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Fake Canadian -- Worst Travel Tip Ever?

5/6/2011 1:02 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

One frosty-tipped TMZ staffer confesses he pretends to be Canadian when traveling abroad ... and all HELL breaks loose. Brace yourself for OUTRAGE and debate in the newsroom! 050511_TV_louis_still

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Tons of American's claim they're Canadian when overseas. This was ESPECIALLY true when W was President (and I use the term loosely!)
American's can be egotistical idiots sometimes (mostly when they're drunk). Chances are when you're overseas you will encounter a few drunken baseball hat wearing 'mericans talking out of their asses demanding the world solely because they're "merican.
It's very annoying and you can't blame a person for wanting to distance themselves with that.

1244 days ago


I'll never forget vacationing in Greece and talking with an American couple. We were sitting beside the pool at the hotel and the husband was furious because he thought service was too slow. His comment was "We saved their asses in World War II. They should be treating me better". The arrogance was amazing.

I've met some extremely nice Americans but I can't stand being around the ones that shove the "USA rules the world" sentiment down your throat. A little modesty and tact goes a long way.

1244 days ago


What's really funny is when a REAL Canadian bust an Amercian pretending to be Canadian. My husband and I travel quite a bit and we can always spot the Amercian pretenders by their shoes! Never mind the accent.

Americans wear BRIGHT WHITE Nike's or other athletic shoes with white athletic socks. We tend to relegate that look to the gym. We prefer black/brown shoes as streetwear.

1244 days ago


completely agree with Dax. "Cartman" has absolutely no clue.

1244 days ago


I lived in Greece for a while and I have dual citizenship (American/Mexican). I was told by THE AMERICAN EMBASSY to use my Mexican passport and to tell people I was Mexican versus American for my SAFETY.
Face it fellow Americans, we are not well liked around the world and it's because our government is a BULLY who abuses their military power.
There are many people out there who would like us to fall off the face of the Earth. You can deny it all you like, but I heard it from our own Embassy. I think denying you're an American while traveling is smart and if that's offensive to you then you need open your eyes and educate yourself- we are the school yard bully's that no one really likes. SAD.

1244 days ago


I am Canadian (just had to say that!) and this is something that's been going on a long time. My parents travelled to Europe in 1967 (my dad was born in England) and in Paris they were approached by an American who asked if my dad would sell his bag that had the Canadian flag on it. He said he would be treated better on his trip.

1244 days ago


Obviously no one else in the TMZ newsroom has ever travelled to Europe. Dax is right... Americans are not well liked there.

Canada FTW.

1244 days ago


First off, I think everyone should stop painting everyone else with the sterotype each countries peoples are percieved as, it's petty and disrepectful.

I have had no troubles in the Bahamas or in Europe, Italy to be specific. if I was asked if I was American I said yes, I saw no reason to lie, and I didn't get treated horribly or was inflicted with bad service.But then again, I treat others like how I would like to be treated, which is sadly lacking from most of the upper-class white Americans (who live in their nice sealed off white communities and make fun of everyone) that inflict themselves upon the world, or the real redneck hicks, who truly don't know any better.

I don't dislike peoples, I dislike the PERSON.

And really the people who are bashing the Canadians, and the Canadians that are bashing the Americans, it's people like you that others remember when thinking, and bad things are often more remembered then politeness or kindness. So I suggest both sides think long and hard about what they truly dislike about the other, before flying off the handle in an emotional outburst.

1244 days ago


Cartman 10 hours ago
"People who would deny being American would deny their family and their religions and are not to be trusted.... lots of others want to live here even if you don't.
God Bless America!"

CARTMAN you need to zip it! Have you EVER been out of this country? 'Merica isn't supposed to be ONLY about war and soldiers and all that Bush era crap! Being American is just a little more than being a warmongering country. GROW UP! And do us all a favor and STOP BRINGING UP THIS MYTHOLOGICAL "god" to the discussion, everybody is sick to death of it. again... GROW UP!

1244 days ago


I always wear a pin with the Canadian flag on it when I travel, even to the states. I’m proud to be a Canadian and for the most part I’ve had no problems.

Sure there are the few ignorant Americans who say something snarky asking what the hell that is and why I’m wearing it – don’t you know you’re in the states etc, but those are few and far between. While on holiday at Disneyworld we started talking to a group of Americans – very nice except for this one guy who snidely asked to see my passport to prove I was a real Canadian and that I was in the country legally. Needless to say I didn’t show it to him and everyone at the table laughed him down. There are always a few rotten apples in any bunch.

1244 days ago


I know Rwanda might not be the on your itineraries...But if you go...Never...I mean NEVER say your Canadian! Same goes for Cambodia, East Timor and Bosnia, Republic of Gerogia and Croatia.

Just FYI.

1244 days ago


Of course he wanted to be Canadian! Who wouldn't?

1244 days ago

American Dave    

Fire that employee, seriously. Or take TMZ to Canada or some other country. How can we expect people to be impartial and/or like America if Americans are ashamed to American?

Unless you're in prison, nothing stopping you from moving elsewhere - what a jackass.

1244 days ago


Dax Has IT ! Remember Harvey, the Experts agree! A Canadian Passsport and Identity is prefered by 9 out of 10 Mossad Agents when working/travelling abroad!

1244 days ago


What? Like this is news? People (Americans) have been been putting little Canadian flags on their backpacks since the 14th century?
Have you watched some Americans travel? I used to be embarrassed sometimes, watching them and I AM CANADIAN.
Americans abroad have the reputation they have earned.

1244 days ago
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