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LeAnn & Brandi

One Seriously

Cheesy Summit

4/19/2011 4:02 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

LeAnn Rimes and Brandi Glanville came together in peace ... or at least pizza -- and pretended to stand each other. Not for Eddie Cibrian's sake, but for that other stud ... Chuck E. Cheese.041811_TV_leann_still

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LR is doing damage control    

This was not done to make peace with BG.This was all done as a means to clean up Leann's image.

This is why Leann really wants everyone to believe that she is BG friend:

CURB artist LeANN RIMES will be the subject of GAC-TV’s “Backstory: LeANN RIMES,” on SUNDAY, APRIL 24th at 8p (ET). The 90-minute bio-doc will chart LeANN’s success and challenges from her start, when she was just 11 years old, thru today.

“LeANN’s story is so compelling, we were moved to make this episode of ‘Backstory’ 90 minutes in length instead of the typical 60 minutes,” said GAC GM, SARAH TRAHERN. “Since she was a child she’s had the ability to touch people with her music and although still a young woman in her 20’s, she continues to do just that.” Interviews with her mother, friend and agent ROD ESSIG, friend and songwriter DARRELL BROWN, label head MIKE CURB, childhood friend and artist STEVE HOLY and industry insiders along with archival video clips and photos complement RIMES no holds barred interview.”

“It’s such a double standard in country music,” said RIMES in looking back at how she’s been treated by some. “I mean WILLIE NELSON and JOHNNY CASH and all of those guys, god knows what they did back in the day. If a woman did it, you were never accepted or forgiven but if it was a guy, they could write a song about it, it’d be huge and they’d move on. It’s quite interesting to navigate those waters as a woman in this business.”

1283 days ago


The first thing I see is

a mother inappropriatlely dressed.

She needs a bra. Better yet throw the dress away.

I see a women trying to attract her ex-husband.

I don't care for any of them, it's just not a way to dress

at Chuck E. Cheese, in public, at a chidrens place.

And if I were there with my kids I would tell her to put her

b00bs away, I really dont want to see them, she looks like

whiskey tango.

1283 days ago

michael boyce    

What?? No mention of our fearless leader of The Remastering Engineer of many classics of Audio Fidelity was right next to them,AND YOU OVERLOOK HIM?? Shame on you guys!

1283 days ago


Oh yeah, Steve Hoffman. The guy who will suck up to LeAnn Rimes for his career. Can't stand him or his smarmy wife, Karla.

1283 days ago


Kitty and Lisa I could not agree with yall more and very well put.LeAnn and Eddie seem to be a happy couple but when there are children involved it can get complicated because you have to deal with an ex-spouse, their families, your family and your new spouses's family.

Until you have children of your own its hard to understand why parents, especially moms, make a big deal. He/she is your child and you love them! Hopefully LeAnn will have children someday and understand the love a parent has for them.She must accept the responsibility involved with having stepchildren-they are a package you have to accept or you will be unhappy in your marriage!

1283 days ago

LR is doing damage control    

Leann and Eddie are always so predictable. I knew that there was a reason LR and DB leaked these photos to the media.

In Touch is saying that Leann and Eddie are getting married on Sat, Arpil 23. In the past Leann used In Touch as her mouthpiece, had them write up a piece about how her Nashville home was her and EC lovenest after E posted an article about how no one wants to buy LR house. And suddenly the bio-doc makes even more sense now, it really is going to be their way of doing a reality tv show without actuallly doing one since LR made so many denials. So LR wants everyone to think that they are all a happy family by pimping out the kids birthday so that she can slam the media and blogs with tons of happy family photos from their wedding? Who wants to bet that Bauer Griffin and People mag get the photos from their wedding first and then Leann boo hoos over how she doesn't know how it happened just like she didn't know how the photos from the birthday party happened.

Interesting that LR would try to get married just a week before Kate M and Prince W are going to get married. So what trick does LR have up her sleeve to try to upstage them because with the Royal Wedding who is going to pay attention to LR and EC wedding?

1283 days ago


While it is obvious that this was some type of publicity stunt, I don't see how this is positive publicity for any of them.

The ex-wife is not appropriately dressed for a child's party (if they were at the beach, I would get it), it seems totally inappropriate that LeAnn should be there under the cir***stances, and it is just serves as a reminder as to what asses both Eddie and LeAnne are.

1283 days ago


eivissa: ok funny because I was thinking the same thing...about Leanne! lol Brandi is in a sundress & flip-flops and Leanne is in daisy duke shorts, platform 4" club heels, & a shirt that is totally backless. Different strokes I guess!

1283 days ago


I am seeing now why everyone thinks Leann is swf Brandi. Before I just that the clothes were just whats in style and just happened to similar. But she looks like she really is trying to morph into Brandi. Very strange to me. As far as how Brandi is dressed Leann is dressed just as bad. Also I have been on crutches and the last thing you want to deal with is a bunch of clothing under your arm and dealing with a bra! You are already uncomfortable as crap.

1283 days ago


If you look at all of the pictures the mom (Brandi) has a cast on her leg and crutches. I suspect the dress was for comfort.

1283 days ago
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