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Radio Host to Hilary Swank: You're Not a 'Pretty Girl'

5/10/2011 2:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Hilary Swank's hotness level has long been a subject of debate -- it was an entire storyline on "The Office" once -- but during a radio interview yesterday, Hilary got a brutally honest verdict from the host.

It all went down on KCRW -- when host Kim Masters tried to ask Hilary if she's finding "fewer good roles" as she gets older.   Hilary explained that aging women can still find quality work in Hollywood -- and used Meryl Streep as an example.

That's when Masters quipped, "But she's the exception ... she's not like the pretty girl ... and you're not either."

Swank jokingly replied, "Hey what are you trying to say?" ... before saying she "completely" understood Kim's point.

So, we gotta ask ... 


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Hilary Swank is a ten, no question, she has class, and there is just something about her. She is real.

1259 days ago


Wow! That was just rude!!!

1259 days ago


Quite frankly, after reading this I think Kim Masters is uglier than a sack full of azzh*les!!!

1259 days ago


I understand the question, but it should have been stated better. Hollyweird goes after the attractive babe types to play younger actresses for their movies. They are not so picky about the male roles.

She's really very fortunate. Hollyweird is mostly an in-crowd of nepotism. And she had a mother that moved from Washington state to LA and live out of their car so that she could pursue an acting career while still in high school. She got extremely lucky!!!

1259 days ago


Years ago Hilary and Chad came into the restuarant where I worked, and I have to admit, she was not a nice person to wait on at all. Very rude and even asked, "do you know who I am..." So in my eyes, that knocked her down a bit in the pretty department. Her husband, at the time, and all their friends were embarrassed by her attitude, but very pleasant to us.

1259 days ago

Tammy LM    

Uh, this radio host needs to shut up. There's usually a REASON why she's on RADIO and not television her damn self.

SHE looks like one of Charles Manson's cult b1tches. Take a weed eater to that 70's porn star uni-brow skag and stop disrespecting double Oscar winners nice enough to even bother coming on your lame ass radio show.

P.S. While you're at it, get an eye lift too. Before that thing overlaps completely on top of itself. You look like Phil Lewis of the band, L.A. Guns...

1259 days ago


If pretty was the prerequisite, that Sarah J. Parker horse face chick would have never made it past the casting couch.

1259 days ago


Well, that's the pot calling the kettle black. How classless.

1259 days ago


radio host is on the RADIO...nuff one wants to look at her...just like Howard Stern...Hilary Swank IS IN MOVIES...people like her...this radio bitch is jealous

1259 days ago


Well let's see here. One has a face for radio, the other has a face for two Oscar wins. I'd say Hilary wins this debate by two golden statues.

1259 days ago


Wozers , could ya have used a worse pic of her ???? ,
she's quite classic looking , nothing wrong with that ,

it's not like the kim chick or even the owner of this site are remotely attractive at all themselves , just saying

oh and could ya kill all the useless spam in your comments too ,
if i wanted to buy fake fashion crap why would i come here to do it :)

1259 days ago


This is sooo cool I was JUST coming to TMZ to look on the comments to see if they had clothing for I know where to go...thanks dfghfghhgh! Ur the best! And you deliver to MY DOOR? WTF? THIS is unlike other websites that drop my packages off at my chimney...this is incredible...and you accept p y a p a l for payment? whoolly shhhit...i dont know what that is but im sure gonna find out right now!!! Thank you SO MUCH for the post! Oh and one more thing...UR REPORTED ASS HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLE!

1259 days ago


Hey if any TMZ members want to spam the spammer I found the email

Hope ur clothing company fails!

1259 days ago

And thats the truth    

At least Hillary does not look like she has a butt on her chin.

1259 days ago


Hillary Swank is pretty. Anyone who thinks she isn't needs to get off of the computer and get out more.

1259 days ago
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