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Barack & Michelle Obama Get Schooled

3/7/2011 4:27 PM PST BY Johnny Lopez

Taking time out from dealing with the economy, wars and the situation in Libya, President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama showed up to a parent/teacher conference at their daughter Sasha's private school in Maryland this morning.

The Obamas have class.


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Who DOES this woman's eyebrows?! Who assures Obama that she looks good?!!? I tell you: Check out stylist's credentials: Wouldn't be surprised she is a REPUBLICAN. Gotta be the answer. Please, implant some hairs up there on this unfortunately unattractive woman! I am embarrassed for her. Seriously.

1292 days ago


That hatred in your hearts must be so heavy, and painful. Go to a church, ANY church, volunteer to help tutor children or something. DO something. Don't let pettiness, ignorance and hatred waste your life.

1292 days ago


Such terrific parents. You can tell their kids are going to turn out great.

Not bad for a socialist/marxist/facist/community organizer!

1292 days ago


You meant "no" class, yes? Please print retraction.

1292 days ago


how would you like to be the teacher~!!!

1292 days ago


#13 Could'nt have said it better.The majority of Countries they have visited say they have no Class and are an Embarassment to this Country.All you have to do is read a Newspaper from a Country they visit right after they leave to confirm this.Our Newspapres do'nt report this because they would be called Racist.

1292 days ago


overdone and overrated - attemtping to be hip at a moment then concerned the next while dosing the void with rhetoric just like any politician is stalemate for a game that wasnt ever started - theres something missing and its not change popularity or spending money - its just not there - whatever everybody will find there way regardless of liking it or not - poop salt thats what it is more poop salt indeed loads and loads and loads and so on ----

1292 days ago


Hope he put his request in for a vacation day and didn't use tax payer money to get to and from this school.

1292 days ago

JungleTails com    

TMZ writes under the photo "The Obama's have class." Not a real big surprise when the TMZ staff is 50% gay and 100% liberal.

1292 days ago

moe l.    

They're just going to make sure they teach islam and respect the daily prayer time-outs.

1292 days ago


Don't STRESS him out, or he will just have to go on yet, another vacation, and bring his 100 friends too, at us, the taxpayers expense. And for those of you with rose colored glasses on...I hope you LIKE paying $4-$5 per gallon for gas, because Mr. "COOL" is not going to do a THING about it. He
does not want to affect his "image". Image of the biggest joke
for a president EVER! And I did not know Mr. Ed had a black
sister name Michelle...."WILBURRRRRRR"

1292 days ago

Christina G.    

Where's Michelle? All I see is the President with his bodyguard.

1292 days ago


Taking time out from the economy and such?! Are you kidding me?! He's taking time off from the golf course while the world burns! WORST PRESIDENT EVER.

1292 days ago


Wait did the guy calling him self HARRY NIPPLES, Jr. say the Obama's don't have class?

1292 days ago


The only class these two have is LOW CLASS!

1292 days ago
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