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Barack & Michelle Obama Get Schooled

3/7/2011 4:27 PM PST BY Johnny Lopez

Taking time out from dealing with the economy, wars and the situation in Libya, President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama showed up to a parent/teacher conference at their daughter Sasha's private school in Maryland this morning.

The Obamas have class.


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QUOTE #62 & 63:

"It's sad, but I would bet that many of the negative comments on here are from people who do not like African Americans. Therefore, they can't stand knowing that an African American is heading up our country. They beat him and his wife up with words every chance they get. The First Lady is a beautiful woman, but some people can't see past her skin color."

When the facts aren't on your side, you fall back on the old racism argument. I don't care what color my president is. All I care about is my country. This guy has spent 2 months of his presidency on the golf course. How many vacations have these two taken while our country is going bankrupt. They are absolutely pathetic.

The true racists are the ones who constantly bring it out of the bag of tricks....criticize Obama and they automatically call you a racist. Fear of being labeled a racist is the reason that the main stream media didn't properly investigate these two and their racist socialist friends or the non-existent past of Barack.

Barry Soetoro, show us your birth certificate and unseal your school records, your health records, your law records and your community activist records.

God help us until we can get to the ballot box in 2012.

1326 days ago


In response to 63; it is you that are the bigot. Assuming that commentators are racist because they disagree with you shows your arrogance, and bigotry

It's sad that so many people are lacking in intellectual depth that they must immediately spew the last hate-ful Dem Talking Point.

Think for yourself. It's refreshing.

1326 days ago

my opinion    

They are extremely classy, Michelle looks beautiful and President Obama looks HANDSOME as ever.

I LOVE PRESIDENT OBAMA, He is doing well with what he inherited from BUSH!!!!

LOVE,PEACE,KINDNESS & RESPECT makes a better world for US ALL!!!

1326 days ago




Biggest monthly deficit ever.

Larger than the deficit of all of 2007

Now, again, we who don't approve of Obama are racist?

He's a disaster and I repeat: He will go down as the WORST president in history.

1326 days ago


I am always amazed at how little Americans know about their own news and country and it's history and presidents. Some comments here show that they don't know what is happening, like the headline was in referrence to the Obama's heading to a school parent teacher interview (class) which may also reference their personal style. The comments about the Us's prediciment also shows that they don't follow their past president and how all their ills were years in the making by a president that spent half his presidency at Camp David.
I am sorry, but from outside your country, it is quite obvious your movivations for you hate speeches and the lack of (accurate) facts to back up your stance. The jumping with hate filled and vicious retoric has put your country where it is.

1326 days ago

my opinion    

@ mighty mad... exactly, I agree this is what is wrong with this country. @alexamaq ....right on you said exactly what I thought....@#1in your heart our President has a mess to clean that was inherited from BUSH.

Love the CLASSY Obama's keep up the good work President Obama

LOVE,PEACE,KINDNESS & RESPECT makes a better world for us ALL!!!!

1326 days ago


Why aren't American Public Schools good enough for his children but are supposed to be good enough for those of us who can't afford $45,000 per child for education k - 12? Secret Service could easily have secured the premises. All politicians should be required to have their children attend public schools. We would have the best schools in the world in months.

1326 days ago


Are you kidding when is this guy EVER working on the economy and wars? he couldnt complete this years budget he will on speak on something as long as its not going to offend a Muslim.He is the weakest president in our history and now we see he has tightened his belt from all the shopping trips for the wifey and they have started to share clothes. Why are his kids in a private school in maryland? He wont let other people send their kids to a private school without a fine why cant we get a tax credit for sending our kids to a good school? I cant wait till 2012 and im so impressed by the poorest state in this country snuggling up his ass.PLEASE wakeup

1326 days ago

In Plain Sight    

The Obamas have class because they go to their child's PT conference??? Wow. Didn't know the TMZ staff are so desperate to kiss up to them!

Sure, say anything bad about the Obamas and you MUST be a racist - must be a "hater." Yeah, must be racism - it's always racism.

