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Charlie Sheen's House -- Security on Red Alert

3/8/2011 10:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen's exclusive L.A. neighborhood is officially on lockdown -- TMZ has learned, the gated community where he lives literally QUADRUPLED security last week ... and it's all because of him.

Neighbors in the Mulholland Estates -- where Charlie lives -- tell TMZ, the Home Owners Association is paranoid about intruders snooping around Charlie's house ... so they've bumped the number of guards at the front gate from one to four.

But have you SEEN THE SIZE OF HIS HOUSE!? Forget a couple security guards -- damn thing needs its own military.



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Hazel Hayes    

This is his house. If you watched any of the interviews you could see that. Also, there IS a child proof fence around the pool. It's black, and blends in with the background. Why do you hate him so much? What has he done to you? The CBS head honchos (Moonves and Lorre) have more money and power than he does and egos just as big. This is all just one big p--sing match.

1322 days ago


Seems fairly modest by Hollywood standards. Guess housing is not one of his priorities

1322 days ago


If that is Sheen's house then where did the safety fence that blocked off the pool from the kids go? I don't see the balcony or the plants that were growing over its rail. The bar is way different too. Interior is decorated differently as well. Is this Sheen's house? or was the only you filmed the interview at his?
It's not like you have to misrepresent Sheen. The guys a train wreck and gives you plenty of accurate insanity to work with.

1322 days ago


TMZ Cares......about revenue.

1322 days ago


1322 days ago


The house is beautiful!!
As long as his kids are secure and kept away from his HO's, Charlie can live out his life any way he wants to.

1322 days ago


I know home prices are really steep in SoCal, but Charlie Sheen has a lot of house for 2-plus million. Wow! Nice!

1322 days ago


They need to finish the tile on the roof!!

1322 days ago

steven katona    

grow some weed in that mansion charlie!!! you need a closet hydroponics lab in one of those bedrooms supplying you with the bubonic chronic that'll keep you off the crack and get you back into top form in no time!!! who's cookin your brownies then there's all weed oil to put on your cigarettes. you should quit smoking those cigarettes charlie! what kinda role model are you to america? its time you pulled your bootstraps up. this is no way for an american hero to live. start winning again! quit smoking cigarettes!

1322 days ago

Fuck Celebrities    

His roof isn't finished.

1322 days ago


The pool is fenced, photos last week showed Charlie with his kids with the fence visible in the background and the fence can be seen in the air photo in this article.

1322 days ago


I hope the walls are padded.

1322 days ago


now he has time in his hands to finish the unfinished roof !!!

1322 days ago


Charlie does have a "FENCE" around the's outlined around the coping...DUH Troll!

1322 days ago


This twit will probably lose this house. Despite his sky high income, I'm sure it's mortgaged the hilt. He does not have the brains to pay cash for this place, plus he spends way too much money and has a sky high overhead. He pays something like $55,000 per month in child support to BOTH Denise AND Brooke. (They can kiss that goodbye at this point). Add that to the tons of money he spends on drugs, paying for sex, buying ho's Bentley's, paying people to be his "friends", paying for lawyers and his Two and a Half Men scratch will be gone in no time flat.

It's only a matter of time before Chuckles is down and out and living on the beach in Malibu. Didn't Martin Sheen get all bent of out shape because the cops were trying to keep the bums from sleeping on the beach in Malibu? Good thing because his son Chuckles will soon be joining them. He will probably set up camp and be their King.

Imagine, people who own multi-milion dollar beach houses do not want homeless drug and alcohol addicts sleeping, urinating and causes problems right next to their houses. Martin Sheen is as much a piece of work at Chuckles is. Now we know where Chuckles gets his idiotic thought process from.

1322 days ago
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