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Fake Canadian -- Worst Travel Tip Ever?

5/6/2011 1:02 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

One frosty-tipped TMZ staffer confesses he pretends to be Canadian when traveling abroad ... and all HELL breaks loose. Brace yourself for OUTRAGE and debate in the newsroom! 050511_TV_louis_still

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If other peoples are sour on the USA its has to be from the leftie TV "news" networks who constantly portray America as over-reaching and the root of all evil. To the numb nut above who said we are "IMPERIALISTIC"...exactly what country have we overtaken and are running? We have not claimed any other country as our own and do not run either Iraq or Afghanistan, UNFORTUNATELY. We give away so much money to other countries most of you don't even know about and we try our best to pull 7th century voodoo countires into the 21st century only to be called names. May I remind you we would not be in the middle east if they did not send their sociopaths here to kill us. Its always the same....whine over America but be the first to ask for our help when s**t rains down on your head. I travel for business all over the world .Am home less than 2 months a year. I PROUDLY say I am AMERICAN. We are more judged by our own actions than the governement's. Act like a fool abroad and we all are preceived as fools.

1269 days ago


I travelled several years ago with an American friend to an Asian country. We were treated completely differently. She started telling people she was Canadian to avoid the trouble. It did not mean she did not love her country As I mine, she just wanted to be treated equal.

The perception is that Americans have a certain arrogance compared to Canadians.

1269 days ago


All you people "claiming" to be Canadian need to just go ahead and change your nationality. Apparently you are scared little ******* who are afraid of what people think of you!!! "Oh, they got in my face and said bad things"...BFD. Maybe if you don`t act like ahole`s when your overseas, things might be different. I have been to Europe and S. America many times and have always been treated well. Either vacation in the states, or just start singing "Oh, Canada" right when you step off the plane!...*******

1269 days ago


Being Canadian and traveling a lot, I am very aware of the difference that we are treated over Americans. In Fact it was very apparent in Rome, Italy. Our bags never made it over on our flight and once the airline realized we were Canadian, the attitude changed, the tone of voice was different. Same as the hotel, we even got upgraded to a huge suite just for being the first Canadians to stay at their hotel! In the Bahama's..same thing! England, same thing..I could go on! Americans just have a bad rap for being jerks..just drop the "I have a right to anything" attitude and you will be fine

1269 days ago


I have actually witnessed this at a comedy club in London, when the comedian asked if there were any Americans in the room. I think whoever is #1 is going to attract the good and bad simply by being #1. I don't think that's avoidable. If anything it's a measure of America still being a large enough cultural, economic, military, superpower that Americans attract so much attention good and bad. A lot of it is complete idiocy and generalisation, and I think much of it is simply ignorance from those that have never been to America and don't actually know Americans (in that it's a very diverse country and much of the generalisation is fallacious). So I can understand people responding to hostility by pretending to be Canadian, in certain cir***stance, say a comedy club where they're about to be roasted simply for being American.

1269 days ago

all about the money    

Actually its true, in many cases for security reasons alone when traveling abroad you don't go around wearing an American Flag short carrying a boombox blasting Born in the USA. Quick way to either get attacked, kidnapped, or even disappear. Thanks to such a great job during Bush's presidency by the foreign relations policy's it became downright dangerous to travel abroad and blatantly be American. Sad truth for sure.

I had a colleague who went to France shortly after the Iraq invasion to ride across the country with a couple of his friends on bikes. One of them had an American flag patch on his backpack and was almost driven off the road several times the first day. He was refused service at some shops, told off, cussed out, even threatened to get out of town all because of the American Patch. So that night he changed to patch from an American Flag to a Canadian Flag and never had any more issues the rest of their trip. People were helpful and friendly.

I know of another guy that flew into Germany and had a minature American Flag pinned to his luggage. When he and his wife went outside the airport to get a taxi a poliza officer actually came up and walked him back inside the airport and told him to remove the flag from his bag. When asked why he was told that it would be dangerous to be American in Berlin right now. Again this was shortly after America invaded Iraq.

Professor from the college here was in the Philippines and expressed American Pride and was viciously assaulted by a mob of people in a park. Was eventually rescued and taken to the hospital where they had armed guards outside her room to protect her. She ended up being turned over to the American Consulate for her own protection and they helped her get out of the country. Again this was back shortly after the Iraqi invasion.

Maybe things are not so hostile now, but yea...American perception around the world is not very positive right now. It's pretty dangerous to admit you are American outside of the USA right even now. You are either targeted by people upset with how America is going to war or targeted by people that figure if your American someone will pay money to get you back and kidnap you.

1269 days ago


Why do people hate Americans? Watch this closed.

1269 days ago

Captain Canada    

Would Chuck Norris pretend he is Canadian when travelling out of the good ol' U S of A?

1269 days ago


Never really thought much about it. As a Canadian myself never had issues with travel. I would have thought if you were treating people decently, they would treat you with the same respect...that's kind of sucky to have to do that.

1269 days ago



you're correct
the politics, the people in power and their policies have a HUGE impact on how the world perceives us

and now with CNN etc. going around the world their view of the US and it's citizesn isno longer limited to I Love Lucy reruns...
and yes-tragically, they may have already seen The Jersey shore :(

1269 days ago


I hate it when Americans pretend to be Canadian! First, it's pretty hard to cover the American accent. Don't say Eh, that's pretty much a myth. Second, just don't do it because some of you embarrass us real Canadians with your rude, arrogant attitudes!

1269 days ago


It's quite common. I have many American friends who I end up going overseas with and they all put the Canadian flag on their bags. I'm not overly offended by it because these friends all act nice and never give the flag a bad name.

1269 days ago

Proud Canadian!    

I guess I don't blame Americans that do this when they are travelling. However I hope that those who do choose to say they are Canadian to be prepared to answer some questions about our country. I've rarely met a American that can name 2 of our provinces. If you're from the south don't even try to act canadian cause it won't work. Safe travels!

1269 days ago


Canadians do not like Americans either - we're just too polite to say anything and we apologize on your behalf.

1269 days ago


Canada has been ranked the friendliest country in the world... Why would using the excuse "Im Canadian" be a bad thing when traveling to countries that may not be the friendliest to American citizens?

1269 days ago
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