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"Sheen's Korner" -- Torpedoes of Truth

3/7/2011 11:20 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen decided 50 minutes was too long for his rambling, non-sensical, anti-troll Internet talk show -- so last night he unveiled a 13-minute version ... that was just as bizarre.

Caution: This edition of "Sheen's Korner" is definitely R-rated.


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This is one case where switching his drug of choice to heroin may actually help him. At least it will mellow him out.

1293 days ago

My two cents ;)    

I agree Charlie's family needs to place a 5150. He is a danger to others.

1293 days ago


Process this Charlie: YOUR NUTS!!!

Troll Nation Winning!!!

1293 days ago


Charlie has morphed into "Lonesome Rhodes." It's from a movie called "A FACE IN THE CROWD" with Andy Griffith (a mean-spirited Andy) as a sociopath "star entertainer." As his ego and popularity grows, he realizes how easily he is able to sway the public with his opinions. His true colors start to be revealed and he becomes obsessed with his power. He becomes drunk with his fame and power.

In the end, he destroys himself by saying, on air, “Those morons out there? … I can make ’em eat dog food and think it’s steak … You know what the public’s like, a cage full of guinea pigs. Good night, you stupid idiots!”

Charlie would be cast perfectly in this new role as "Lonesome Rhodes." Instead of guinea pigs, he could call us "effn trolls", losers and "wanna be Charlies".

Charlie, see if the studios will bank-roll you into this role. It's a perfect fit!!

For those of you who have never seen this movie, you MUST see it. It's Charlie Sheen to a tee!! (And, by the way, it's Andy Griffith like you've never seen him - it ain't no Mayberry!!)

1293 days ago




1293 days ago


Charlie you are getting too much... go to your Corner... and stay there to do some thinking work...

1293 days ago


Charles Manson....Jim Jones....David Koresh....Kool-Aid anyone??

I STILL say he's snortin' "Bath Salts" or smokin' "Miley Weed".

Legal...doesn't show on drug tests...

1293 days ago

steven katona    

Process this Charlie: YOUR NUTS!!!

Troll Nation Winning!!!


charlie here's another example why you need a troll in your corner. don't fear the troll charlie. we're people too. hire a troll week is coming up charlie! you better get a new spot on your 'sheens korner', call it 'troll of the week' charlie! you better get some allies fast. otherwise your face will melt off and your head will warp. already this troll mercenary sees the cracks in the sheen. eh charlie? nobody can flag me on tmz. xox

1293 days ago

MJ is LOVE    

Charlie, kind and simple advise for you.

Chill and go on vacation somewhere where you can help people in need. You need a break. Come back refreshed, don't talk about the past and be a gentleman. You look sad and your children need you. Focus on getting healthy and the rest will fall into place- it's not too late, but it will be soon if you continue this downward spiral.

1293 days ago


Sheen simply overplayed his game. It's come back to bite him.

1293 days ago


You lost your job from drugs and sex, and now you talk to people via internet. Get real, you have thrown opportunity out the window, and your only hope is to profit from the 2 things people associate with you now, sex and drugs. Start your porn co, be a spokesman for viagra, and then you will win, until you die, and realized you did nothing with your life that adds to peace, and love that the world needs so much. Good luck- set up trusts for your kids before you blow it all.

1293 days ago


Charlie smoked one too many rocks. He is now more of a ass then before. Let's wonder why 2.5 men does not want Charlie on set anylonger he is a nut case that has lost all commen sence and smarts.
Unless he is smarter then we think and this whole crap going on with Charlie is a planned out fisaco, to make some money.
If he was not in SHow business he would be in nuthouse by now, and baker acted for his own safty..

This man needs help badly. I am glad the judge saw the truth and the kids are not living there.

1293 days ago



You had better get the LAPD over and play them this video because if this guy ends up hurting someone or killing them then you've got blood on your hands as well.

This is OJ Simpson #2

1293 days ago


Charlie was originally right about websites like twitter though (considering his celebrity) This is either 100% percent viral and were getting our legs pulled or they are totally cashing in on him in a parasitic way.

1293 days ago

Bobo Frog    

janet, you're exactly right.

For a while, Sheen was on fire even as he was acting crazy....doing the interviews talking about "winning", etc.....but with these radio shows, he's jumped the shark.

1293 days ago
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