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Lindsay's Jeweler -- Her Friend Was a Decoy

4/22/2011 4:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The owner of the L.A. jewelry store testified today ... Lindsay Lohan and a friend played a shell game when they entered her store back in January, distracting her in order to steal a $2,500 necklace.


It all went down this morning during Lindsay's preliminary hearing in her felony grand theft case -- Kamofie & Co. owner Sofia Kaman took the stand ... claiming Lindsay's friend, Patrick, distracted her by asking lots of questions about stones, cuts, etc., while Lindsay was trying on the necklace at the center of the case.

Sofia claims Patrick kept the distraction going while Lindsay allegedly covered up the necklace by putting her own jewelry over it ... and then made a beeline for the door.

Shawn Holley then got up and grilled Kaman about selling the surveillance tape for $25,000.  Kaman fired back ... she didn't get a dime.

Judge Sautner will examine the necklace in question.

Court is in recess for lunch, but here's what we think will go down.  The judge will probably reduce the charge to a misdemeanor, on grounds it's not really a serious, felony offense.  Then the judge, we think, will order Lindsay to stand trial.

We also believe Judge Sautner will violate Lindsay's probation, but the likelihood is ... any decision on sending her to jail will be deferred until a verdict in the trial is reached.

The hearing set to start back at 1:30 PM PT -- STAY TUNED FOR MORE LIVE UPDATES.


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1250 days ago


Okay, I'm confused. Did the owner give the video footage away for free? If it was sold for $25,000 where did the money go if she is saying she didn't get a dime? Bail me out here, please...

1250 days ago


They probably didn't charge Patrick because there was no audio
with the video, thus very difficult to prove what he was or
wasn't saying to the clerk. Making it a he said she said cir***stance. However, with Lohan there is video
of her walking out of the store with the necklace.

1250 days ago


TO: annie2 who wrote:
“Okay, I'm confused. Did the owner give the video footage away for free? If it was sold for $25,000 where did the money go if she is saying she didn't get a dime? Bail me out here, please...”


She said she didn’t get paid anything, and she testified to that under oath, so, that being the case, my guess would be some news organization got it through the Freedom of Information Act, which basically says that if a news story is so big that the public actually has a right to know information about that story, then they have to hand over the tape, which she said she did do, and kept a copy for herself.

1250 days ago


Thieving little slimebag. Throw the book at her. Hard.

1250 days ago


tapes for $25K and she didn't get a dime? what's that, a joke? if she didn't get da money then I wanna do business with her, immediately. let's make a deal: I buy all the jewelery and then I'll promise to pay soon. ok? deal? good.

1250 days ago


Thank you, Italia! :)

1250 days ago


The guy on TMZ live just said that Shawn was suggesting that the owner could have seen the necklace the whole time because Lindsay had her hair up/low cut shirt (big shock). Okay, I hope Danette makes the point that with all the mirrors in the store that Lindsay was apparently gazing into the whole time, Lindsay could not say that she forgot she was wearing the necklace either--if Sofia could see it, Lindsay could see it in the all the mirrors, too.

1250 days ago


Sounds like somebody's trying to cash in on the girl's popularity. I could be wrong, but I don't think so!

1250 days ago


I think intent to commit a theft can be argued and a burglary charge should be added.

1250 days ago


lindsay is innocent!!!!!!!1

1250 days ago


so if you steal a necklace sold for $2500.00 the judge can then claim there is only $5.00 worth of material and $10.00 worth of craft work and therefore the necklace is only worth $15.00 and is now a misdemeanor? Judge needs to go back to school.

1250 days ago


The charge should not be reduced to a misdemeanor because the wholesale cost to the store was $800 or $900 dollars. That was their cost of the item. They can double or even triple the retail price of the necklace legally. Why do you think so many jewelry stores profitably run their items on sale for 60% off? The item that cost them $900 is retailed at $2700 which makes it $1080 at 60% off which is still a $180 profit for the store.

Even at that sale price it is felony theft.

1250 days ago

Ronald RayGun    

@Italia - Harvey was a lawyer and now he is just a tabloid schmuck. I guess now he makes more of an honest living!

1250 days ago

the Seeker    

Truth(as a FOOL sees it)says,

"Lindsay should pay the jeweler the entire amount for
the necklace (2500) and that should be the end of it, versus wasting all the tax payers dollars on this BS case.
This case is what is referred to as GRANDSTANDING! And WE are the ones ultimately paying for it.

Don't worry that is called victim restitution and will added as terms to the guilty sentence terms.

I totally agree with the above poster this ****e stinks TMZ is losing any credibility as a REAL news organization they could't hold a cia agents pup while he pissed although it would seem he has no problem defending fhaggetts and corrupt lawyers.

but, according to mrs.levin stealing and manipulating people is all in a days bad so Sadd and not to fvcking Gladd.

1250 days ago
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