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Shots Fired Near Reality Show -- Cops Respond

4/26/2011 11:32 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Las Vegas SWAT team responded to a neighborhood where the reality show "Repo Games" was being taped last night ... when someone pulled out a gun and opened fire near crew members.

Repo Games Shots Fired

It all went down around 9 PM at a home in North Las Vegas ... when the "Repo" team arrived to take possession of a car ... hoping to play a trivia game with the owner to give him a chance to win it back.

We're told someone in a home three doors down from the production witnessed the repo taking place ... and for some unknown reason, pulled out a gun and began shooting. 

Cops and SWAT team members raced to the scene and surrounded the home -- and ultimately took the man into custody. Fortunately, no one was hit by the gunfire.

Law enforcement sources confirm ... cops found multiple firearms inside the suspect's home ... and the alleged gunman was taken to a nearby hospital for a mental evaluation. Officers believed he may have been suicidal.

Sources connected to the "Repo Games" production tell us ... producers believe the man was shooting at them -- so they closed down the shoot before they played any of the games ... and the repo team kept the car.


No Avatar


I swear it wasnt me
this show blows anyways

1255 days ago


Every time I think reality TV couldn't get any more idiotic they prove me wrong.

1255 days ago


YOU really have to be retarded to watch crap like this on television.

1255 days ago


People wonder why most Americans are so stupid. Look at the crap they're watching on TV. Pretty soon the most popular reality show will be watching some guy drool on himself for an hour each week.

1255 days ago


Just so much junk on television. But they cancel smart shows on Network like Arrested Development and Better off Ted.

1255 days ago


whoever came up with this idea is a moron and I hope is the first person shot....

I been on many repos an first off its not like that bull**** like operation repo. Any for that **** happens and you lose the repo and can get your ass tossed in jail or sued...

Most cars repo'ed are not brand new cars from people taking them on a joy ride.. they are mostly high priced ****ty to ****ty cars that most people wont want and some peole don't have a choice. These ghetto car lots prey on people with 18+ % apr where they end up paying for the car 10 times by the time they pay it off...

Even the cool cars you see most likely have well over 175k in miles . most of these bmw's are like 200k miles etc.. The car lots piss these people off then turn it over to the repo guys to get back their car. when they see people jacking the car up they are seeing every penny they wasted go away.. most even showed me they paid well over the cash price but they are still working on the dealers 50% and now its all gone..

I got out of it because if your good then your lucky to still be living. There is not enough higher end cars to repo and I am not going to be part of these ghetto used car sales guys making 8k off of someone getting a bull**** 10 year old cvic..

1255 days ago


This show sounds so amazing I can't wait to see it tonight. It is all kinds of wrong and I can't wait, plus the people who get their cars repo'd are the idiots for not paying their bills, the show gives them a 2nd chance.

1255 days ago


Reality TV at its LOWEST LOW. wTF. Vegas is a horrible place to live with a bunch of horrible people. Glad they made a horrible show in a horrible city. Morons!

1255 days ago


North Las Vegas, they should have known what could happen there.

1255 days ago


I own north las vegas

1255 days ago


@Electric are u sure it wasn't u...naw guess u wouldn't be writing if it was you...

1255 days ago


That's a good way to get someone killed. The producers never care as long as it boots ratings.

1255 days ago


when i saw the promo's for this show the first thing that popped into my mind was someone is gonna get shot on this lame show...

1255 days ago

Ronald RayGun    

It wouldn't surprise me if the producers of this show hired some psycho to fire at the crew in order to produce publicity for this lame ass show. They are also responsible for the other abomination called the Jersey Shore.

1254 days ago


What's next... Amish Parking wars? "Samuel you can not park your buggy on the curb"

I am SICK to death of this reality crap, the "Running Man" is already here people.

1254 days ago
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