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Ben Roethlisberger Wedding -- A Summer Affair

2/26/2011 9:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Ben Roethlisberger will be involved in another legal situation with a woman he may or may not be sleeping with ... when he SIGNS A MARRIAGE CERTIFICATE ... and it's all going down in July.

TMZ has obtained a copy of Ben's "Save the Date" cards ... informing guests about his Summer marriage to Ashley Harlan.

Ben and Ashley are all set to tie the knot in Pittsburgh -- but they haven't revealed any specifics about where it will go down.

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It's not about who gets to sleep with him

it's about who gets his money

1312 days ago

Tito Santana    

All of you say what you will about Big Ben but I do know this. If he would've won this lastest superbowl the Jugde himself would've said "BEN point out all the girls you wanna rape and I'll personally hold them down".

1312 days ago


Amy suggested: "Does everyone realize that she was wearing a button that said "D T F", if you don't know what it means, Google it."

Well, I did and came up with Dept of Treasury & Finance. So, he raped someone from the government? And got away with it? jk ... got the other meaning as well.

While I know that a person in this country is presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law ... if the girl was my daughter, I would be advising her to stay far, far away from this guy.

1312 days ago


Thanks Cimarron for Googling it. Good comeback. I also understand if the girl was your daughter you would tell her to stay far, far away. Now that you know the meaning of DTF as far as I am concerned she knew what she was getting into. They have published the police reports and she not he, followed him and some of his friends from bar to bar. He has money, his is a popular football player, etc. Its done, its over people need to move on. Come on now the saint Brett Favre does something of an indecent sexual proposal and what happens to him. NOT a dang thing. People can say what they want but I truly believe in both cases these women knew what they were getting themselves into and instead of doing the walk of shame they cry rape.

1312 days ago


Are we supposed to know who these people are?

1312 days ago


Guess it won't be a typical New Castle wedding.

1311 days ago


Wow, amazing how many people have such little class. The man is trying to settle down and put his life together. From what I read, he really only had one incident, the first woman is a complete nutcase, research it before you comment. Second, yeah he was lucky he didn't end up in jail. He has gone through programs, and is taking the steps to lead a normal life. Its not like everything he has done in life makes him this horrible person. He had too much to drink, and pushed it too far with a girl that had been following him around all night. Rape kit was negative by the way. Not to say he didn't do anything wrong, I think there is little doubt there. I hope he leanred from his mistakes and can make himself a better person. Good luck to Ben and his bride. I hope they are happy together.

1311 days ago


Who would want to marry a very ugly rapist? Hopefully this chick is being paid to try and rebuild his public image. I feel bad for her though.

1311 days ago


Ya know he was never charged with rape . One bitch wanted his baby and when she wasnt pregnat she cried rape . So that puts him out there . The second bitch should not of been in a bar an drinking under age . She was all having fun till her friend said she did wrong and then she cried rape . Ben is a great QB . He plays a good game . We were all young and mad mistakes but ours were not aired all over for everyone . How many of you did something you were not happy about ? Gee give the guy a break . Coming from a chic i know how we all think and what we will do to get what we want . As far as his wedding . I think its great , let them be happy . Bret Farve got hand jobs do does that make him any different ? I know Ben can be ****y an arrogent but gee .

1311 days ago


I agree with #56. Tanya. 1st bitch was crazy. 2nd bitch had no business being underage and in a bar. Go Steelers!!

1310 days ago

thursday's child    

You posters will never get it....he was never charged because he didn't do anything wrong except to cross with a gal who was throwing herself at him. Just too many women out there who are willing to charge some sports figure (or anyone) in order to get some fame and a few bucks. Thsse guys are just too dumb to think that they're above it all. Over and above all of this....he's one D/G quarterback!!

1309 days ago


Idiots!!! He was never arrested let alone convicted of any crime. People got drunk and made bad judgements. He was stupid and paid his penalty. I wish them both a very happy life together. And yes I am from Pittsburgh and proud of it. I believe he has turned his life in the right direction

1307 days ago


Is it just me, or does this "save the date" look a little tacky and a lot cheap for such an event? Also, as crazy as Roethlisberger is about keeping his "personal life" quiet in the Pittsburgh media, does anyone else think this could be a fake?

