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Samuel Jackson RIPS Oscars -- No Black Men!?

3/1/2011 9:20 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Another HARSH criticism of the Academy Awards ... this time from Samuel L. Jackson . .. who's pretty damn upset that there weren't more black actors involved in the show.

Samuel Jackson Video
Jackson was in L.A. yesterday, where he told a photog, "Where were the black actors?"

He continued, "I guess they didn't think we were available to read teleprompters that night ... not a big deal, hopefully it'll get better ... it wont happen again."

Jackson added, "We work in town ... they know who we are, they know we're available to be on that show to represent the people of color who are in the business in town."

For the record, there were no black male presenters during the show -- to which Jackson stated, "Hopefully they wont make that mistake again."


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Great, another black actor I'll be boycotting for playing the race card. The list is getting long.... and they wonder why racism still exists. Such a shame! And I liked him alot too.

1296 days ago


I am so sick of black people complaining and making it a race issue when it isn't about that at all. Did any of you ever hear caucasians, asians, etc. complain about not being part of the BET awards?

1296 days ago


I don't know why he dosen't know that the Oscars and emmys are mainly for White people. It's their night. It's their awards. If an Asian wins a Best Actor award I think the world would come to an end. I don't even know why they allow Blacks, Asians and Hispanics to attend. You'd think he'd notice that every year it looks like snow is falling on the Red Carpet. Like others, he just need to find something else to do those days and nights.

1296 days ago


I hadn't noticed because
I don't see or look for
Samuel just draws the line
between blacks and whites
by whining about it.
Work on that, Samuel.

1296 days ago


I can't stand this man anymore! Ha, watch the academy come up with a black host next yr..LOL I get so sick and tired of people like him!

1296 days ago


Some BET award for an White or Jew or Asian?

1296 days ago


Samuel Jackson is a douche. Who thinks of crap like this?

1296 days ago


Most of you on here say he's whining and that racism doesn't exist, but look at all the racist comments on TMZ! You claim to be a superior race, but your hatred and ignorance just proves you're inferior.

1296 days ago


Denzel Washington is H woods best actor, and Nicole Kidman its best actress in my opinion. You cant win them all.

1296 days ago


This coming from a guy who now only does movies for the $ NO T ART,come on SNAKES ON A PLANE!

1296 days ago


Ugh, I have a black friend who says $#@ like this. Why is it always about race? Don't they usually have the people who won last year present? Maybe no one that one last year was black. There's a proportionately smaller black population. Unless you believe they need to pull a couple black actors up just to be tokens. This is stupid. I use to like him, this makes me like him less. He sounds like Denzel. Puke.

1296 days ago


I wouldn't worry about it. This year's Oscars was such an abomination that it is best not to be associated with it anyway.

1296 days ago


why was it a mistake? Dont black have their own awards shows??? Im tired of the freakin race card

1296 days ago


This has been done to death...what difference does it make what colour people are?? His comments are exactly what keeps racism alive in the world...STOP fueling the fire!! Perhaps you need to find some work to keep you occupied. I'm just so sick of hearing about this all the time.

1296 days ago

queen love    

Charlie mentions Chuck Lorres real Jewish name in jest and he's called a racist.

Yeah, to ignore each Black actor was nothing but blatant obvious racism. It is what it is sadly is. Shame on you, America.

1296 days ago
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