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Charlie Sheen Shows Off His Huge Wad

4/11/2011 10:45 AM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

While killing it at Radio City Music Hall last night, Charlie Sheen flashed a huge stash of cash after an audience member asked him for some money.


We're told the warlock wound up giving the fan $100.

See ... you CAN pay some people to see Charlie's tour.


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I don't want to

Posted at 2:11 PM on Apr 11, 2011 by Kardashian H8R


Tell mommy.

Posted at 2:20 PM on Apr 11, 2011 by Raymond


Raymond, if you wanted that comment to appear even REMOTELY funny, you probably should have written it correctly in the first place. Didn't we have a lesson on the correct way to write a partial quotation the other night?

"I don't want to..."

"...tell mommy."

That's how you SHOULD have written it for maximum effect.

Now, I s'pose you're going to call me a k*nt, b**ch, or wh*ore again, aren't you. :(

1256 days ago


You know Sheen is missing the 2 million per episode, he screwed himself out of. $16 million for the remainding 8 shows. The next season another 16 shows, another $32 million. $48 million dollars. Sheen overplayed his ego and got fired, and they don't want him back.

Sheen did nothing but trash Lorre, WB (who signs his paycheck) Now that his so called tour is not good at best, Sheens been asking for his job back. They had enough. No more at Sheens convience.

1256 days ago


Mike Zandman

1256 days ago


Sheen did nothing but trash Lorre


Come again?? He just said Chucky doesn't SUCK completely. LMAO!!

1256 days ago


your posts hurt much more than they help Charlie Sheen.

if he is paying yourself and Charlie a big service
and find yourself a real job.

Charlie Sheen has MI and is having an extended MI break in front
of the entire media and real world...surrounded by a grotesque group of money hungry, sick leech-like group of enablers who are/and will suck what little he has left after his MI and drugs...empty and dry.

He's a sad case, but you leeches really make my skin crawl.

1256 days ago


This whole thing is not going to end well.

1256 days ago

Get a Nose Job, please!!!    

I'm glad that Nutcase Charlie was fired. The show had a nice long run and now it should end. The Last Episode: Alan goes to Prison for his Ponzi scheme. Charlie, in a drunken stupor drives off a cliff into the Pacific. The Mother moves into the beach house and fires Berta. Jake goes to the only college that accepts him. Away from all of his crazy family, he makes the Honor Roll. THE END.

1255 days ago


If you only had a dime left, who would be left standing around you?

Call your family (mom/dad), call the agent who quit who you once
trusted, talk to your brother, get clean, get help, and get
off the groupy-crowded trainwreck your on.

1255 days ago


To Chuck Lorre: Don't invite that Nutcase Charlie Sheen back. Two and a Half Men had an ejoyable, long run. Now it's time to move on. In the last episode: Alan is sent to Prison for his Ponzi scheme. While in a drunken stupor, Charlie drives off a cliff into the Pacific. His Mother gets the Beach House and fires Berta. Jake goes off to the one college who accepts him and being away from all the crazy people, he makes the Honor Roll. The End.

1255 days ago



Well, people like you, who find it impossible to accept that not everyone has to share your opinion, make my skin crawl and I'm pretty sure also Raymond's. People like you also make me LMAO because there is nothing funnier than stupid people taking higher moral ground. LOL!


Lorre is too much of a coward to say out loud what he really feels. He prefers to hide behind his cards.

1255 days ago


Charlie was probably saving that wad of cash for the next dozen whores he does and a fat baggie of coke. He is a fracking A$$CLOWN Drug Addict and a LOSER!

1255 days ago


"We'd all like to party all day and Sheen's going on a rampage of sex, drugs and other recreational activities, is appealing and he makes no apologies for it."

"No, I don’t approve of Sheen’s throttling of his women, but we all have our bad days and if he’s going to be a high living accident-waiting-to-happen, Sheen has carried things out to their logical conclusion."

Raymond, what those two statements basically tell people is that they're attracted to Charlie because he IS an accident waiting for a place to happen, and unapologetic about it.

In other words, he's doing, publicly, what others wish they could do, and they love watching it to see where it's going to lead. Oh, the suspense! Is he gonna meltdown before the end of the tour, or after? Will he finally OD somewhere with one of his Goddesses, or will he just keel over on stage? It's the car crash mentality, Raymond... everyone slows down to see the wreck, shudders, then thanks their lucky stars it WASN'T them.

Overblown, overdone wish fulfillment isn't exactly a healthy thing.

