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Samuel Jackson RIPS Oscars -- No Black Men!?

3/1/2011 9:20 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Another HARSH criticism of the Academy Awards ... this time from Samuel L. Jackson . .. who's pretty damn upset that there weren't more black actors involved in the show.

Samuel Jackson Video
Jackson was in L.A. yesterday, where he told a photog, "Where were the black actors?"

He continued, "I guess they didn't think we were available to read teleprompters that night ... not a big deal, hopefully it'll get better ... it wont happen again."

Jackson added, "We work in town ... they know who we are, they know we're available to be on that show to represent the people of color who are in the business in town."

For the record, there were no black male presenters during the show -- to which Jackson stated, "Hopefully they wont make that mistake again."


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You all just don't get it. I find it funny that people are making excuses on why black "actors" (I think he meant men) weren't even mentioned or up there. This is WHY there is a BET awards. Because our accomplishments aren't being recognized (granted we ain't did sh*t this year but at least we get some kind of recognition).

Where was Jamie Foxx?! I mean Diddy was at a Oscars a few years back. They ain't invite Three 6 Mafia back, lol?!

Also, for you idiots who clearly can't read and mention there were no worthy nominees. He didn't say nominated he said THERE or attended. We got Oscar winners. How many black actors are there in Hollywood that haven't ever been there.

1331 days ago


Is that the best he can come up with? This racist crap is really getting old. Way over used.

1331 days ago

billy cema    

My son, the oscar buff, told me that we won't ever see a native american, or a german win an oscar. I told him that there have been german/american nominees, and the first male winner was german.
But I did agree that Marlene Dietrich should have at least gotten a nomination, for "Witness For The Prosecution", (1958).

1331 days ago


Why do some black people view EVERYTHING through a filter of "black"? Some, not the majority, black people are the most racist in the world. Manu have had everything handed to you. That's why we have a unexperienced, horrific president. He was entitled his whole life to the point of being the narcissist in chief.

1331 days ago


Who gives a rip? How about getting a big helping of STFU! Not I give a rat's ass about this Oscar crap. Why the heck do blacks and latinos have awards JUST for blacks and latinos?!?! Who's the racist now, a-hole?

1331 days ago


Samuel L. Jackson isn't wrong about the facts. It is what it is. Imagine the whining if there hadn't been any white presenters.

1331 days ago


Everyone needs to shut the **** up. You're all American and white. He makes a point. That's all.

1331 days ago


S everyone is co aining bout an award show for actors they get awards for acting what bout award shows for our soilders at least once a year or award show for helping out in times of destruction let those heroes be shown then u will have ppl of all different origins but that still wouldnt matter wouldnt even notice....cause a movie will be made and whoever the actor or actress protray feels empowered has a wonderful movie and gets the award for being that person...thats why we as americans stand we are not disscussing color.....ppl who do a phenomenol job should be given these awards out and be getting them

1331 days ago


What do you want,an affirmative action Oscar program? Just what the Country needs, another entitlement program. Guess what, life is not fair - it is about choices and people in this country have plenty of choices if they are willing to make the effort.

1331 days ago


Really Samuel? You must be on the Charlie Sheen drug. So tired of the race card whining. Time to move on. Perhaps you missed Jennifer Hudson and the tribute to Lena Horne.

1331 days ago


Halle Berry, Oprah
Blacks have their own Ms. Black America, BET Awards, Negro College Awards.....get over it.

1331 days ago


He really means 'token black men' and as long as he's one of them he's fine with it. When was the last time you saw any black male actors that haven't been in nearly every black movie.
I have utmost respect for Tyler Perry, John Williams and Spike Lee. If you don't like the way Hollywood runs it's business, get off your whining azz and start your own s*.

1331 days ago


OMG!Blah,blah,blah..That's all I hear..Why does it always have to come down to this crap...Like the Oscars say's..Oh lets forget about the African Americam person..What ever..I am so over this ..

1331 days ago


#5, AnotherFriday, FU!!! Surely, you would never say that to a Black person's face. Why do you ask? Because you would get your a$$ kicked!!! That's actually probably what you need! You must thank God everyday for a computer and the internet so that you can safely hide behind the screen and write such hatred. Some of you wouldn't be so sick and tired of hearing Black People complain about racism if you actually experienced it yourself! Also AFFIRMATIVE ACTION was actually meant to give African Americans an EQUAL SHOT at jobs, colleges, etc. when they had EQUAL or BETTER CREDENTIALS THAN WHITES. They were being excluded simply because they were Black. Affirmative Action DID NOT GIVE BLACKS WITH LESS CREDENTIALS OPPORTUNITIES SIMPLY BECAUSE THEY WERE BLACK, MORONS! We love you SAMUEL!!!

1331 days ago


Samuel if you had contacted the academy and made them aware of how many black presenter are REQUIRED they would have caved in.On the other hand there are a lot more latino and oriental members of our society than either black or white where were their presenter representatives ?

1331 days ago
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