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Lindsay Lohan -- Wardrobe Malfunction In Miami

5/23/2011 4:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

What does NBA star Chris Bosh have in common with Lindsay Lohan's right breast?
They both COULD NOT BE CONTAINED in Miami this weekend!!!

Lindsay Lohan Nip Slip

Lohan had a bigtime photo shoot on the roof of a Miami hotel this weekend -- and in between shots, LiLo had a Janet Jackson moment.

Only this time, no one complained.

UPDATE: Her boob falls out AGAIN... See photo here.


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Harveys boyfriend    

Watch poppa Blowhan in the interview outside of court today.
Is it me or is he coked out of his mind (doing the mouth thing )and jittery as hell?

Rogue warrior my ass, more like

1186 days ago


She's a beautiful girl with awesome boobs, for sure. And yes she does have implants, loook it up. SHe had them done too big so she got them redone and had smaller ones put in. You can see them when she got super skinny. And who cares, most actresses get them done even though it doesn't look like it, they get them done small and get silicone in Europe like the VS models. And you know what? SHe looks great!

1186 days ago


HB I didn't want to watch that video as I didn't have any brain bleach handy. But it doesn't surprise me in the SLIGHTEST if the man was coked out of his mind.

Red cloud, I wonder how many times you are going to keep saying that. hasn't happened yet, and I seriously doubt it ever would!

1186 days ago


Still laughing at HB's comment WHOOOOO.

1186 days ago


From the New York Times

...In this overheated gossip marketplace, where the need for fresh fodder routinely turns bad behavior into “news,” the Lohans are prototypes of new Hollywood characters — celebrities famous for being infamous.

Lindsay Lohan, who first impressed critics in 1998 by playing 11-year-old twins in “The Parent Trap,” had a bright acting future but began struggling with drugs, alcohol and the law, often in public view. Now she is on the gossip sites daily, alternately as a comeback-in-waiting and a onetime prodigy gone wrong

......Often, that ends up being Ms. Lohan’s father. A former commodities trader who was jailed in the 1990s in a securities fraud scandal, he has made a second career hawking morsels about his family, himself and others in the celebrity sphere in which he travels.

....When asked in an interview about his attempt to “monetize” his harassment charge last summer, Mr. Lohan answered, “You have to.”

“It’s a business,” he said, adding, “If they want to write stories about me, why shouldn’t I get paid to tell the truth?”

He said the incident with Ms. Major “had nothing to do with the show” they were filming. As for law enforcement suspicions that the couple exploited the case for maximum exposure, Mr. Lohan said he would “not confirm or deny what was part of the media and what wasn’t.”

......On any given day, Mr. Lohan can be seen on Radar or TMZ promoting his rock song, “A Father’s Love,” about his daughter; writing to Mr. Sheen on his need for rehabilitation; or appearing in a video with Ms. Major getting his-and-her Botox injections.

In late 2009, he gave Radar a recording of a conversation with his daughter about her depression and isolation that he said he released to pressure her to get help. At the time, Mr. Lohan told The New York Post that he was not being paid for the tapes but suggested that he might have been for an accompanying interview.

.........He has extended his role beyond his own family, joining the ranks of “story brokers” who negotiate gossip-for-pay deals.

1186 days ago

john smith    

Haters, TMZ always puts up bad pictures of Lindsay, and I am sure that the ones that make the magazine will look great just like the hundreds of other professional modeling jobs that she has done. She look's a little tired, which is most likely jet lag and not enough sleep. She does have implants so If you don't like them than don't get any. I can't believe we have to watch a MiLO jury trial now that they say will last four or five days. Maybe Lindsay was upset about the NY Times article where her dad is pimping out his stories and his beefy bejeweled bodyguards, I think if I start a band that will be the name....."Beefy Bejeweled Bodyguards" If my dad acted like that I would be pissed as hell. So I broke the Carrie story on here before TMZ and the NY times story, where's my dirty money TMZ can I get a few thousand in cash so I don't have to pay taxes on it??

1186 days ago


I think Judge Revel has his number and I predict he overplays his hand and gets burned.

1186 days ago

the Seeker    

we love you lindsay
You know what is best for you
Do not listen to tmz haters
Or their queer ass folk employees.

1186 days ago

john smith    

MiLo talked some smack to the judge today. I think he said I requested a meeting with you a year ago, and the judge said something like...well you didn't have to request this meeting......OH snap!

1186 days ago


I think he mentioned injuries he claims Kate inflicted. Predict she has his claims investigated and busts him for being a fake ass bullshytter and wasting the court's time.

1186 days ago


The trollhans never encourage what's best for Lindsay. They just promote what's best for THEM.

1186 days ago

john smith    

Another Scientology postcardONLY CLEARS AND OTS will survive this planet! And were the only ones that can make them. LRH
Our target:

Join the SEA ORG
the organization of expansion

1186 days ago


oh please..give me a break,we have seen lindsays boobs hundreds of times,whats the big deal?,she has to keep the male interest no matter what,and true to form,all kinds of guys are responding that they would still do her,lol,its so pathetic...have no fear either way,lindsay will perk those babies up,soon enough...wait and see

1186 days ago


oh snap,i forgot,dont forget..lindsay is the side boob QUEEN!

1186 days ago

john smith    

Danielle most guys like implants, 69 percent.

1186 days ago
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