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Botox Mom Reporter: Sheena SET ME UP!

5/20/2011 2:31 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The reporter behind the Botox Mom story claims Sheena Upton aka Kerry Campbell FRAMED her in a diabolical plot to profit off her 8-year-old daughter -- and now, the reporter says Sheena ruined her life.


The reporter Alley Einstein -- who set up the original deal with the British tabloid The Sun -- signed a sworn declaration, obtained by TMZ, in which she claims the emails TMZ posted this morning were "doctored" to make it look like Einstein coached Upton and told her to lie.

Einstein claims the emails detailing the Botox story -- including quotations -- were intended to be used as a "media briefing sheet" to help Upton REMEMBER several key points ... it was NOT a script.

Einstein claims her reputation is now ruined -- insisting she's been "emotionally and professionally scarred" by the entire situation ... in fact, Einstein claims she even had to seek out medical attention.

As for the $1,000 Einstein wired Upton -- Einstein claims Upton demanded the money for "vital bills" ... but then splurged on a shopping spree instead.

Best part -- back when she was working the story, Einstein claims she asked Upton if she was "prepared to be the most hated woman in America" ... and Upton replied, "Hell yes, bring it on."

0520_tmz_live_mini_vid_launch2We just interviewed Alley on TMZ Live, and she claims she has pictures that she'll give us that prove Sheena injected her daughter, and she's lying.


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Look at the kids face while Mommy is supposedly pretending to give her a shot in the face. The kid isn't that good of an actor. Mommy is just after damage control. I fully believe that child was given Botox.

1249 days ago


Is either of these women related to Kris Herzog? What a mess.

1249 days ago


WHO CARES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1249 days ago


Well here's half a dozen more people that won't be getting raptured tomorrow.

1249 days ago


AND HOW MUCH YOU THINK YOU CAN GET OUT OF THAT MOM? she has no money which is why she did this in first place. NOW OUR COURTS PAY FOR THIS ****. ****EN BULL****

1249 days ago


Hasn't the Mayo clinic or somewhere else already said there is no trace of botox and that the mom did not do this?

1249 days ago


Not interested.

1249 days ago

Lonnie Smalley    

Pretty simple to tell if the emails were doctored. Just have a look at them and show the header info etc...

1249 days ago


I really hope she comes through with the pictures as promised to keep her reputation.

P.S. I love how Harvey dodged how much they paid Botox Mom for the interviews.

1249 days ago


Just before the end of the interview Alley Einstein said that The Sun gave Botox Mom $5K yesterday. Now why would they give her $5K? Sounds like The Sun has something to hide.

1249 days ago


After hearing this "reporter" I actually believe Botox mom. I bet you she wont turn over the damaging pictures she claims to have. And if the reporter was in the right, why give botox mom $5000 when she threatened to talk to TMZ?

1249 days ago

Flying Blind    

If you believe a reporter or person from England when it comes to a prank. I got some land in Florida to sell you. The English are well known for setting ups pranks and caring them out for years.

I remember back in days of stuff flying around the rooms of people in England and were supposed to be from ghost. It went on for years before someone set up a hidden camera and proved it was all fake.

I think this reporter is trying to save her ars. Any hospital can either prove the story true or false in a matter of minutes. And appears they already have by reports the little girl was examined. Maybe the reporter doesn't know about this part of the story .......... yet.

1249 days ago


Everyone involved in this whole thing sucks ...including me for reading it all.

1249 days ago


Harvey - Some of your comments during the interview made me wonder if I misheard a couple of words during your phone interview with this reporter. I believe she indicated there was a bottle labeled Botox and another bottle that she assumed was filler. It was the "filler" that she injected into the lips, not what she withdrew from the Botox bottle.

1249 days ago


How come she's saying she made it up ONLY after child services was going to get involved? I think this lady actually did what she said she has done and she needs to be locked up, period.

1249 days ago
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