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Barack and Michelle

Catch Royal Fever

5/24/2011 1:00 AM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

Almost a month after the Royal wedding, President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama finally basked in the glow of newlyweds Prince William and Kate Middleton at Buckingham Palace on Tuesday.

It was a meeting of the superpower couples.


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Omg, you Obama haters crack me up! Have you no idea how jealous and fist-poundingly cranky you look?

By the way... the royals look uncomfortable around blacks.

1216 days ago


Someone please feed Kate a sandwich! The wedding is over!

1216 days ago

steven katona    

lets hope that mr obama's wisdom shines and these super couples can use their powers for the forces of good over evil! their leadership is invaluable in the globalized arena of public opinion and lets hope that these royals can all help mankind well into the 21st century!

1216 days ago


Kate better keep out of any strong wind or she will blow away. She is really too thin, and it doesn't look right.

1216 days ago


@ Brandi

Its funny that I was thinking the same thing lol

1216 days ago


Interesting that the two couples are not completely facing one shows they're not in full accord, or it may signify not being fully comfortable with one another.

1216 days ago


It's nice to know that this President is spending OUR tax dollars to go visit the Royals instead of using that money to go to the Tornado victims.(sarcastic) In emergencies like we have here, that stupid summit could wait!!! This is proof positive Obama and Michelle don't care about the American people. They would rather give our money to other Countries, especially the ones that pray "death to Americans" every day! >:(

1216 days ago


I love Michelle but she dressed inappropriately for this event. She should have been in a suit. She looked like she was holding a tea party or garden event.

1216 days ago

sally fl    

notice the difference between what Catherine is wearing and what Michelle is wearing.

1216 days ago

Deuce's mom    

Why is it all 4 have their hands crossed over their 'private parts' ??

1216 days ago


Please, can we drop "Middleton"? Catherine is married now!

1216 days ago

Your Momma    

You mean the royals had the honor to be in the presence of The President of the United States and the First Lady. Those little snobs have not done anything but been born. Why does England even put up with the so called royal family? They are nothing but little dweebs, if it was not for Princess Diana whom I absolutley love, no one would know who these 2 little so called royals were.

1216 days ago


"Hey juju, it's a free country. If someone doesn't want to kiss Obama's azz, then they don't have to. Quit stuffing your liberal crap down everybodys' throat. This isn't a political comment board. Enough, now go away".

You say it is a free country and then proceed to show your hypocritical teaba**ing self.

Cracks me up everytime!! Silly ignorant teaba**ers are funny.

If criticizing what Michelle wears is your biggest gripe, you need to get a life. Obama will be re-elected in 2012 because the Republicans are pathetic - deal with it!

1216 days ago


I love the UNimpressed look on Kate's face....kinda as unimpressed as the rest of this nation!

1216 days ago


Kate to Michy-'so sorry you weren't invited...'

Crush you loon libs in 2012. Now, back to your blunts!

1216 days ago
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