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Charlie Sheen's Publicist Quits

2/28/2011 4:04 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen's longtime publicist has quit, TMZ has learned.

Stan Rosenfield

Stan Rosenfield tells TMZ ... he's resigning because "I worked with Charlie Sheen for a long time and I care about him very much, however, at this time, I'm unable to work effectively as his publicist and have respectfully resigned."

Rosenfield resigned minutes after Sheen appeared live on TMZ this morning ... where the actor insinuated Stan lied to the media on his behalf regarding the hotel trashing incident at The Plaza Hotel in NYC back in October.

Stan had issued a statement saying Charlie was hospitalized that night for an "allergic reaction."

When Mike Walters asked Charlie about the medical explanation, CS responded, "I was asleep when that statement went out."

Sheen added, "I respect Stan ... he was doing the best he could in that moment ... had I confirmed with him, I probably would have come up with something better. "


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Charlie Sheen is a douche bag loser. The only ones who are on here cheering him on are fat azz pimply faced virgins.

1295 days ago


Its sad that this man obviously has some mental issues (bipolar?) and nothing can be done to help someone who doesnt know they need help, put him in for a 72 hour evaluation and he will quite or fire anyone who tries it. His drug use was self medicating that is what a lot of bi-polars do. This should be a wake up call that our mentally ill people need special laws to help protect them.

1295 days ago


he looks like a 60 yr old man, id be shocked if he lives out the year

1295 days ago


Posted at 12:13 PM on Feb 28, 2011 by Puckett

Hey f*ckhead. His name is Charles, not Chiam. Just because some douche bag wants to translate his name in to Hebrew doesn't make it his real name. My parents are from Mexico. I have an Angelican name. Just because my grandmother wants to call me a Spanish version of the name doesn't make it true.

Charlie Sheen (born Carlos Estevez) is an off his rocker, ruggy douche.

Posted at 12:21 PM on Feb 28, 2011 by Bruno

Are you really this stupid, ignorant, and unwilling to read the truth, or just playing the ******* today?

ALL Jews have a Jewish/Hebrew name, sometimes that name may be the same as their secular birth name, other times they have no "secular name" and the birth name is their Hebrew name as well.

So don't patronize me you Mexican dumbass. I'm Jewish and i know what i'm talking about. Your not and you don't.

"The practice of taking local names became so common, in fact, that by the 12th century, the rabbis found it necessary to make a takkanah (rabbinical ruling) requiring Jews to have a Hebrew name!"

That's completely different from your freakin' grandma angelicalizing your name just because she want's too and thinks it's cute. Get over it, dumbass. Your wrong.

You obviously know nothing of Jewish faith and customs. That's fine until you start mouthing of like you do. Then you just make yourself look like a fool.

1295 days ago


So Bruno you Grandma is a religious authority with the power to dictate that all of Mexican origin MUST have a Spanish name too?

lol, you sound as crazy as Charlie on a crack binge.

1295 days ago


Dr. Bombay
Dr. Bombay,
There's an
emergency, come
right away!!!

1295 days ago


CS needs an intervention. He is sick man with a mental illness. The media needs to stop exploting him & treating his behavior as entertainment for the masses. Get him help, don't give him an outlet to vent any more garbage.

1295 days ago


Uh we all know that Publicists lie....part of the territory, lol Stan you do look douchey now though no wonder you ahem quit.

1295 days ago


I truly am sympathetic for what I see Sheen is doing to himself.
On the flip side, as many people live vicariously through him (as in fantasy), I'm liking every damn minute!!

1295 days ago


No wonder these "celebs" go wacko, they are treated like cattle by their superior handlers.
Michael Jackson finally had enough and we all new what happened to him,,,,
Gentiles are cattle and lower than the people that run showbiz, including this site....ain't that so Mr Levin.

1295 days ago

delores taylor    

First sign Charlie when folks who have been with you for years start to quit. Now you need to quit better shut up while your a tiny bit ahead, because you are going off way to much and hard on all the wrong people. As the late great Michael Jackson would say look at the man in the mirror. I like his show and i am sad that it is no more. Great talent all coming to a halt sad.

1295 days ago


I love Charlie and his acting skills.
However Charlie, your latest rants have sounded a bit nutty!
Please for the love of God, stop calling into radio talk shows, and stop doing interviews on TV or the net, these are also making you sound like a total nut job.
Step back take a good look around and take some well needed time off. Clear your head and thoughts, the real Charlie Sheen will come back to us and will keep us laughing for many years to come (I hope)!

1295 days ago


Well, the fact IS, Stan DID LIE-and it wasn't even a plausible lie.

Allergic reaction? We all knew better and it was a terrible mistake of Stan's.

It's just now coming back to haunt him.

1295 days ago

Tony B    


1295 days ago


those in the know, understand what the term "allergic" means when describing addiction. the pr guy didn't lie.

1295 days ago
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