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State Senator's GF Arrested After "DWTS" Charity Event

2/27/2011 5:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Arizona state senator Scott Bundgaard claims he got into a fight with his girlfriend after she became jealous of his dance routine at a "Dancing With the Stars" charity event.


Sen. Bundgaard claims his girlfriend, Aubry Ballard, punched him and tried throwing his things out of his car during the drive home after the event. According to Bungaard, she accused him of "inappropriately touching" his partner during the event, which benefited the National Kidney Foundation of Arizona.

Police arrived on scene to find Bundgaard trying to remove Ballard from the car, which was pulled over on the side of the road.

According to police, both had marks on them -- but only Ballard was arrested because of an Arizona state law that
gives him immunity from arrest while the legislature is in session.

According to a police spokesman, Bundgaard could eventually face charges from the city attorney.


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Tom C.    

Must be nice having immunity to do whatever you want...

1304 days ago

Dandy Dan    

This WAS not a Dancing with the Stars event... it was a local AZ rip off charity.

1304 days ago


The woman, with him, Aubry Ballard, is a very kind, hardworking person, who donated hours and days and months of service to help victims of child sex slavery in Phoenix. These kids now have a safe place to go, and to heal, and to be children again, thanks to Aubry. I think Scott's grabbing immunity, and then running to the media while she was held in jail, unable to rest or even give her side of the story is cowardly. Of course he wants to "move on" now. He wants this story over with.

1304 days ago


You're wrong, TMZ. "Dancing with the Stars" had nothing to do with this charity event, so the fact you're using their logo in the story is questionable. It was an unaffiliated event put on by the National Kidney Foundation of Arizona. Check your facts... journalism 101.

1304 days ago


Another sketchy Republican politician, geez.

1304 days ago


I know Aubry and her family and she's a great individual. She is covered in bruises and was hit by him in the car across her chest as well. She is never jealous and the fight stemmed over a breakup, not over a dance partner.

1304 days ago



Without this law, anyone DA with a political agenda could be hauling elected officials into court for any reason at any time. All they would need if some nutjob willing to testify. If someone does something heinous enough, the media could do their job and voters could recall them and then they would face charges. Now stop being so miserable with your own existence and do something with your life. Now! Get going, your mother would like her basement back!

1304 days ago


She gave him a black eye and a busted lip. I don't think Aubry is quite the "miss innocence" that some on here would have you believe. The story had more information

1304 days ago


This ******* just beat the hell out of this lady and he's getting away with it.Immunity my ass,This probably is'nt the first time he's done it either.Arizona and all the other Republicans are getting away with TOO MUCH!!!
WHAT NO POLL Harvey??????

1304 days ago


Far be it for me to defend a politician, but why do the police have to be pressing charges and arresting for EVERYTHING?!?! Damn, ENOUGH with the police state!! This seems more like a harmless domestic dispute. If anything, she should be ticketed for littering and that's all. I doubt neither one was injured, other than their pride. Is this the new way of taxing people to get revenue for the county/city/state or is this just police abusing their power?!? Mark my words, the politician will not be charged for anything...just like any other politician or celebrity! See the police are just an extension of the wealthy...the rich and privileged get a free pass while the "riff-raff" get the courts.

1304 days ago


Women shouldn't get to vote or be involved in public life. I read (the vast majority) of women's comments on this or other he said/she said incidents and the anger, hatred, undue certainty of opnion, etc.. is appalling. They don't "doubt", they don't "question", they absolutley "know" the man is 100% guilty and is the anti-christ. That is why women don't belong in the public sphere. They are not capable of reason or fairness or objectivity, only misandry and a hive mentality.

1304 days ago


Its ok to have one black eye because he already told her once.
Now if she wouldve had two black eyes means he told her one time too many.

1304 days ago


actanonverba I'm so sorry your last breakup was so bad that you hate women so much.If you would have left her brother alone things may have gone better. Just sayin'

1304 days ago


fstblk ,you ever benn slapped by a jap?if you was here in az.
i'd slap you in tha eye

1304 days ago


LMAO @ #12 and #15......little little men.

1304 days ago
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