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LeAnn & Brandi

One Seriously

Cheesy Summit

4/19/2011 4:02 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

LeAnn Rimes and Brandi Glanville came together in peace ... or at least pizza -- and pretended to stand each other. Not for Eddie Cibrian's sake, but for that other stud ... Chuck E. Cheese.041811_TV_leann_still

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1281 days ago


Saw this pic on your show tonight and was amazed that no one noted that both Eddie and LeAnn were busy on their phones - tweeting? - and Brandi was the only one that seemed 'present' at the party. There was another pic you showed of LeAnn and Brandi and AGAIN LeAnn was on the phone. Pathetic.

Brandi is miles above these two.

1281 days ago

a long time Leno fan!    

Ok... FAVS of all time because of the writing.TMZ gotta hand it to you. You bake and make the cake when it comes to hilarious, in your face humor about some of the ugliest of subjects - L Rhimes, divorce. Harvey? Good going!

How important are Cibrian and Rhimes if they're both texting and not involved in the kid's special day????? Incredibly disgusting.

Brandi looks fantastic and as always, the favorite.

ps Harvey! LOVED Tyler's "Melon Shaving" event today, great job!!

1281 days ago


Eddie is the good for nothing person here. That TMZ guy is right.. Tell Le Ann to stay home for this. Yes, maybe they are talking but it's still uncomfortable. LeAnn also has to know when to butt out.

1281 days ago


People say they are tweeting but I think they are trying to snap a picture with their camera phone. Atleast that's what I think

1281 days ago


LeAnn is ugly compared to Brandi. Looks must not matter to Eddie.

1281 days ago


I'm sick of seeing and hearing about these two no-talents.

1281 days ago


Nice outfit Brandi picked out. I am sure all the moms at Chuck E. Cheese were thrilled to see that walking around. Perhaps LeAnn and Eddie were taking photos and not Tweeting.

1281 days ago


Brandy, you should have pulled your dress up. So far you are the class act in this mess. Hang on to your pride. Karma will bite LeAnn in the butt - just sit tight.

1281 days ago


It looks like Eddie and LeAnn are taking pictures with their phones...not tweeting.

But seriously! Very "adult" of all of them to be civil in the same room together for the kids sake!! Props to them!

1281 days ago


Hate to tell the ex,but she doesn't have the 'shape' to parade around without a bra.That slinky dress only works with a 20 yr.old with no children.

1281 days ago


Why was LeAnn even there?

1281 days ago


It's very possible they were taking pictures with their cellphone. I think it's extremely mature of Eddie, Brandi, and Leann to put aside their differences and celebrate the birthday of their son. The only losers in this battle is the kids. So if they're happy that Leann is at the party, then it shouldn't put your panties in a bunch.

1281 days ago


Tmz you guys are too much. LOL.
Well whatever they are doing with those Camera's both of them didnt need to be doing it, and should have learned how to do it before they went to the birthday and tried to take a picture of what would have been the back of Eddies kids head.
LeeAnn should have stayed home if only for the fact that it shows without a doubt that beside Brandi she looks like a misplaced squinty eyed mouse who crawled out of the trailer. If my ex had such a beautiful ex I would have stayed clear just to not be in the comparison department and the kids wouldnt have noticed if LeeAnn was there or not, hell they had Chuckie Cheese!!!

1281 days ago


See, I see it differently. I see that Eddie and LeeAnn are taking pics of the kids (or the cake) and Brandi, as usual, is mugging for the cameras.

People, I dont condone cheating, but none of us know what happened behind closed doors.

1281 days ago
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