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Jennifer Lopez -- No Audio, No Problem!

5/15/2011 7:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

When the audio cut out during Jennifer Lopez's performance last night at KIIS-FM's Wango Tango concert in Los Angeles, you think she'd notice right away. Think again.


The audio did eventually come back on and the audience was probably happy when it did.


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1259 days ago


This clown never would have made it past the auditions of American Idol. Funny she's a judge and can't sing a lick. A completely packaged act with no artistry whatsoever. This is why American Music is so irrelevant.

1259 days ago


I tell you. I am convinced you pretty much have to be a full-blown...idiot to be an entertainer and hop around like that, fat as you get, stupid as you look. Punto y aparte.

1259 days ago


Never heard her sing. Have seen her attempt at acting. Awful. So how's her singing?

1259 days ago


ANOTHER FCKING LIP SYNCHING FAKE ASHLEE SIMPSON! Fat ass JLO--act your age and go take care of your kids...Ben Affleck is thanking God he wasnt stuck with this self absorbed fake..

1259 days ago


Her butt is nasty disgusting.

1259 days ago


poor jennifer.... so yesterday.

1259 days ago


I was there. Jennifer Lopez's came at the very end of the night after Pitbull's set list. He had one of the longest ones. Everything was normal they both did "On The Floor" until her music just shut down. she & her back up dancers kept on dancing, while she did the same and sang but nobody could hear her. then 2 minutes later she told the crowd to hold up a bit while they get it all taken car of then she came back with sass on the stage and yelled out "Someone's gettin' fired tonight!" the crowd laughed and cheered her on. they didn't boo her.

1259 days ago


This would be correct as someone mentioned before,the audio is clearly "clipping"and distorting to the point the power amplifiers went into overload protection.
to many amateur sound techs these days get payed to much to deliver a low quality product.
J-LO handled it well,but not a big fan of these manufactured musicals.

1259 days ago


I'll help Jennifer Loepz with her audio. And Jennifer Lopez sitting right in the middle of my lap on purpose while Jennifer Lopez and I'll be totally in the nude on purpose in private only Jennifer Lopez' persmission. From George William Gockel

1259 days ago


I am confused here. Is this basically the same thing that ruined Ashlee Simpson's career? I mean, when the audio went out there was absolutely no sound coming out of her microphone. So is her microphone off or what?

1259 days ago


i think she knew right away, but she kept on going, as they are supposed to do. what you don't see in the clip is that right afterwards, she said, "someone's getting fired tonight". She then started over from the top (which was cool of her to do), BUT THEN! she walked off the stage the second the song was over, and didn't bother coming back out! not sure if she was pissed off and refused to go back on, but after sitting there for a minute or so we realized that it was in fact over. she didn't say, "thank you LA" or goodnight... nothing. it was a very bad way to close the show. ohhh... and one last thing to think about... she was probably lip singing to begin with. i was in the first row... about 10 feet away from her at times. when the music went out, she kept "singing", yet we couldn't hear her voice at all. immediately after she finished, we could hear her saying "c'mon!". how were we able to hear that, and not her singing? O_o

1259 days ago


Its like a trampoline!

1259 days ago


She didn't react because she (and everyone else onstage) doesn't hear the PA. The stage audio was fine, the musicians & dancers had no idea the PA dropped out.

1259 days ago


of course she was lip syncing, otherwise she would hve stopped singing if she didn't hear music, you don't just jump around to no music. she hears the music in the ear monitor, so just keeps lipping, she didn't really know. holy smokes, thats lip syncing alright, total proof. otherwise you would have heard at least her voice eitehr out of the microphone, or if it went dead too, then maybe some voice, but why would she keep going if everything shut off. wierd.

1259 days ago
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