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Halle's Baby Daddy In NYC -- On HER Dime

3/9/2011 11:28 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Halle Berry isn't just a baby mama ... she's a sugar mama ... because she's PAYING for Gabriel Aubry to live the HIGH LIFE in NYC this week ... just so he can spend some time with their daughter.

Gabriel Aubry NYC

Sources connected to the couple tell us ... Halle paid for Gabriel's flight and is also footing the bill to put him up at the super-fancy London Hotel in Midtown while she films her movie, "New Year's Eve," in the city.

As TMZ first reported, Aubry tried to stop Halle from bringing Nahla to NYC -- but a judge told Gabriel that he knew what he was getting into when he started dating one of the biggest movie stars on Earth ... and ruled against him.

Even though she won in court, Halle agreed to pay for Gabriel's trip anyway ... and who's really gonna turn down the London?!?



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I'm not sure why TMZ is so pro Halle Berry or are you just against fathers expressing their rights. So what she paid for his trip, if the role was reversed it would be expected. Gabriel is the childs father he could have looked after her without going to NY but Halle wouldn't have it. A father is just as important as a mother when are you going to get that into your thick skulls. Is everyone forgetting the propergander that Gabriel was an unfit father and a racist but suddenly it's ok for him to look after her. Proves the whole let's blemish his name was brought on my Halle's team. What rubbish it makes me sick how manipulative this whole thing is. The child is the only person that suffers in the end. It's call "Parent Alienation!"

1292 days ago


hell berry said the baby was scared of him. i believe hell is a liar.

1292 days ago


What's with all the racist comments? Can't we all just get along? No, seriously. Can't we?

1292 days ago

Sociopaths are Sad    

STOP with this racist crap. Halle's a gold-digging home wrecking C U N T who used men to further her career and pay for her lifestyle. She's had many sugar daddies herself. I think its WONDERFUL that she is now on the receiving end of that relationship and needing to support her own gold-digger of a baby daddy.

It's freakn' KARMA that she is now the sugar mama to a good-looking user. LOL. Did she really THINK that Gabriel Aubrey was interested in her in a love match sort of way? I'm from Montreal and it's obvious to everyone here he wasn't.

Gabriel is a gold-digger absolutely and I just LOVE IT that he chose Halle Berry to be his sugar mama. She deserves it.

1292 days ago


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1292 days ago

you know it    

Anyone ever consider, she's just being a nice person? She seems to be a very considerate person and he is taking advantage of her. Why can't there be people who just treat everyone nice?

1292 days ago


That MothaFaKa needs to get a real job. Shame on him for using the baby to get her taking care of him.

1292 days ago

Virtual Insanity    

Interesting. She would pay to have her "racist" ex around her beautiful little girl? Yeah, doubtful. Halle plays dirty. Either way, I'm glad they worked it out so Nahla could have both parents.

1292 days ago



I used to like Halle Berry. But now I'm sick of her "one drop of black and you're black" attitude. She's as much of a racist as some redneck whites are.

You're such a tool with no idea of history. Stupid crackers started that one drop of black blood crap. Are you Mexican or just some dumb redneck. Idiot.

1292 days ago


Whats wrong with you TMZ? Why do you put down parents that want to be with their children? She should pay she wanted the baby to go with. He wanted her to stay in her own home with him so she got her way so pay bitch

1292 days ago


C'mon she's only paying a fancy nanny LOL
Anyway, ,she is very feminist, if a lot of man pay woman to be sitting at home scratching them crotches, have a lover and "watch" the kids. What's the problem to pay your baby daddy to do the same? Don't you feminists are asking for equal rights?
Plus she had the baby of her dreams, nothing is for free. It's like insemination in monthly payments.

1292 days ago


Mr. Aubrey asked to have his daughter remain in her home so he could be with her during Ms. Berry's film shoot. She refused. If she's going to make it difficult for the child's father to see Nahla, it is not unreasonable for her to pay the costs associated with him traveling to be with her. If your spouse picked up your child to travel to film locations around the world, would you expect to foot the bill every time you wanted to visit that child. There was an alternative. Leave the child in the care of her father in her own home and have Ms. Berry travel to see her when film schedule permitted.

1292 days ago


the cost of flying out her baby dada is a production cost, that would have been worked into her contract to do the movie

remember stars have their living costs on set as part of a production cost

as well as the higher-archey of the production crew (producer, acc producer, director etc)

1292 days ago


I just really don't like it when men wear scarves, it just grosses me out.

1292 days ago


So why is he wrong. He went to court so that while she is working he could keep his daughter with him in his native home town or wherever. The judge said no. So in order for him to see his daughter he has to follow this woman where ever she goes. So she is holding the strings and pulling him around. Yes she should freaking pay for it all and more. I mean how hard is it for him to keep his daughter at his home while she works? So I'd milk her for every damn dime she has.

1292 days ago
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