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Lindsay Lohan -- Another Vice Bites the Dust

3/14/2011 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan has quit smoking -- a great move for her health ... whether there's a jail sentence for probation violation on her horizon ... or not (as she continues to believe).

Sources close to Lindsay tell TMZ she's continuing on the path to a healthier life by kicking her nicotine habit ... cold turkey no less. We're told Lindsay quit about a week ago and now works out with a trainer every morning.

While LiLo has been adamant about not accepting a plea bargain that includes jail time -- Lynwood Correctional Facility ... her old haunts ... is a non-smoking detention center.




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Poor deluded johnsmith. I happened to believe that Lindsay does NOT have the mental strength at this point in her life to quit smoking. It's a very tough habit to kick. People in nursing homes can kick all kinds of addictions, including alcohol, when they get put into the nursing home, but nicotine is the hardest one to lick. And Lindsay hasn't worked on her other addictions, so I find it questionable to think she's worked on this one. I hope she has, as smoking is a horrible addiction, but I doubt it. And I find the suggestion that she's working with a personal trainer laughable. She continues to look pale and bloated, the exact opposite of hale and healthy.

Very sad if you aren't just a troll and really think that Lindsay has anywhere near the acting talent of DeNiro. Just more delusional thinking, if you aren't a paid troll who is LHAO over those silly comments.

1134 days ago


Also, what's up with Lindsay's left eye? There's a pic of her taken at the airport and the left eye is smaller than the right one. This was noted on another occasion by a different poster, several weeks ago. So I have to ask, what's going on with her eye? An infection, like pink eye? Botox? Something's off with it, which adds to her look of ill health.

1134 days ago



The only thing I've seen Dina actually do is sit around in an office reading stuff about her daughter online and then calling people up and like, "You got to take that offline."

1134 days ago


WHY are the Lohans so preoccupied with being in the news? That almost seems to be the root of all of their evil. They live, breath, eat and drink in publicity, be it negative or positive. It's like they are media vampires or something. I just don't get their need to live in front of a camera. They make the most seasoned camera-hound, fame-whores (like the Kardashians) look like amateurs. For the Lohans, it's a real sickness that seems to be their biggest and worst addiction of all.

1134 days ago


shoulda, coulda address the smoking issue back at the Betty Ford Ripoff Center. Why that organization allows smoking is beyond my wildest imaginations.

Smoking is more addictive than many drugs that people abuse.

I guess that is why Betty Ford is more or a ripoff than a rehab.

Sure, I know the argument .. that one addiction at a time ... but that is totally b/s. You go there to get off of drugs.. and nicotine is a drug. Hello!

1134 days ago

john smith    

Re Lohan vs Deniro I think that part of the reason that I think Lindsay is a better actor is because I prefer her acting style over Deniro's. Deniro is a method actor which leads to lots of monotone mumbling low energy lines. Lindsay uses Meisner technique which adds to the depth of her characters and provides the audience with much more empathy toward the obstacles that the character is trying to over come. If you like method actors Stallone is actually a better monotone mumbler than Deniro. If you compare Stallone's performance in The Expendables to say Deniros performance in Wag The Dog you can see that they have similar acting styles but that Stallone does a better job. Another great film you should watch is "Kiss Me Guido"

1134 days ago

steven katona    

bravo lindsay!!! this canadian fan loves you all the more! its good to walk tall and show all of hollywood that you got what it takes to rise above it all! now look at you! a non-smoker. very nice. so sexy. not like sheen's crew. puffers. eh charlie? hows things hanging? i know i felt better with more stamina after i quit smoking. i only hope that charlie can quit in time. otherwise i heard he'll be limpy for life!

1134 days ago


Blind Gossip has quoted TMZ's thread about the shocking and devastating information in Lindsay's probation report and is asking readers what they think is in it that would be shocking and devastating. People are having a hard time coming up with something that would be shocking/devastating for Lindsay's probation/reputation.

1134 days ago


Ernie maybe it's because people would give up in rehab if they couldn't lick their nicotine addiction, figuring why bother if I can't even quit cigarettes? I've heard that quitting nicotine is even harder than quitting heroin. Maybe BF thought it wasn't realistic to get people to go through so many withdrawals at once, or that people wouldn't be willing to do so.

1134 days ago


Ok, jwoolman, this was officially solved by Blind Gossip as being Lindsay and Ali, so I'm going to quote it as to why I have my doubts about Ali (I alluded to it in an earlier post, not realizing that it had been solved):

BuzzFoto – This young star’s bad habit is starting to get pretty serious. We’re not talking about her substance abuse problems, because those have been serious for a long time. We’re talking about her sexual addiction problem which she is passing off to a younger sibling. She’s involved this underage family member into her seedy world of risky behavior. There is chatter that the dangerous outings the two go on involve random hookups at dangerous locations like parks, clubs, parties or mall bathrooms. The star is not content anymore to go alone, but likes the idea of corrupting someone innocent that she is close to and has at her disposal. Not Miley.


It’s Lindsay Lohan and Ali Lohan. Source: BuzzFoto

1134 days ago


Thanks god she saved her ageing.That is a very good thing she has decided.= in her life. It is like a very big step to rescue her drowning success.

1134 days ago

Red Cloud    

Jamie Lee Curtis: "She is a brilliant talent and I'm sure she will enjoy her talents more and more in her life. I send her my love. Everyone deserves a second chance and you can look back at your life and realize the mistakes you can make and repair them."
Lindsay has worked with and recieved high praise from so many big names because she has GENUINE TALENT!!!! She would not have gotten so many acting gigs with Streep, Fonda, DeNiro, and others at so young and age if she did not have something very special that the average young starlet usually does not have. Her skill still needs to be developed somewhat, but it is within her pretty self. Past experiences with drugs and booze, and hateful, DELUSIONAL, DOLT-HEADED ying yangs posting on TMZ will never take away her TALENT or her prettiness. WTF credibilty does the average zhit-headed hater have? The hater thinks she's not pretty, has no fans, has no talent, can never make a comeback, planned a robbery and will plan robberies in the future, is not straight and sober, will commit armed robbery, is as hated as OJ Simpson, is horrible like OJ Simpson. I can go on and on. Lindsay has posted here. I am Michael Lohan....giddabee bibbadee phooey!!! Stupid MTHFKRS!!!! She's coming back. Accept it and deal with it. Haters are a minority....a delusional, fkng stupid minority.

A Prairie Home Companion was on last week. I'll let you know when the next Lindsay movie is on this month. Each and every month, a few Lindsay movies. Not a month passes without a few Lindsay movies.

1134 days ago

Davey Boy    

I worked for a mental health org as a Systems Analyst for a few years and many of the therapists on staff said that quitting smoking is one of the more-difficult addictions to overcome.

There are dozens, if not hundreds of specific mind-altering chemicals in there...designed by the tobacco industry to get you hooked.

Being an ex-smoker I can say with a degree of honesty that cigarette smoking is a legal drug habit.

1134 days ago

Davey Boy    

WOW, Red Cloud is -already- drunk 'n stoned this early in the day. Hey RC, have a drink on me.

1134 days ago


If Lindsay wants to spend the rest of her life thinking she is the greatest actress of all time so be it. But when youre one of the greats you dont have to keep bringing it up, or mentioning it. If you were really great you would be modest about such compliments.
Its like the Fonz in Happy Days. Does the Fonz have to go around proving how cool he is to everyone? Nope, because the Fonz is cool. Its that simple, Get It?

1134 days ago
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