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Fake Canadian -- Worst Travel Tip Ever?

5/6/2011 1:02 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

One frosty-tipped TMZ staffer confesses he pretends to be Canadian when traveling abroad ... and all HELL breaks loose. Brace yourself for OUTRAGE and debate in the newsroom! 050511_TV_louis_still

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I have worked as a server in a very popular themed restaurant for close to thirteen years . I am from Canada and regularly deal with Americans on a day to day basis. I have been asked by Americans if I spoke American, which I replied, I speak english, the same as you. I have been asked by Americans if we accept Canadian money, to which I replied, of course , you are in Canada. I have been asked if they can go to Vancouver , British Columbia for dinner, to which I replied , not unless you have a lear jet because you are in Ontario.
That is why you are being viewed as you are. You need to realize that there are other countries in the world and not be so ignorant to their customs , currency, politics, etc...

There are many wonderful, decent Americans who get a bad rap from the ones who display such arrogance.

1264 days ago


Poor Dax.

And for all the Americans who tell people that they are Canadian when they travel: **** YOU!

I AM CANADIAN and proud of it. The reason that people in other countries do not mind Canadians is that we DO NOT ACT LIKE STUCKUP *******S WHO FEEL ENTITLED AND EXPECT EVERYONE ELSE TO LOVE Americans.

Harvey was right -- suck it up you miserable spoiled brats and take your punishment like Americans! Trust me, you deserve it.

1264 days ago



I wasn't being sarcastic in my thanks in case you had that impression

I love it when I come across intelligent, well informed people rather than empty headed blowhards on sites like this one
(nationality/religion whatever has nothing to do with it)

I sincerely enjoy and learn from some of the people like you who post comments-so thanks again

1263 days ago


woooo! go canada! when my friends and i are joking around and insulting each other, calling someone an american is like the ultimate insult. you'll never hear of a canadian pretending to be american!

1263 days ago

Mr Domie     

I tell people I am an American ...And if they dont like it I kick that Ass ...God Bless America .... Frosty tip sucks dog ass...

1263 days ago


The fact is, many Americans do act like loud selfish crass boors and this is noticed and not appreciated when outside of America.
That is not to say all Americans are like that, but enough that they have earned themselves a reputation.
I have traveled extensively and am sure to place the Canadian flag - on my backpack when I was younger and on my suitcase now. I met many lovely Americans, many of whom did pretend to be Canadian. People always express that they are glad to hear you are Canadian and not American in other countries.

1263 days ago


Quebec...really, it say's it all.

1263 days ago


CANADIANS KICK ASS!!! w00T w00T!! Proud canadian right here :) I dont need to fake being canadian here eh! Everyone loves us Canadian folk hahaha

1263 days ago


Dear Americans,
Stop giving Canada a bad name by posing as residents of our country. At least we still have Cuba.

All of Canada

1263 days ago


As a Canadian traveller, I, and most people I know who travel, always wear our Canadian flag pins somewhere on our bags. Sorry, but it works.

1263 days ago

Kim Starnino    

It's true. Europeans don't like Americans. I'm Canadian and when I go traveling in Europe, I wear a Canadian flag on my back pack and they notice you and they like you better. Especially in the UK

1263 days ago


Wow! Just Wow! I have read all the posts on here and I just can’t believe what I’m reading. I’m sure I am going to receive hell for this post, but oh well. I’m disappointed that Americans deny where they are from and I’m disappointed that other countries lump all Americans together.

I hope the “posers” never said the Pledge of Allegiance. If I’m not mistaken, the words to the pledge are: I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the republic for which it stands, …….. The words clearly are not I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America when it is convenient for me and to the republic ……..

