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Lindsay Lohan -- The Law Gets Her ... Again

2/23/2011 1:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan can find trouble pretty much anywhere ... most recently on the streets of West Hollywood, where she was corralled by L.A. County Sheriff's deputies.


Lindsay was going twice the speed limit  -- allegedly -- when she was pulled over Sunday at around 9 PM.  According to the ticket, Lindsay  -- who was driving a Porsche -- was clocked going 59 mph in a 30 mile zone.

File under the category -- The Least of Her Problems.


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LA me    

By the way, it's not speeding: it's actually reckless driving. Moron deserves to be in jail, and the community deserves to be protected from her.

Posted at 2:53 PM on Feb 23, 2011 by Dr. Cornelia J. Dogbarker PhD

Good point Dr.! I too thought that being clocked at anything over 20 miles an hour over the speed limit was considered "excessive Speed" and "Reckless Driving". Isn't that a misdemeanor??

1303 days ago


Did she steal the car?

1303 days ago


Lindsey is in trouble, driving 20mph over the speed limit on a street is a reckless driving charge in CA (and 30 mph over the limit on freeway.

Jail time ranges 5-90 days and a fine from $500-$5000.

She is VERY lucky she was issued at ticket instead of arrested at the scene.

I've never seen a girl more determined to get in her own way.

1303 days ago


It's strange how the picture almost looks real. The way the hair hangs looks good. However, the lighting is too dark for her face, and her head is too big, and peoples heads can't really turn that way, lol. Other than that, it looks real, lol.

1303 days ago


Indeed, nothing changes if nothing changes. First step, Lindsey.
"1.We admitted we were powerless over (insert behavior, substance of your choice - fame, wealth, cocaine, booze, sex, control) —that our lives had become unmanageable."
She still thinks she's powerful. Get ready for more spiraling.

1303 days ago

LA me    

I can see Nicole/Dina now... "Lindsay was setup!! The local police set up a 'sting' operation with the neighborhood kids by supplying them with walkie-talkies so that they could inform the authorities when Lindsay speeds down their streets!! It's LindsGate I tell you!! She's LINNOCENT!!"

Can't we just reopen Alcatraz and put all of the Lohans there?? Or better yet...Let's relocate them all to San Clemente Island!! The US Navy uses it for missile target practice!!

1303 days ago


Lock her ass up!!!!

How MANY chances are you all going to give here? How many times she just gonna do what ever the hell she wants.

And were is the Money coming from?

Here were i live speeding ticket doing 59 in a 30 is 225 dollars and DOUBLE for being 20 miles over the limit.

And if it was me they caught and i was on probation for the other things i can tell you right now I would be in Jail!!!

1303 days ago


Umm, why'd they Photoshop the picture? They could've just used a different picture, of her not in a car. And yet Lindsay's being called an idiot...

1303 days ago


This is ridiculous! It is not even her! Look closely the skin color is even all wrong, jesus! I agree she has done wrong so punish her but when she hasnt cant we just leave her alone?

1303 days ago

Also Just Sayin'    

Wow, TMZ. Awesome photoshop skillz! I'd say you guys ought to be ashamed, but it's been proven time and again, you have none.

1303 days ago


Photoshop is your friend. I hope TMZ didn't pay someone for that picture. My cat with her paws could have done a better job.

1303 days ago


TMZ I have come to this website quite alot in the last year or so and I have to admit that is without a doubt the wtf kind of sh*t I've ever seen. The photo chopping on this one is way to obvious. You guys are really bored to keep posting sh*t as this. Think I'll go watch my dvr.

1303 days ago


Whoever photoshopped her head on this body was smoking the good stuff.

1303 days ago


If this is true, that is really sad. It's getting harder and harder to give this poor girl any support. I still firmly believe she is mentally ill and not just a spoiled brat. I don't think someone who is in their right mind and on probation facing felony theft charges would add a speeding ticket to their problems if they are sane.

1303 days ago


Nice photoshopped picture! LOL too funny!!

1302 days ago
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