1306 days ago

Jack P    

LMAO at all the rapist jokes. You people are such sheep.

1305 days ago


Hey Ben is one sicko- he has raped many a girl in his college years -his dad taught him how to not leave any evidence behind:
wear latex gloves and all; You think the GA District Attorney is an idiot? he tried to worry this guilty guy into a slip up--just didn't know how well Ken R taught Ben R to avoid prosecution for his crimes..... which is WHY the GBI bluffed for the DNA sample- but you see how well Ken R taught Ben R- there wasn't any dna residue and Ben knew it.
It was a premeditated crime against the girl in GA. Sure she was drunk and labeled DTF and flirts- but that's what Ben "Jeffry Dhamer" Roethlisberger needed as the victim for his crime.
we the people are not sheep.He cain't play football either thats 2 superbowl rings for ONE touchdown- that is a ridiculous record for a QB ain't getting him into the HOF maybe into a freak book like Ripley's believe it or not.

To get the scope of how LOUSY Ben is:
Bradshaw has 3 SB rings he made a total of 9 touchdowns
#7's gurlfriend Brady has 3 SB rings he made a total of 7 TD's
Ben he has 2 SB rings and made a total of 1 Touchdown.
Counting ONLY the SB game contributions.

His future private and public ain't bright: here's a female, Ashley Harlan already lying to him and others will certainly lie about Ben to get his money or put him away.
He really isn't a QB at all- just manages to seem like one once in awhile- Phil Rivers is better and that's a QB with nothing to show for his game.

You do know why Roethlisberger couldn't be prosecuted? He wore latex gloves and all--and the victim was too drunk to remember those important facts.

Afterall no innocent man would let his NFL brothers suffer by not fighting a wrongful suspension and huge monetary penalty; but a GUILTY rapist- Ben needed to get as free of the possibility of criminal prosecution as possible-- he was up in Buckhead earlier that week insulting lovely young ladies in clubs there.

You know how Ashlee lied to Ben pretending to be "Rhonda" Mathieson a real person who posted important comments from March 5- June 2010 regarding the wrongful media crucifiction of Roethlisberger- his team even played the Beach Boys tune "Help me Rhonda" in their gym...
ok, Ben asked Natalie G if she was "Rhonda Mathieson"....then Ben asked Miss Pymgyrm if she was Rhonda, finally Ben asked a liar Ashley H. who lied not just to Ben but to his team pals and family that she had posted the comments but had no idea of all the content.
Ashley Harlan is NOT and has NEVER ever been a natural blonde or have blue eyes, or be under 20 in 2010, or have rhinestones and glitter on the tips of her fingernails- Ashley figured Ben would never find the real Rhonda -- so SHE LIED to get the esteem of Ben and he's so stupid he didn't demand proof[-" like open up your email account/ or open up your sports/news blog accounts, or show me the key fob'] Ashley Harlan had publicized a pre-teen picture of herself that if you don't have Rhonda's 2010 photo to compare with you might be fooled to think Ashley was Rhonda but a comparison shows Ashley is not Rhonda not even close....
check out Ashley's lies and there must be plenty more character revealing facts around like her affairs with married physicians and more .. Looks like BEN found a life-time match straight from HELL devised by Satan- The Creator of all Lies and liars...
its said that recently Roethlisberger told Ashley "I forgive you" for lying to him and she lied like this "I am "Rhonda"- its my internet identity I did write all those comments because I thought it was terrible what you were going through and I was afraid people would hurt me if I used my name (Ashley)"

But GOD IS YOUR WITNESS Ashlee Harlan:
My my how you do lie
Not a Christian or a Pagan
just a female agent of Satan
impersonation and plagiarism are each a crime
your lies to his team/family/pals have caught you this time
Ashley H. you didn't have the brains & heart
to defend Roethlisberger from the start
Stealing Rhonda's identity and writing like a vulture
Ashley Harlan you haven't got a trace of upscale culture
May all the girls impersonating Rhonda, grow the fat/bald dna cell
for all the lies you girls tell.

Nothing Roethlisberger can do will clear his fiance of the crime(s) against Rhonda- a bonafide girl and it is her name.

1304 days ago
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