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Barack and Michelle

Catch Royal Fever

5/24/2011 1:00 AM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

Almost a month after the Royal wedding, President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama finally basked in the glow of newlyweds Prince William and Kate Middleton at Buckingham Palace on Tuesday.

It was a meeting of the superpower couples.


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Now all they need are Jay-Z & Beyonce and Brad & Angelina

1147 days ago

Rob Base    

Hey Juju, That dirty tea party. I can't believe that they want the government to stop spending money. They also want lower taxes those bast**ds! They also are such racists I mean they are supporting Herman Cain a black man for president.

You use Tea Ba**ers so I guess you don't believe in those positions. You are for higher taxes and the government spending more money, and maybe you are a racist. The people that disagree with the Tea party positions are usually the people that don't participate in those things. All you care about is the next government check and hope it is low enough so once again you don't have to pay taxes. Enjoy it while it last your free ride is over in 2012!

1147 days ago


I voted for Obama. And all I've seen for the past two years are a bunch of PR bull**** pictures and meetings and guess what,the US citizens are still unemployed, and suffering and jobs are still going to China and Asia or visas..Someone needs to get a pair of you know what and stop all the freeloading off of our country and help our own out, get our own back to work, get our homeless off the streets, get our kids the best education possible with costing and arm and a leg. Obama is a typical "Manager", set up meetings and take pictures and talk a bunch of plans and act like you are getting something done, and then get back to your social life and your PR photo shoots, and hope everyone else takes care of your business and keeping your promises. Going on Oprah was the last straw for me with him, I'm not voting next election. I can't vote for the candidate of my own party. And I won't cross party lines....

1147 days ago


Rob Base -
Federal taxes are at their lowest rates EVER! Obama is taxing you LESS that Bush and Reagan ever did. No, really, it's true.
Look it up before you vomit out Fixed News talking points.

And I guess that you are one who thinks we should do nothing for Joplin Missouri??

My spouse supports our family very well, thank you. We just believe in that old CHRISTIAN value that we are here on earth to help others - teaba**gers call themselves Christians, then just look out for themselves. Sad.

1147 days ago

Rob Base    

JuJu where do I began. First the reason I didn't mention Joplin Mo is because I don't use other people's suffering to make my political points. Second taxes are not at the lowest rates ever. Reagan came into office and cut the top tax rate from 70% to 35%. Take your stubby fingers and google it. Last time I checked Fox doesn't control google. Third your husband takes care of you of course why would I expect anything else. Fourth Obama talkes about returning the rates to 39.6( the clinton takes rates). The only reason they are lower is because Obama kept the Bush tx rates because he is to much of a coward to do what he really wants. Instead he is working on every other possible tax and the fight from the Tea Party is to stop that. Last you take something you see on PSnbc about the Tea Party and make general opinion over all of the people in the group. I thought democrats where supposed to be more tolerant of other people. Stop drinking the cool aid and get a job!

1147 days ago


I don't understand what the pink jacket has to do with the rest of the outfit? Mrs Obama has not worn one single item that I can say I liked. Uggh.

1147 days ago


Our Country is going down the toilet and where is B-BUM-A...on an ego trip thru Europe.....What a **** head...and wtf is his fugly wife wearing.........looks like a sweater my great grandma threw away! Useless.....both THE O-BUM-A's

1147 days ago


Rob Base -
you are only talking about the tax rates for MILLIONAIRES! Seriously? According the the Center on Budget and Policy...

■Income taxes: "A family of four in the exact middle of the income spectrum will pay only 4.7 percent of its income in federal income taxes this year, according to a new analysis by the Urban Institute-Brookings Institution Tax Policy Center. This is the third-lowest percentage in the past 50 years, after 2008 and 2009."
If you are only concerned about millionaires, then I guess that's your thing - but don't say that the middle class has higher taxes than ever - that would be you lying.

Or maybe Fixed News is only concerned about, and only tells you about, the poor, pitiful, millionaires taxes. That sounds about right.

And who said I have a husband?? I said spouse, not husband.

1147 days ago

M. Jordan    

When she wears expensive things they complain, when she wear J. Crwe they complain. What will make these critics happy. First Lady, Attorney Michelle Obama is beautiful inside and out regardless of what she wears.

1147 days ago


So this entire trip was planned for the purpose of O'Bama reclaiming his rightful ' ? Well that's what he said , that he wanted to get back his Apostafee , sp. Here ya go . President O' Bama

May the wind be always at your back

And the road rise to meet you .. well that didn't happen either. LOL

1147 days ago

Rob Base    

Hey Juju, Spouse, husband, who cares either way your not working. Sadly this will be my last post because I am going get back to work making the money and paying the taxes that gives you the chance to live your no consequential, no effort, lazy lifestyle. Let me correct you once again. I was talking about the top tax rate. Lets have a math quiz. If the top tax rate is for people that make $250,000 and above and since you haft to make a million dollars to be a millionaire than im NOT talking about only millionaires am I. Now 250,000 to you might be high but for a small business or depending on where you live its all relative in how much money that really is.(Millionaires and Billionaires heard line before) Keep pumping the mindless propaganda coolaid are government is giving to you. Congradulations the poor and middle class are paying slightly less. Since the top ten percent of americans pay 50% of the total tax than you guys are paying even less than you ever had( which isn't much). Good for you but unless you are on food stamps (which you probabaly are) you notice that groceries are a little bit higher, and gas is a little bit higher as well, and oh yes the administration is talking about a national sales tax. So once again just because some people are paying less in income taxes JuJu that doesn't mean that taxes are not goining up in other areas. Source ROB BASE!

1147 days ago


Off topic questions, from a curious Canadian. Hope someone answers. Why does the American extreme right refer to liberals as socialists and communists? It's hardly the same. And regarding government health insurance: your tax dollars go towards fire services, police services, public school education, etc. BUT, any type of health services, some right wingers are like, "hell no! That's socialist, anti-American..." By that reasoning, shouldn't you be paying insurance to have access to the cops, fire department and other services you need.....???

1147 days ago

Shanan Li    

Hey--I am Spartacus--"The only power William & Kate have is spending the people of London's money. The Royal Family does nothing." King Obama is spending like an out of control crazy man. He has increase the debt more then all past presidents combined. Let them eat cake--well, that is not michelle's words. Her words are I will eat cake(as look at my big bum), but none for you people. No salt and dance like we are at the ball.

1147 days ago


Is Michelle Obama going to be charged with theft for stealing the curtains from the Palace to make herself a dress? None of the people around her are short, but yet again, Harlem Globetrotter Michelle is the biggest of 'em all. AWKWARD.

1147 days ago


Did anyone see where Barack signed he guestbook at Westminster Abbey and put 24 May, 2008? bahaha. He's such a dolt. He thinks he's campaigning again...that's the only thing he likes about the job he has. He also has a touch of ADD, but that's a whole separate issue.

1147 days ago
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