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David Arquette -- I Tried Booze When I Was Four

2/23/2011 6:55 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

David Arquette says he first tasted alcohol when he was just 4 years old ... and started hitting the bottle hard by the time he was 12.

Arquette opened up about his alcohol issues while taping an interview with "Oprah" ... which airs Thursday.

David also admitted his wife Courteney Cox staged an intervention ... and that he's been sober since checking into rehab back in December.


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That explains everything

1340 days ago


Sick of these LA families and their drug/alcohol problems. They are no different then other afflicted americans except the average Joe doesn't get interviews or fifty chances.

1340 days ago


I sure hope all goes well for David from here on out. I don't know if him and Courtney can get back together but, it sure sounds like she wants nothing but the best for him. They're such a cute family. Here's hoping it all falls into place for them.

1340 days ago

bobby smith    

ITS SIMPLE... people who get addicted to something which is not good for them are WEAK and PATHETIC!!

SAY NO and then DON'T do it!! SIMPLE. These addicted individuals are simply WEAK!

1340 days ago


Here's hoping all goes well from here on out. He seems like such a nice person. You can't help but wish the very best for him. Good for Courtney!! Great move! Now, here's hoping they can get back together.

1340 days ago


As kooky he is, and as many problems as he has, he's still only about average in the Arquette family. Alex/Alexa makes him look like presidential material.

1340 days ago

Duke Steele    

I always thought that he sounded dumb. What a jerkoff

1340 days ago


for a sober person he sure speaks as though he is drunk

1340 days ago

billy cema    

Wishing him all the best. Hope he can get it together while he's still young enough.
I'm going to watch; normally don't care for talk shows.

1340 days ago


Too bad the only thing he hasn't tried is growing up.

1340 days ago

Amanda Babin    

I hope he's turning his life around and that Courteney will reconcile with him. David always talks like that whether he's sober or not. No reason to be mean about it. I wish him the best.

1340 days ago


(couldn't get the video to play - then again, I didn't try all that hard )... but the headline is either dumb or inaccurate or both (or something equally goofballish).

Many children in Europe (okay, France, specifically, since that is all I have direct experience with) and/or more European-sorta-parents (take that the way you want, either you'll be ticked off because you want to be or you'll get it because you get it. Okay, cool), and small children are mundanely given wine-and-water at evening, festive, special dinners or whenever it's always been done in that family.

It'd be shocking in an American family setting, because it just is.

If alcoholism runs in one's family, one will be far more likely to suffer from dependence, no matter what. The risk is far higher, but it's not absolute, nor are those without the family history free from substance difficulties.

My opinion (based on personal experience, family research and plain old research): the best preventative against abuse is information - especially for those with strong heredity for it. BUT, that said, their biochemical makeup will or will not show them to be addicts - way more than their psychological makeup or history. I could very well be wrong, but I do believe there is a non-nurture (or "blame") component for many/most addictions.

I expect to be blasted, so have at it. : )

1340 days ago

Dick B.    

Each report of a celeb who drinks, relapses, and returns makes me wish that, on recovery, that person would devote himself or herself to helping others recover. That's one way recovery can be maintained. **** B.

1339 days ago



1339 days ago


Just in the previews I've seen, he sounds like he's drunk! I'm going to watch to see what the rest of it is like. Poor guy. Celebs need to wait awhile before they go on such shows. Being sober since December is too soon to expose yourself like that. That time could be much better spent in therapy.

1339 days ago

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