But time WILL prove who is merit worthy and who isn't. Just look at the press they're getting out of our country - press that doesn't depend on American sponsors who don't need to kiss up to the Obamas (it's all tied to money and political favoratism).

Who's wisecrack cutting down Dianna ticked off Dianna's son William and contribute to the Obamas NOT being invited to the wedding spectacular of the centuray! (What did Michelle think anyway - that the First Lady of the US calling a deceased person a "clotheshorse" and "sexcrazed" WASN'T going to get back to them???)

And who figured that as First Lady of the US SHE didn't have to treat the Queen with the respect that is given by everyone else who visits her. Did Michelle really think she could pose for a PR photo with her arm around the Queen and NOT have consequences? I'd like to know just WHO Michelle thinks SHE is! She is certainly far far far from being on the same level of the Queen - and even if she were, she would have had "class" enough to respect the Queen and not touch her.

Yeah, Obamas. Now try to pressure the people of the US to take their NOT getting an invite as a personal insult - a slap in the face to All Americans! I wouldn't want an attention-starved diva at my wedding. It's the bride's day and she should be the diva - not Michelle and they are wise enough to know Michelle could never get over herself long enough to let the bride shine.

And vacations... yeah, again Michelle. Load up with the personal chums and head all over the world - grab it now while you can - that's your attitude, isn't it? "Grab as much as you can while you can!"

And sure, I don't know who is all invited to the White House but the Obamas seem to have taken it upon themselves to "right" the past absence of Black Americans in the White House to the exclusion of White Americans. Racism is racism - whether it is white against black or black against white. Racism is racism.

And by the way - I'm of mixed racial heritage - I can claim either black or white. So are you going to call me a racist too? I have lived in an exclusively Black neighborhood for a period of ten years. NEVER in my life had I EVER experienced such daily - such a constant - barrage of racist comments against white people! It gave me the impression that the people in that community were convinced that all white people do is talk down black people, all day, every day and conspire to do things against them all the time. I tried to convince people it wasn't like that - that white people don't sit around all day conspiring about/against black people - that most people are too busy just trying to keep their own heads above water to survive to devote any time to racism - but to no avail! All that was wanted to be heard was racism - racism - racism.

Obamas have class. (shaking my head)

Let them put forth some honest hard work and sacrifice for ALL their constituents and maybe then they can redeem themselves.

1326 days ago

In Plain Sight    

sorry about spelling errors - should have taken time for spellcheck.

1326 days ago


she is a very big woman,looks like she would kick the crap outa ya..and her hubby is a puss.,if she came at me in the street lookin like she does above,,i would haul..

1326 days ago


Obama has already been named the worst president and he has not even finished his term. He has done more bad then good for the US. He only won for one reason and that was because he is half black and you can sit here and whine all you want but it is the truth and it is sad because it shows how little this country has come when someone will vote for someone just because of there race.

I actually happened to work in retail when he was running and loads of blacks were buying up his pictures and I can not tell you how many people I asked why they were voting and nobody could give me an actual response and it is because they were only voting for him due to being half black and NO he is NOT the first black president, he is the first biracial president.

Obama had no business running, he did not have enough background in politics to be running and he ran because he new he would win due to being half black.

Just them sending there kids to school in Maryland shows how dumb they both are, my moms best friends kids actually went to the same school and she took them out of it because it was horrible and did not challenge the students enough. Maryland has some of the worst schools in Maryland including private

1326 days ago


This is the woman who tells the rest of the country what to eat, and her and the president dine on short back ribs. They're such hypocrites. Look how wide she is too! He'll go down as the worst president our great country ever had. He'll be a one-timer too.

1326 days ago


Cant wait till this idiot is gone... Come on 2012!

1326 days ago


Her thighs are as big as his waist. Someone get her a full length mirror. Quick!

I swear if she was not wearing earrings, I would have thought it was a man. Hefty one.

1326 days ago
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