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"Sheen's Korner" -- Torpedoes of Truth

3/7/2011 11:20 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen decided 50 minutes was too long for his rambling, non-sensical, anti-troll Internet talk show -- so last night he unveiled a 13-minute version ... that was just as bizarre.

Caution: This edition of "Sheen's Korner" is definitely R-rated.


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Somebody needs
to rescue this
guy from himself.
He has totally
lost his mind-
This is like looking
at a horrible car
accident/ I'm so sad
for him, he was so talented.

1263 days ago


How does Charlie say he loves his children and then put this on the internet for eternity? I feel so sorry for Denise. She has spent years working to get along with him and insulate the girls from his erratic behavior and escapades, and in one or two internet broadcasts, he is putting his insanity and violence out there for his children to see forever. Denise can protect the girls from the media, paparazzi, and stalkers, but not from their own father.
People ask why Martin has not gotten conservatorship, or why Charlie has not been put under a 5150 hold. What about Charlie's mother? His parents have been married for 40+ years. What happened to their son?
If I was the judge involved in custody issues this video referencing cutting off someone's face in front of their children would cause me to order a psychological evaluation.

1263 days ago


This is already way over done. He is just making a complete fool out of himself.

Everyone knows your opinion already. Overplayed.

1263 days ago



Seriously, man you've got nothin' else better to do then this immature nonsense?

Can you take a minute and comprehend what you had going for yourself?

1263 days ago


Damn, megalomaniac with some pretty violent talk. I actually am starting to believe his Ex now.

1263 days ago

steven katona    

hey artie you better call the help desk cause this trolls cage has been opened. cya on craigslist charles. unleashed.

1263 days ago


It does seem people are trying to get this to work for them, his production crew and staff. their using charlies condition to benefit themselves. but that guy talking about his twittering and what he wants him twitter is leaving me to believe that this may be somewhat viral. and since charlie is benefiting financially he may be as well be going along with it. this is part 'your getting your chains pulled' and just part sad because charlies reality is being mixed into it by very nefarious people if indeed charlie is sick which is becoming very apparent.

1263 days ago


There's nothing much anyone can do until he crashes or hurts himself or someone else. Hopefully he doesn't die first.

Thank God, Brooke had the kids taken out of the house. With stuff like this there's zero chance of him getting his kids back. Not realizing that shows how screwed up he is.

1263 days ago


He has totally lost his mind and is digging his own grave. I guess someone should start preparing his kids for his death. If he doesn't cut their throat and their mothers throat. I can totally see him going up to Brooke and cutting her throat and his children's. He threatens our children and he would do it to his own. He is fried as Charlie Manson maybe even worse so we should all watch out.

1263 days ago


Meanwhile, his paid porn star sex companion (Bree Olson aka Rachel Oberlin) has left and is enjoying herself in Indiana.

The one left at Charlie's is the marijuana magazine model.

1263 days ago


Sheen don't you know when you are being LAUGHED AT AND NOT WITH.

You are making a complete fool out of yourself. You haven't said anything new.

Denise was right she didn't want the girls playing for the camera.

1263 days ago


Charlie,... are you checking this site..., at first, when all your stuff started, I defended you, saying it was withdrawal. Now, not so sure, either still something else,... or illness, that needs to be checked out and perhaps treated? Tylarone is not a kid, 58 yrs young, and your present berhaviour is sad and frightening.Do not mean to present as a judgement. Perhaps, you should listen to your father and siblings, as life is short, and perhaps they may not always be there for you, from personal experience. Please, please, stop this, st least for all of your children's sake.The only game is life!

1263 days ago


I have a bad feeling he is going to do something violent to himself very soon. Either he will cut himself or start carving words in his skin. The girls might be in danger too. He looks like he hasnt slept in days. If you ever watched a parole hearing for Charlie Manson its alot like this video we just watched. Listen to the video that Jared Loughner (Arizona Shooter) made and you hear some of the same craziness.

1263 days ago


Okay..he is trying to deny he would ever say things to his wife like "cut your head off," or "kill you" yet he clearly talks about hacking someones face and butchering them in front of their children" not good for your case Charlie...this is just plain Sad

Posted at 7:55 AM on Mar 7, 2011 by traci

yep. a judge in his child custody battle is going to just love that.

the sooner he offs himself the better.

1263 days ago


this guy is nuts, period. Denise is right about the kids, maybe he thinks he is good for his kids but that many people in the house is to much for little ones.

1263 days ago
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