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"Sheen's Korner" -- Torpedoes of Truth

3/7/2011 11:20 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen decided 50 minutes was too long for his rambling, non-sensical, anti-troll Internet talk show -- so last night he unveiled a 13-minute version ... that was just as bizarre.

Caution: This edition of "Sheen's Korner" is definitely R-rated.


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1138 days ago


What a loser....Charlie has no one to blame but himself for his fall from, I mean his (LEAP) from grace...This is a prime example of having everything and throwing it away, Since he's been black-balled from Hollywood...and I do mean black-balled...He can't get a job parking car's on a movie set. Face it Charlie...No one wants to see you anymore!! You are a disgrace to yourself and to your children! The best thing that you can to for yourself and them is to end it all!!

1138 days ago


Better than the first one... still disturbing. Maybe more disturbing. Poor Betty.

1138 days ago


CBS Contact form page - choose 2-1/2 Men from drop down box :

WB - Choose 'other' in drop down box:

Sheen has gone over the edge. There is no way on this planet we in this household want to see this guy on tv again. He needs intense psychiatric help. I even copied his rant about cutting the heads off people and children to what I sent to both CBS and WB stating, due to his behavior and his statements, we can't even stand to see him in the reruns and certainly would not watch if they brought him back to the show. Let the powers that be know what you think about Sheen and what he is saying. PeErsonally, I couldn't care less if he wants to hang out with whores or stand on his head and twirl, it's what is coming out of his mouth. I could definitely see this guy grabbing a gun.

1138 days ago


Holy crap..... he is really on a megalomaniac bender. Its really sad. No one is going to be able to work with him, way too crazy now. There is nothing entertaining about this now, unless it is for the trainwreck value.

1138 days ago


He sounds depressed and even a little desperate in this video.

1138 days ago


Sooo Low. LMAO

1138 days ago


wow,lock him up NOW

1138 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

This guy is dying on video. Look at his sick eyes, sunken in cheeks. He looks like a corpse yet wants you to think he is not on drugs and sober. Who actually believes him other than that idiot ugly fat headed fool TMZ Mike.

1138 days ago

Sharri Lawrence    

OMG Charlie- For God's sake, go to sleep. You look so tired!

1138 days ago


CBS Contact form page - choose 2-1/2 Men from drop down box :

WB - Choose 'other' in drop down box:

Be sure and let them know that you will also boycott all advertisers of 2 1/2 men. They need to pull this show and the reruns as well.

1138 days ago


#49 you have a kind heart but Sheen doesn't want nor does he think he needs help. I'm wondering too when he won't be taken in against his will. These are serious threats he's making.

1138 days ago

My two cents ;)    

Is he sweating? He needs a drug test every other day NOT every 5 days...He is manipulating by allowing 72 hours to pass from going on a then the drugs are out of his system...Oh yes drug test me and then disappear for 2 days to go on another bender...Charlie has no soul at all

1138 days ago


Charlie Sheen needs to be committed to a psych ward ASAP. No joke. This is pure insanity. Again, as you see like Anna Nicole Smith, Michael Jackson ans so many other great ones that we lost, Charlie Sheen is surrounded by takers, enablers and users. Very sad to see someone with so much talent throw it all away like this. He needs to be committed against his will. Time for his father to step in and declare him incompetent.

1138 days ago


I think this video gives someone in his family (father/mother/brother) enough to get a 5150 on him. Even Britney didn't obsess on such violent imagery and threats.

1138 days ago
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