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Britney's Backup Dancers -- Don't Feed Her Drugs!

3/19/2011 2:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Working for Britney Spears is like owning a Gremlin, they both come with a set of instructions -- the biggest one ... keep Britney away from drugs and alcohol!


TMZ has obtained a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) that dancers were required to sign before working on her latest music video. It specifically states, "Contractor acknowledges that it is essential that [Britney] not be exposed to any alcohol, drugs, or controlled substances."

The NDA even goes on to say that the dancers can be subjected to drug testing at any time and can be fired for failing a test or even refusing to take one.

With Britney comes much responsibility.


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I think this NDA is great. She realizes that she had issues with substances, has taken responsibility, cleaned herself up & has taken measures to protect herself from falling back into that behavior. Good for her. Why criticize it?
I think Lindsey & Charlie should take a good look at how Brit turned things around for herself & maybe consider making some changes also...

1279 days ago

the truth    

Britt wasn't into drugs and alcohol like an addict and like everyone thought she was. they are doing this because she can be on strong mind controlling pills. if any one asked her if she wanted one and she says yes then she might go into seizures. shes not an addict.

1279 days ago


Finally someone 100% stable in this business!!!

I'm very glad that Britney is becoming a responsible girl.

1279 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

non-disclosure agreement (NDA)


What part of this don't you understand. Seems you all get so wet there at TMZ when you post stories that breech confidentiality.

TMZ.....we out the confidentiality....because we care.

Posted at 7:41 AM on Mar 19, 2011 by jim

Releasing terms of employment has nothing to do with confidentiality

1279 days ago


Britney is borderline retarded and mentally ill. She is obviously on medication. Offering her drugs or liquor would be like offering a four year old a cupcake. She ain't gonna say "no thanks." Mixing certain drugs (even OTC ones) or alcohol could kill her. Her people are just dealing with the reality that in this business drugs get passed around like candy. As for why her family keeps her in show business, I think it has more to do with keeping Britney happy and busy and less about making money. Even though I'm not a fan, pop music is the one thing she is good at.

1279 days ago



1279 days ago

Selebraties Suck    

Is that Brittney or Cournty Love?

Can't stand her personally, BUT Barbra Streisand never had to dress like a skank. Talent is talent. These young chicks all have to have their tits and ass hanging out to get noticed.

1279 days ago


Times have certainly changed since the Rolling Stones tours. Sad really...

1279 days ago


Why is Britney on tour if she is in such a fragile state? Oh yeah, the cash cow must keep milking.

1279 days ago


post-trainwreck Brit has become a money-making machine...good for her. As far as the "details"...Hey, whatever it takes!!!

1279 days ago


At least her people/conservators are taking care of her. She's a money making machine. If she's a dud, nobody will go see her at concerts. But since many people are, they are doing something right. Of course, it's all miming.

I wonder whether she is really into keep on doing it. She seems just dazed all the time. Is she really mentally challanged/ low I.Q etc.? If so, I don't think it's because of drugs and alcohol. At least she is alive and relatively well.

1279 days ago


Wow. If you read the whole agreement, it's apparent very quickly: she is not viewed as a human. Girlfriend has become an industry, and they are going at length to protect an investment.

1279 days ago


So, terms of employment mean not doing drugs and alcohol or bringing them to work? Hmmm...sounds like a typical job.

1279 days ago


Gremlin's and Trolls... loving it.

1279 days ago


TMZ why don't your staff of arrogant Californian punks publicize themselves, family and friends who have addictions and precautions taken [I HOPE] to assist them in not relapsing [I HOPE YOU'RE THAT DECENT-WONDERING]

If anything, the dancer who deluged the contract should be sued, and if TMZ had any scruples or respectability it wouldn't broadcast it... that be assuming TMZ had a semblance of sophistication. From the looks of the losers on the staff, I'm sure there's some juicy stories to be told [not that I would be interested or care], but fair is fair]. Don't dish it out if you can't take it.

1279 days ago
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