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World's MOST EVIL Church -- The Sing Along!!!

3/25/2011 7:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Those evil people from that evil church in Kansas won't listen to reason ... but maybe they'll listen to MUSIC!?!?!?032411_TV_taylor_still_v2

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Heidi Vanderhoeven    

Honestly, I'm surprised no one's taken a shot(not saying they should) at them or gotten into a fight with them. When someone pickets your child's funeral who's given their life for freedom, rage will take over I'm sure. Hard to believe people like this are in our world and are so crazy and hateful.

1123 days ago


These people are disgusting and it's a true shame that their "orginization" is even called a church. I think that any publicity given to them at all is disgusting in itself. These freaks don't deserve to see the light from God. I can't believe how hateful and terrible these people are.

1123 days ago


What about the way this so called "church" treats our military. They want and apparently have the right to protest our fallen soldiers funerals who are fighting for our freedom and theirs too! Stating this cuz no one has mentioned that on here yet!

1123 days ago


sick ass people

1123 days ago


These people aren't cristians. They are manipulative sociopaths who have figured out that if you harrass people but call it a "protest" that you can get away with it.

1123 days ago

Politico Pablo    

Maybe their're the reason God hates us all. We're such a big disapointment.

1123 days ago


These idiots are not an example of Kansans, They are a family of lawyers that can get the law to work on their twisted and sick side of things. What was the best way to deal with him, is to just ignore him. Fred thrives in the attention and hate. He mainly was local only until we got to just ignore him.

1123 days ago


I believe that people don't intend to do evil, but have a different priority which they use to justify a bad deed. However, the Westboro Baptist Douchebags are the exception that proves the rule - burn in he**, you pr***s!

1123 days ago


When they protested at the funeral of a young soldier in my small town hundreds of people from all over the area turned out to sheild the family from these jerks. When about 200 people surrounded the 6 or 7 WBC members and started returning the chants they literally ran to their van and left town. No one threatened them or acted agressively towards them. The police stood between the two groups just in case. They just out shouted them. After all they do enjoy freedom of speech just like the rest of us. Luckily this all happpened before the family got to the church.

1123 days ago


I only wish in your stories and song you would have condemned them for all the Military funerals that have been to over the years. Elizabeth Taylor was a very special person but no more important then the young men and women whose family and friends have to deal with these people on a day of sadness.

1123 days ago


PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, not post any article about these anal orifices! They thrive on publicity, and TMZ gives them what they want when TMZ posts ANY information about them. JUST STOP IT, ALTOGETHER.....PLEASE!

1123 days ago

Gary Bravender    

You Guy's never cease in cracking me up.Good for you for making something so wrong so funny L8tr Harvey

1123 days ago


Wow, are these people looking for a free ride to their hell. God hates all according to them. I think they should all be placed on 5150 holds especially their leader. F**k them they are sick. Protesting soldiers, celebrities and other funerals, damn that is sad

1123 days ago


Those horrible people were going to come to PA to protest the death of 7 innocent little children that died in a house fire. This is one area they couldn't get into. If they would have came close there were so many people ready to block them. They spread hatred and evil. Giving them TV time makes me angry ,but they need to be stopped.

1123 days ago


These are the worst people ever, may god show them mercy that they obviously don't show anyone else.

1123 days ago
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