.There could have been injuries in that accident, but she only cared about herself and then claimed she didn't even know she hit someone. That can be excused once, but she did this twice!

1308 days ago


There is no way in hell the Gabriel is going to take Halle Berry's baby away from her, and NO I DON'T believe Gabriel is the better parent, I believe he's a sleeze bucket waiting for a payday a la Halle Berry.

Gabriel Aubry was nothing but a sperm donar. Halle shouldn't have ever let him through the door.

Gabriel: GET A JOB !

1308 days ago


what do you people have to say about Padma Lakshim from Top Chef..she wanted full custody of her baby from a WHITE man and she won. this is also a beautiful lady who laid down with a white man then realize she didn't need him, and she wanted to be with somebody else. nobody is raising hell about her. but all stones are thrown at Ms Berry. get over it she won, and got her baby. to many women have come forth about this man and you all still believe he is such a great guy. whatever!!!!!!!!

1308 days ago


I don't think Gabriel would be fighting this if Halle didn't have money. They're good men out there who want to be fathers but he wasn't even married to the mother. He's a good looking man who may marry someday and have more children. What will happen to Nahla then? In many cases when men remarry they neglect the children from previous relationships. Halle will always be there for Nahla. She wanted a child for a long time and can provide for her. I'm not saying he shouldn't get joint custody and visitation but I do question his motivation. If he rejects any form of financial support then I'm apt to believe he's sincere. I've seen men fight for custody and "dump" the children on their weekends without spending quality time with them. Men are selfish and when another woman or a better prospect comes along (work or recreation) they forget about the children.

1307 days ago
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