1255 days ago



The first part "We'd all like to party ..." doesn't mention at all accidents or "OD". It emphasizes Charlie's not being apologetic about his partying towards "regimented and sanitized and controlled" people, as he calls them elsewhere. A description perfectly fitting the average tmz junkie btw, and a highly likable trait of Charlie's.

With the second quote "No, I don’t approve of Sheen’s throttling ..." he obviously means to say that *even* if Charlie was an "accident-waiting-to-happen", as some wannabe experts keep repeating like a mantra until they're themselves starting to believe it, Charlie's been at least consequential. As opposed to most people, who on average are pretty much turncoats and opportunists.

First and final reading aid.

Posted at 12:26 PM on Apr 12, 2011 by Raymond


Eh, as with most things, those two statements might be taken several different ways. I think you and I will just have to agree to disagree on our interpretations. Time will tell which of us may be correct.

1255 days ago


Well, now the other of TWO fans that Charlie has here is gonna give her OPINION. Start shooting...NOW.

This guy said everything that I have been saying myself and more. The way he sees Charlie is exactly the same way I see him. I wasn't all that interested in him before this whole thing occured. I admit, I loved TAAHM, but not just because of him. I loved the writing for ALL of them.

However on Feb 28th I became, just like the author, his admirer. Why? That's pretty simple. Because he goes against the rules and he is not afraid how it is going to make him look. He feels he was screwed? So he fights back. Some don't like his methods? He says: screw THEM.

I think many of people who wish him death and want him to go back to drugs and OD, or those who basically just rant for no apparent reason and buy every single gossip that sites like TMZ sell them without waiting for any confirmation from the actual parties involved, are people who have serious problems with accepting anything or anyone that does not fit THEIR model. They are scared to death to let anyone create THEIR model, because that destroys, or at least shakes up their safe, secure and sometimes pretty boring lives that they are used to.

And YES, many of those that are criticizing him would like to try that kind of life even for one day, but they are afraid. And NO, they are not afraid they would OD. They are afraid what neighbours might think. What their bosses might think. So what do they do? They start hating. It's easier.

Those who support him, might be afraid too. They may not want to try that kind of life either, and they may not think that abusing drugs or sleeping around is AOK, but they DO support Charlie's right to think otherwise. They support his right to live HIS life the way he wants to.
And most of all, they applaud him for turning his life around, quitting drugs and alcohol and they support him every step of that "sober journey".

Charlie Sheen goes against MANY rules, but as long as he is not hurting you, why do you care? Because you read the gossip sites where they write what a horrible man, husband, father he is? How he kills dogs, suffers from bi-polar disorder and basically should get capital punishment? Why do you refuse to give HIM the benefit of the doubt and listen to what HE has to say?
Because you can't stand the fact that he is having FUN. More fun than YOU. Or at least that is what you THINK, even though he tells you straight in the face that you can have just as much fun (and it doesn't mean drugs, alcohol and hookers). This is what he asked the audience on Sunday (it's on his website) after describing himself as F-18: "Anybody else here have those skills?" When the crowd roared "noooo!," Charlie looked surprised. "Yes, you do. Just believe that you do. And say it out loud, over and over, and people will believe you. Or they'll call you ****ing bipolar."

Sorry, but MANY people love this kind of attitude and this kind of interaction with them. They feel like he is not a celebrity, but one of them, who on top of everything else is able to make them feel better and more confident about themselves.
What's wrong with that?

1255 days ago



Regarding this article and the Sheen comments in general:

"I've been against-the-grain all my life. When I was younger, I led a wild life. I'm not afraid or jealous of anything. I already had my "fun".

W/O spending too much time on this, what bothers me about this article are mostly two things:

"The overblown media response to it all." Sheen invited the media into his house. This is what he wanted.

"No, I don’t approve of Sheen’s throttling of his women, but we all have our bad days." This statement is a little confusing, because it brings us back to that double-negative thing again. If the author is saying he does not approve, then that means he believes Sheen abuses "his women". (I would suggest you write him and ask if he's ever seen Sheen abuse his women.) Therefore, if the author believes this and feels it can be chalked up to a "bad day", that's an excuse for violent behavior. There are no excuses for violent behavior.

I never paid attention to Sheen before (as I've already stated). He begged for attention and he got it. I believe he is making an obnoxious ass out of himself and I'm enjoying watching some of it (very small doses), but not because I like him.

His children are not my responsibility, so I will not comment on them, except to say I'll always know who they are and who their father is because of the overblown media response to him. It's his life and his choice on how to live it. If there are any consequences from it, he will have to learn to live with them like we all do.

I don't hate; it's a waste of energy.

1255 days ago
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