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Ryan Phillippe

The Massive Condom Question

3/16/2011 4:02 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Now that Ryan Phillippe allegedly knocked up someone who's NOT named Reese -- we gotta ask ... why the hell don't famous dudes wear friggin' condoms? TMZ investigates.031511_TV_phillipe_still

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No Avatar


This guy does it to prove he's not gay.

Most guys forget the wrapper because they are stupid.

1317 days ago


What's that old slogan?

....No Glove....No love...

1317 days ago


Hollywood insider says, "It's not his kid" Of course he's gonna wait till she has the kid in June before doing a court ordered paternity test. Great strategy to just make her look like the sloot she is for trying to extort money from my man.

1317 days ago


Too funny, but so true, these guys are idiots! And so are the famous women who hook up with loser dude (Mel, Halle??)

1317 days ago

casting couch    

Maybe he's Catholic... every sp erm is sacred.

1317 days ago


its funny though, these condoms are so cheap and its not like they can't afford it or embarrassed (I am from Australia and buy it from about buying them, unless the myth is true about celebrities, that they are not smart enough to put one on :)

1317 days ago


I was wondering the same thing! I guess they don't like their money! LOL! Cause most of the women who hook up with famous people purposefully try to get seals their futures (at least the next 18 years of it LOL)

1317 days ago

Heidi Vanderhoeven    

They are just like everyone else except that they are actors. It comes down to having a real conversation. There are several natural birth control choices. But the people have to be honest with each other and talk about those choices. Obviously these two didn't care one bit about one another. So, if he is the bio dad, he got what he paid for so to speak. Not to point fingers, but they were careless, especially on his side. If she had really respected him, she would have been on the pill, etc.

1317 days ago


Good question, TMZ. What the heck is wrong with these idiots?

1317 days ago


Guys are such idiots. They can't think with their big head, they always have to use their small one. All it takes is an attractive girl who is willing to come on to them hot and heavy and they forget all logic. They deserve to pay out the ass to these women for 18 plus years for being so stupid. But what happens to the baby they don't want and resent. Just ask Kevin Costner who admitted to knot loving his out of wedlock son.

1317 days ago


They don't wear them b/c, and read carefully, women are LIARS! "Oh, I'm on birth control." just sayin

1317 days ago


Birth control is a woman's problem; child support is a man's problem. He should have given her a Filthy Fuentes instead!

1317 days ago

Stupid People Hater    

Does the question need to be asked? When you are about to **** and know how good it's going to feel it is very easy not to use one.

1317 days ago


I've been saying this since Mel Gibson, how stupid can these guys be. Never trust a female that shes on birth control.

Guys, unless you wan't kids with this person, always protect yourselves. That simple.

1317 days ago


"If she had really respected him, she would have been on the pill, etc."by Heidi Vanderhoeven

Really?!?!? Maybe if she respected HERSELF she wouldn't be pregnant by some guy she barely knows. What is wrong with you? Besides, pregnancy is the least of her worries. My concern would be all the STDs out here. I guess no one seems to think about that. And never mind there are diseases you can get WITH a condom. Maybe if everyone would quit sleeping around we'd be a little better off in general.

1317 days ago
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