I could understand the Canadians getting really pis$$d about Americans using the Canadian excuse in a foreign land. There are good and bad people in EVERY country, not just USA. Too bad other countries choose to lump all Americans in the same obnoxious, arrogant category because all of us aren’t that way. And if the posers would stop doing that, maybe other countries would see us for something different. No wonder other countries laugh at us, because we even hide the fact we are American. America has its fault, but we are a free country – free enough even to admit we pose as Canadians. Imagine living somewhere else and saying something like that about your country. And doing this just so you get a dollar off a souvenir, to get better service at a restaurant, etc.?! Even in America, if I don’t get good service somewhere, I certainly don’t spend my money there!! Why pay these countries our hard earned dollars just for them to treat us automatically bad just because we are American? And if you say “Well, then guess you will never be traveling anywhere,” well, fine, there are many great places in America to see. Dare I even say that maybe these other countries that treat all Americans bad just because of a few obnoxious, rude people here and there they ran into, maybe we should start saying “this country is such and such because they are judgemental before they even get to know you as a person and don’t even look beyond your nationality.” I understand there are rude, impolite, judgemental, obnoxious, arrogant, etc. Americans. But that’s that person, not all Americans. I certainly don’t want other countries judging us on the Jersey Shore cast. America has its faults, I’ll be the first to admit that, but we aren’t all bad. Every country has their own stereotypes, so let’s just start lumping the stereotype against every person in that country.

And these same countries that diss us now, well, when Al-Qaeda, Taliban, terrorists comes to your homeland, don’t come to us for help. OH, but you will. And we will be there to support your a$$es, even though now you mock us, hate us. Won’t be hating us then when we send in troops to help and protect you, will you? I know all of you don’t feel this badly towards us – again, there are good and bad in every country. Good thing USA doesn’t lump every Canadian, Aussie, African, Italian, German, etc. in the same category. How come when we all travel to another country we can’t be looked at as a person, but as to what nationality we are? I would hate for everyone to miss out on meeting really considerate, genuine Americans just because you think they are going to be a loud, obnoxious one. And Americans should not be traveling to foreign lands where they know they will be captured and killed or held for ransom.

Our servicemen and women protect these same Americans’ rights that are saying “I’m Canadian.” What a smack in the face. Even soldiers will admit they are American even though they know they will be killed for it. I know people do it to get out of hostile situations sometimes, but really, to visit a country and be treated badly just for being American? I guess I could say boycott, but then it looks like we would be boycotting just about every country. But again, why spend money just to be treated badly? I know I’m going to get flack for saying this, but Dr. Phil always say “You teach people how to treat you.” And we are teaching other countries that yeah, they can treat us badly, but you know what, we will still give you our hard earned money.

Again, I know I will get smack for posting this, for this reason or that reason or whatever, but oh well. I am proud to be an American and it’s time everyone in America is proud to be an American and show the other countries we aren’t all obnoxious, arrogant, rude, etc. Although after this post, most of you are going to say I am this or that, but I just can’t believe people deny their homeland instead of showing others there are some good people left in the world – from whatever country they may be from.

1262 days ago


As a Canadian I have seen European behaviour about this ever since I was a kid. They always ask first: "Are you American?". And you answer "No, I'm a Canadian" and they completely change their demeanor. The only thing that has really surprised me is that it has taken 30 years for the U.S. to realize what other countries feel about them.
BUT, I love the U.S. and have always travelled there as well and I have never had an issue on U.S. soil. Americans on their own land are wonderful and friendly. But the Europeans have a major issue over them and unfortunately I have seen it time and time again.

1262 days ago


Hey I'm Aussie and don't hate the American tourists! The people willing to travel around different countries backpacking (usually), aren't the type of Americans that people get annoyed with, rather thankfully it tends to be the ones that stay in America :)

1262 days ago


What I get from reading the comments is that SOME canadians are just as rude and obnoxious as the americans tourists. You have a nasty attitude. You might not show it but deep down you are really hateful people its disgusting why don't show us the real you eh? The haters. Anyway when I go traveling I don't go around "IM AMERICAN IM ENTITLED TO BE TREATED AS A QUEEN USA USA USA". I act politely and I smile.

It's unfortunate that you met SOME rude americans but do not judge us all entirely. If you keep saying "the americans are rude and stupid" shut up please you haven't even met all of us! I do know my geography I do who is the prime minister of Astrualia(julia gillard) and the Uk(david cameron).

Anyway every country has its morons yet its only the Americans that get bash all the time because of the way we are portrayed in tv or the news and newspaper. I have watched the Russian news RT and they always some of anti-american segment, its disgusting. Same with our suppose allies, the BBC, also has anti-american segements. But am I going to judge all the british and russians because of those shows? NO. Because I was taught better to respect different views, we are free nation and we have free speech something some countries don't have.

Anyway just my thoughts. I really don't have anything against anyone just think your attitudes should change and not judge an entire country. The hating its real sad though.

1261 days ago
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