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A Whale of a Time

5/21/2011 12:01 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The 21-year-old mother of one was spotted at a fashion event in New Zealand, looking nautical.

Keisha used a stand-in while filming many of the swimming scenes because she could not swim well.

In 2002, Keisha was the youngest actress to ever be nominated for the Oscars Best Actress category.


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And since then has become a self-righteous little know it all who seems to have gone out of her way to have a kid as a teenager as a big F- to society. She's a preening, pretentious little girl who was never given the chance to grow up properly, resulting in an over-confident, arrogant person.

1260 days ago


I did some work at the school she went to and there teachers had nothing good to say about her. Apparently, she was a horrible little s.h.i.t.

1260 days ago


She was also in a couple episodes of Legend of the Seeker.

1260 days ago


HEY DAVE! Don't hold back.....tell us how you REALLY feel.

1260 days ago


sounds like Dave is really her father.

1260 days ago


I always wondered why they gave her a token nomination. Might as well give it to someone who deserves it and actually has a future. "Oh, lets give a nom to a cute little girl, so she can pose for pictures with Johnny Depp"

1260 days ago


gregoryb - you never saw the movie did you? It was a phenomenal performance and far superior to some that have actually won. #kimbasinger

1259 days ago


Sounds to me like Dave has a tiny little **** that could not fit inside an electrical socket, which he no doubt has attempted one too many times. Go kill yourself loser.

1259 days ago


Dave got it right.
That arrogant, pretentious little hori mole is now just another cuzzie DPB-bludging skank.

1259 days ago

Goonie Goo Goo    

You're on the money Dave. She had the chance to be a positive role model to young Maorians and instead decided to be a self-righteous slut. The best she can do now is supporting roles on the Lifetime channel. Way to throw away your career Kiesha!

1259 days ago

JLo on Steroids    

if having a kid = slut, then tell your whore of a mother I said hello. :)
Nope i dont have any kids, so yeah i can say that.

1258 days ago


She's nice. She's a friend of my brother. We met briefly. My brother says she suffered depression recently and is trying to get through it. I'd say you guys are not able to cast the first stone. Meet her in real life, its a different story to ones you perceive from else where.

1258 days ago


All you apparent pop-culture junkies apprently missed it when she made both real and entertainment news back in 2006 when she starred as Mary (yes, as in mother of Jesus - you probably have never heard of him, either...He doesn't have a reality show on E!) in the major theatrical release The Nativity. She caused quite a scandal when it was revealed that the reason she wasn't doing the press junkets for the film was because she was pregnant at 16 and unmarried.

1188 days ago

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