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Halle Berry/Gabriel Aubry Custody War: Round 2?

2/24/2011 4:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Halle Berry is bracing for another fight with baby daddy Gabriel Aubry, TMZ has learned ... and the info is coming right from "The Mountain Top."

Halle Berry Custody Battle

Halle is all but confirmed to star opposite Samuel L. Jackson in "The Mountain Top" -- a play set to open on Broadway this Fall which is scheduled to run for around four months.

Our sources say Gabriel is ready to raise the same stink he made over Halle going to NYC to film "New Year's Eve."

TMZ broke the story ... Gabriel was shot down when he asked the judge to prohibit his baby mama from taking their daughter Nahla to NYC for the "New Year's Eve" shoot -- which will last 1 week. 

As for whether he'll be more successful in keeping Nahla from going to Broadway with Halle -- it's doubtful.  The argument -- "You knew what you were signing up for" -- is awfully compelling.

Halle Berry


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The only crazy person in this story is the father and some of the people attacking Halle. New York has some of the best modeling agencies in the world so it would not be a problem for Gabriel Audry to go there.

1339 days ago


Okay, so this means that any time a parent has a job elsewhere they should uproot their child, take them from the other parent for that period. My mom was a stewardess who often flew to Asia and was away for four or five days at a time. She never took me with her while she was working. I stayed with my dad (her ex). And Aubry should follow her like a puppy dog? Why doesn't she cool her career a bit and cool her new love life for a bit and spend some real quality time with her little girl?

1339 days ago

Fed Up    

TMZ is a gossip rag and that's all it is -- this is NOT journalism; and while it purports to render so-called "legal" opinions right and left (because there are a few so-called lawyers around TMZ), they are nothing more than cheesy opinions aimed at generating just this kind of attention. TMZ rant over, now for H Berry. Maybe she has talent; I don't see it and if I ever had considered seeing her films (or evidently now on stage), this whole episode has totally squashed that impulse. She has a well-do***ented history of emotional insecurity and problems; we're watching it play out yet again (mainly here at TMZ). Ppl are deliberately missing the point that G Aubry has rights in respect of his daughter, and an active career (Charisma linens never looked so good) -- albeit not as lucrative as Berry's, but he's hardly over the hill, folks. Berry and her minions using the tabloid media to trash Aubry and further her own interests are just despicable. Ultimately, it's the innocent child who will suffer from this garbage. Rooting for the underdog.

1339 days ago


The sooner Aubrey gets to court to establish his paternity and visitation, the better off he and Nahla will be. He cannot continue to let Halle use Nahla to make his life hell.

1339 days ago


So TMZ is now judge AND jury in this mess? Nice....NOT! A father has every right to be able to be with his daughter rather than a bunch of nannies while the mom is working. I have a feeling he will have a better shot this time since it goes for a lot longer than 1 week. Unless Ms Berry decides to let loose some more faked out ammo like all the racial bs of the past few weeks. This woman has NO RIGHT to try and keep her kid away from the dad and that is EXACTLY what this boils down to. TMZ you SUCK for constantly shoving YOUR OPINION down our throats.

1339 days ago

Davey Boy    

Gabriel is a f***** racist. He just want the money of Halle berry. C'est un nobody. I'm even surprise Halle feel for that duchbag.C'est un looser. J'espère que Halle va réussir à tenir ce NAZI loin de sa fille NOIRE.

Posted at 3:42 PM on Feb 24, 2011 by Karolyne

Forget your Prozac today? You sound about as bat **** crazy as Poison Berry.

1339 days ago


Um..Debbie.....where the hell has gabriel been talking AT ALL to be able to "shut up"??? From where I sti, all the talking has been done by HALLE and her PR team. Dude hasn't spoken a word since all this crap started. That says a lot more about HIS character than HERS. SHE NEEDS TO STFU AND REMEMBER THAT HER DAUGHTER WILL ONE DAY BE ABLE TO READ ABOUT THIS CRAP SHE HAS BEEN SAYING. Being a woman...halle embarrasses me. As a mother, I am MORTIFIED for her child. She's raising her to be vindictive, spiteful, hateful and ashamed of her own race. So Debbie....why don't YOU STFU?

1339 days ago


For those of you calling Gabriel "KFed" let's try and remember that when Brit went bat-sh!! crazy, he was the 1st one there to take care of his kids. I can't stand Brit or KF, but at least he put his kids first. Gabriel has been the perfect dad up until HB wanted to get rid of him. All of a sudden, he's so horrible? Give me a break! This bitch wants nothing more than CONTROL. Awful.

1339 days ago

Jeff Becker    

I guess fathers have no rights if your ex is famous?

1339 days ago


There's no way for Cra Cra Berry to spin this without coming off like the psycho bitch from hell she is. Team Gabriel.

1339 days ago


he's been with the wilhelmina agency for years. they do have offices in nyc besides miami and la etc.

1339 days ago


This is really stupid Halle needs to wake up, and realize, what a blessing it is for a father to be in his childs life. Doesn't she know when a childs last name and the fathers names are the same, it gives him rights? Dah. When a woman is not legally married, its sometimes not a good thing to put the child in the dad's last name, this can lead to trouble. She is so stupid. Heavenly Father forbid if something happens to her, the child will go to Aubry, if Aubry has a misfortune, the child will go to his people, and the Berry's will not have a chance. Halle is all brain.

1339 days ago


Harvey you really cant see that most of the people think a father is every bit as important as a mother to a child huh? I feel bad for this lil girl one day she will be looking for the love she wanted from her father but because he was seen s unimportant he couldnt be there for her.Shame on the courts and Ms berry for not taking this babies best interest in to consideration

1339 days ago


Please give the poor baby to Gabriel. Halle is obviously not interested in the well being of her daughter. She is self-serving and willing to say any old ridiculous thing in order to win custody regardless of how it might effect her daughter. The baby is 75% white, but she wants to label her black because she thinks that will help her to win custody. How selfish!! It's all about her!!

1339 days ago


Once again, a disgusting, ridiculous one sided story in favor of Halle who has probably paid off TMZ. It is not what Gabriel signed up for because he didn't know they were going to break up and he would be dealing with this idiots at TMZ. Gabriel should not have to follow Halle around everywhere while she films. Radar reported that Gabriel had to cancel several modeling assignments so he could be with his daughter in NY while Halle films and it is for two months he will be in NY so for the idiots who say he is not working, he can't because he is having to follow Halle everywhere to see his daughter! Besides he is the spokesmodel for Charisma bedding so he is being paid for work. I am sure Halle does not work all the time as an actress either. Halle is such a crazy b!!ch she thinks that when a couple breaks up that has a child, one parent never has to be away from the child which is ridiculous. In joint custody situations which is what they should have, the child usually spends an equal amount of time with each parent and when the child does, the other parent is not around! Gabriel should never have withdrawn his custody petition. He should go for full or at least joint custody and get a visitation schedule approved by the court so if Halle breaks it he can call the police. He can not trust her.

1339 days ago
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