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Eric Clapton's Dirty Laundry -- CAUGHT ON TAPE!!!

3/3/2011 11:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Eric Clapton doesn't just WAIL on guitar -- he also fluffs and folds -- and yesterday in L.A., TMZ spotted the rock icon washing his clothes at a PUBLIC LAUNDROMAT!!!

Eric Clapton Video
There have been reports of Clapton sightings at laundromats in the past ... now, we've got the proof -- Clapton DOES HIS OWN LAUNDRY!!!!!!!!

... and if Eric Clapton can find time to wash his own clothes, your college kid has NO EXCUSE!


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For Pete's sake, just let the man do his laundry.

1328 days ago


Why would he use a laundromat? Doesn't he have a house in LA?

You sure that's him?

1328 days ago


I'll have you know he was doing MY laundry, dammit!!! If he shrunk something because your paparrazzo distracted him, his punishment thrashing will be on your head!

1328 days ago


How very very sad. I knew that he was forced to sell his precious guitars recently, and now this.

1328 days ago


*** Wow. Just WOW. Has he hit skid row? Why a public laundromat? Why not drop it off to be taken care of? Why doesn't he own his own washing machine and dryer at his home? This is very seriously WEIRD. Do we need to take up a collection to help Eric Clapton get his own washing machine and dryer from Craigslist? ***

1328 days ago

jimmy d    

I have seen him at the grocery store in the line next to me. It took me a second to figure out it was him. I think its cool. Odd but cool.

Little things like laundry, coffee, getting cigarettes probably make celebrities feel human. If you really want to go down this road then why do celebrities even drive cars...they could hire a driver to run them around town for a couple of hundred bucks a day. Pittance to many stars.

Sometimes its nice just to get out of the house and run a silly errand. My guess here is that - he had to some laundry. Maybe his pets soiled some sheets so he had to go to a public laundromat. I dunno, when my pets soil I like to use industrial laundry machines.

1328 days ago


Yes and why does'nt he eat at home and why not go to the toilet at home and why....if the mann want to mengel let him....holy

1328 days ago


aaaaaw i'nt he cute ;)

1328 days ago


i made $23,000 last year and i have a washer and dryer in my apartment, i really DO NOT think that is EC. he really can't be that bad. come on TMZ get the facts right.

1328 days ago

Rob Taylor    

that was not Clapton I saw him perform feb 28, 2011 in Portland OR and he was completely grey and had a older appearance. He's currently on tour

1328 days ago


There's only so much sunbathing and yachting and partying with people you never talk to again a guy can do in his rocker lifetime, before the little things that ground you, and remind you of life you had before the insta-glamour facade of extreme wealth and fame become important. Washing your own clothes, running to the post office to grab some stamps, barbecuing for a few REAL friends, or baking some cookies and swinging by the lame school's important that life not become a meaningless sequence of fleeting events that don't leave an lasting impact on anyone. Besides, sometimes some hot, easy-target broke bitches hang out at the laundry mat--give a playa' some credit!

1328 days ago

northern gypsy    

there's nothing wrong with laundromats...if you don't have your own machines...but...i can't imagine going out of your way to do laundry...
has he fallen on hard times??? sniff out the true story tmz !!!

1328 days ago


There's a major auction of his guitars and amps next week to raise funds for the Crossroads center.

You can bid online.

1328 days ago

Are You Serious    

The reasons celebrities are such screwed up losers is because people cannot just let them be. If he wants to do his laundry in a laundry mat, who the hell cares ? Let him just be. I feel sorry for celebs who can't do anything or go anywhere......look at MJ, I think it was why he spiraled until he was dead. Can't get out of the car, go to the store, wash my clothes without a camera up my ass ? I'd go crazy, too........think about it before you judge.....

1328 days ago


How FRICKIN" bizarre is this? "He's been sighted doing laundry before?" SERIOUSLY?

Doesn't this dude have like CRAZY, MAD MONEY?...

1328 days ago
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