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Lindsay Lohan -- Another Vice Bites the Dust

3/14/2011 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan has quit smoking -- a great move for her health ... whether there's a jail sentence for probation violation on her horizon ... or not (as she continues to believe).

Sources close to Lindsay tell TMZ she's continuing on the path to a healthier life by kicking her nicotine habit ... cold turkey no less. We're told Lindsay quit about a week ago and now works out with a trainer every morning.

While LiLo has been adamant about not accepting a plea bargain that includes jail time -- Lynwood Correctional Facility ... her old haunts ... is a non-smoking detention center.




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1265 days ago


Contracts with the Lung Cancer Society are being finalised. Linnocent.

Lindsay will soon be back on top of the show business ladder where she belongs. She will prove again that she's the best actress of her generation. Linnocent.

Emma Who? Linnocent

The coke must flow. Linnocent.

Nicole Linnocent.

1265 days ago



Nikki Linnocent

Private detectives have been contacted. Linnocent.

We will find out who is bad mouthing the pillars of the Merrick Community. Linnocent.

You're just a bitter, jealous hag. Linnocent.

We will find you. Linnocent.



The coke must flow.

1265 days ago


There are photos at X17 of Lindsay (and Ali too) shopping in LA before leaving for NY. In one of the photos, three women in the background are giving Lindsay the serious evil eye.

Guess it's more than just the same ten haters, huh, normal person?

1265 days ago


(Thought I would save Nicole the trouble of posting some of her spin and delusions.)

1265 days ago


I have never badmouthed Ali because I feel sorry for her. (Maybe misguided but I do.)

Can you imagine the pressure she's under? With big sis no longer a revenue stream for (The coke must flow) Manager I can just imagine the mindgames. "Until Lindsay gets back on her feet we need you to be the breadwinner for this family. the coke must flow."

The blind allegiance to her big sis is totally understandable.

Maybe I'm just naive.

1265 days ago


We don't know anything about Ali's personality, Vorlon, outside of how she appeared in her reality show (which wasn't too appealing.) If she were wise, she'd keep herself under wraps and not create the negative fuss that Lindsay has. At least Ali isn't always shooting off her mouth or blatantly doing illegal things. That's got to be to her credit, right there.

1265 days ago


She's only 24. She has a long way to go before her career is dead. I think Lindsay needs some positive role models in her life and some encouragement. She has made mistakes, alot of them, but she needs some objectivity to get her in the right direction. Being put down every day has to hurt and take it's toll on her.
I know she's messed up but I just can't bring myself to beat this girl down all the time as she is so young. I would hate to see any of my children struggle through life the way she has in a large part thanks to her rotten parents.

1265 days ago


lou at #54: "We don't know anything about Ali's personality, Vorlon, outside of how she appeared in her reality show (which wasn't too appealing.)"

I wouldn't blame Ali at all for that disaster. Who among us would look appealing at that age (14?) with cameras following us around, capturing every adolescent self-absorbed whine? I thought it was tantamount to child abuse myself. It was inexcusable for Dina to put her daughter on display like that. The girl obviously had no passion for acting or singing (or talent for either) but was pushed into the public eye relentlessly. At that age, she just wanted to be "famous like her sister" with no thought of working for it (or how to work for it).

But Ali has definitely grown up since then (and no longer thinks her sister's fame is a good goal), and hopefully will resist any more of Dina's pushiness on such matters. I'm hoping the kid gets to go to a real college far, far away and has a chance to find out all her real strengths and all the ways she can be happy without cameras or tons of cash. She deserves that chance. She's going through a very tough time now, she still very much loves and admires her wayward older sister.

I also hope Ali finds her way to Al-Anon or a similar support group for help sorting out her feelings about the wayward one and figuring out ways to cope. Lindsay has a very long road ahead of her, even if she slips through the jailers' fingers this time it won't be long before she's in trouble again. LL is just mouthing the words from rehab at the moment, playing a role, she's not at the point of real rehabilitation and redirection yet and it might be years before she is (if ever). Ali is going to be hurt again and again by all of it.

1265 days ago


jwoolman, I guess I had always assumed that it was Ali begging and screaming to get that reality show but now that I think about it, I think your outlook on it is more realistic. Dina probably pushed her into it, even if Ali thought she wanted to be "famous." Why would I not think that Dina was the prime motivator there? And yes, come to think of it, it was wrong to put Ali out there like that, for the entire world to see and comment on.

What worries me about Ali is that she's always grinning ear to ear when she's with Lindsay, as if she's eating up all of the experiences. And I've heard rumblings of her being thrown into very inappropriate situations. Hope the rumblings aren't true because if they are, Ali will potentially end up as messed up as Lindsay.

I also agree that college far, far away would be Ali's best hope, as would Al-Anon and counseling. She needs to be away from Lindsay, away from Dina, away from Michael Sr. and away from any other fame-whoring Lohan. However, again, that big grin when she's out and about with Lindsay seems quite worrisome to me. I can't help but wonder if Mama Lohan hasn't rubbed off on her, too (hope not.)

1265 days ago


She's probably going to take the plea deal.
So trying is trying to give up the smokes before she gets
put in jail. I do agree that her f##ked witch of a mother will
say anything to enhance her daughter's "cash cow" image.

1265 days ago


Hey, Trollhans, here is one prime example of why shop clerks do NOT chase after thieves:

Starbucks is facing a lawsuit from the family of customer killed when he chased a teenager who had just stolen a tips jar from one of its coffee shops.

1265 days ago

john smith    

I think it's great that Lindsay quit cold turkey, it shows how mentally strong she is and how powerful her mind is. I see that "Lou Lou the girl with nothing to do" and the "Ali BaBa and the forty shrinks" have been busy,

INNOCENT White is for Linnocence! Deniro should take acting lessons from Lindsay!

1265 days ago


Dina is trolling the boards right now

1265 days ago


I guess this is why people fixate on this idiotic twerp: I just went to MSNBC and saw before and after slides of (once) habitated places in Japan that were completely washed away. It hurts so much to look at those slides and to think of what they actually mean - all of those people gone, washed away or buried under tons of mud. Makes you wonder what the hell life is all about when something this horrible can happen to innocent people just going about their daily lives?

Worse, I'd like to send some aid but I heard that the last time people sent aid to Haiti, it never got there. It's terrible, feeling so powerless on something so apocalyptic.

That answers why people waste so much time on this Lohan time-waster.

1265 days ago
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